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Chapter 3: Parting Ways
Entry 17.

I have been through much since I awoke in that carriage all those months ago. I have slain countless dragons. Bested a madman from the past. Once again become Harbinger of the Companions and many other great deeds. Throughout it all a single goal has been my driving force and at last it is within view.

I must first make my farewells. They will not understand why I do, they will expect me to return, but I know in my heart that I will not.

Frost was the first I parted ways with. I left her in the care of my Legacy’s steward and have made my way towards Whiterun on foot. She was a good horse, truly the finest steed I could have hoped for. I think back to the day I whisked her away from the Blackbriars and am truly glad that I did not hand her over to that Breton.

I now await the completion of Balgruuf’s preparations, to take my next step towards Sovngarde.

Golden Fool's Album: Journal of an Outsider

DESCRIPTION : This album serves as a journal; written in character, of my playthrough of Lissette's character build The Outsider. Throughout the playthrough I shall be using a number of mods; including but not limited to Ordinator, MorrowLoot Ultimate and Smilodon.

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