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The Dark Legion Cult Begins and More
First pic of a huge project I'm developing using World Editor tool (and others) of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne
Here you can see on the left corner, some Buildings of the faction, where can "train" a unit named Interchange Masters (the unit on the middle, between the other two), those units are in charge of administrative works, get resources (gold) and create buildings. On the bottom of the pic there is a Settlement named Hearth of The Void, where can be "train" Heros such as the one of the left the founder of The Dark Legion Cult, Septimus Darkforges, this character fights mele and uses necromantic spells and on the right corner a Female Dremora named Sukki Vahnnei who also uses necromantic spells, also she have two abilities at the moment, one named blink (teleport between short distances) and the other one is to have a chance to do critical attacks

Medieval's Album: Dark Legion Cult Warcraft 3 Engine Project Fan Made

DESCRIPTION : This is a project I'm creating using Warcraft 3 engine and resources. I'm working on a story fan made related to Elder Scroll. I always wanted an Elder Scrolls Real Time Strategy game, I dont really know If that would happen, so I decided to create it my self and I'm developing it based on my stories and specially The Dark Legion Cult Faction. Everyone who want to know more about it, you can visit the blog post I created: I'm updating it constantly I'm also using this album to upload pics related to my project and so I can link them.