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Chapter 3: A Single Step
Entry 19.

The ruins turned out to be nothing special, being no different from any other throughout Skryim. Draugr filled death traps. No, it was the ruin’s summit that was unique. From the moment I arrived I could see a massive pillar of light originating from the top and it was there guarded by a foul dragon priest that I found a portal to Sovngrade.

All it will take is a single step and I will be able to grab hold of my goal and yet part of me hesitates, I have made many good friends in my quest for Sovngarde and the pain at the thought of leaving them has just grown stronger with each new friend I made… but no I must go on, if all goes well I shall see them again once the time is right.

Golden Fool's Album: Journal of an Outsider

DESCRIPTION : This album serves as a journal; written in character, of my playthrough of Lissette's character build The Outsider. Throughout the playthrough I shall be using a number of mods; including but not limited to Ordinator, MorrowLoot Ultimate and Smilodon.