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Creature Killers Prompt: Great Zexxin
"Do you know the mighty nix-ox? A noble creature, but occasionally one so large and ill-mannered appears and gives us no choice but to slay it. We call such a monster Great Zexxin, a title that passes to the largest, most dangerous nix-ox in the land." ~ Huntmaster Sorim Nakar

Paws's Album: Yeah

DESCRIPTION : Something something Dark Side. Something something complete.

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  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 Well maybe it's one of those fights where you beat it until it's friendly...
    December 4, 2018 - 1 likes this
  • A-Pocky-Hah!
    A-Pocky-Hah! Ah, the Nix-Ox... I hated those fetchers in early game because of how they always pounce on you the moment they noticed you.
    December 4, 2018
  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 Which sounds kinda terrible now that I've finished writing it...happens pretty often though.
    December 4, 2018
  • Paws
    Paws "Beat it until it's friendly." Quote of the day! :D
    December 4, 2018