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Functionally working buildings, The Big Hall named Hearth of The Void is where "Heros" can be created also Masters of Interchange who are the administrative members of the Faction, also this buildings gives, supply 25 of food , the houses of the right corner are named Hall of Business can also train Masters of Interchange and supplies 15 of food. I changed the food limit to 300 (mos high value). Also one important thing to say is Heros have almost unlimited level cap, this means can level up more than just up to level 10

Medieval's Album: Dark Legion Cult Warcraft 3 Engine Project Fan Made

DESCRIPTION : This is a project I'm creating using Warcraft 3 engine and resources. I'm working on a story fan made related to Elder Scroll. I always wanted an Elder Scrolls Real Time Strategy game, I dont really know If that would happen, so I decided to create it my self and I'm developing it based on my stories and specially The Dark Legion Cult Faction. Everyone who want to know more about it, you can visit the blog post I created: I'm updating it constantly I'm also using this album to upload pics related to my project and so I can link them.