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Chapter 2: Ysmir Stormcrown
Entry 11.

Back when I slew the dragon alongside the Whiterun Guards, the sky was split by a thunderous cry. Having never heard anything like it before I decided to inquire about it with the court wizard. Which turned out to be unnecessary as the Jarl himself explained to me that it was caused by the Greybeards; a reclusive group of Nords who had mastered the Thu’um. They had been calling out to the Dragonborn, which much like the guards he claimed was me as I had demonstrated the ability to shout.

I don’t know why, but I put off answering the summons for well over a month before finally deciding I should go see what they wanted and whether they could teach me.

When I finally reached their monastery near the summit of Skyrim’s tallest mountain, I was greeted by a group of almost ancient Nords. They wished to see proof that I was the Dragonborn and so as with the guards I drew forth the power from my throat and shouted. Pleased with this they submitted me to several tests of my power from learning another word of a known shout to learning a completely new one.

Throughout all of this only one of them spoke beyond demonstrating the shout that they wanted me to learn. When I questioned this, he claimed it was because the others were at a point in their mastery that just speaking would be like nonstop shouting, he on the other hand had mastered it to a point where he could converse normally with people other than his fellows.

Eventually they sent me on a final test, to retrieve the horn of their order’s founder from his grave. For the most part the barrow was no different from any other around the province, the only thing which was different was a puzzle which required the use of a shout to complete. It was during the completion of this puzzle that I learned shouting and sprinting do not mix as without a solid footing I am like to be blown off balance by my own power.

Upon reaching the barrows final chamber I found not a horn but a note claiming the horn was now in Riverwood and if I wanted it I should visit the inn there. Resigning myself to the trouble this was sure to bring I set out for the small town, wondering if I should stop in at Alvor’s while I was there.

When I reached the town, Alvor’s daughter Dorthe ran up to great me. While she had many questions for me, I had to tell her that I was there on business for the Greybeards and would not be able to stay long, but that once it was all done I would visit once more and tell her all about it.

I watched her as she ran off towards her parents’ house no doubt to tell them of what I had told her. Once she was out of site I continued on my way to the local inn, where I asked for the attic room; something the inn clearly didn’t have, and was directed to a side room. I didn’t have to wait long before the inn’s owner walked into the room and handed me the horn, once she had she told me that I should follow her as we needed to talk. Instead I left.

My return with the horn was greeted with a gathering of all the Greybeards. I was instructed to stand in the middle of the building’s main hall, which I did. Once they were ready they all spoke as one in a language that I did not recognise and with such power that Nirn seemed to shake and I started to see double. I had not been lied to when I was told they could not speak without shouting.

Once they were done I asked what they had said, I was told that they had greeted me in the dragon tongue and that they had granted me the title of Ysmir Stormcrown.

Golden Fool's Album: Journal of an Outsider

DESCRIPTION : This album serves as a journal; written in character, of my playthrough of Lissette's character build The Outsider. Throughout the playthrough I shall be using a number of mods; including but not limited to Ordinator, MorrowLoot Ultimate and Smilodon.

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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper This is cool. Ustengrav was fun and the OUtsider really benefited from Become Etherial.
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    Golden Fool It has been useful in some of my most recent dragon and dragon priest fights :D

    Also I can't remember, but can you normally shout while sprinting? Or would it just not work? Because I'm trying to work out if it's a bug that preventing me from doing so or...  more
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    The Long-Chapper I don't think you can
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