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Veloth the Prophet's Album: Bjorn Skald-Thane - Skyrim SE

DESCRIPTION : My first playthrough of Skyrim Special Edition with my first Nord character Bjorn Skald-Thane.

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  • FlamezSword
    FlamezSword What is the difference between Skyrim and the SE?
    May 11
  • Patriarch
    Patriarch That was a really cool prologue quest with interesting implications for ESO Morrowind.
    May 12
  • Veloth the Prophet
    Veloth the Prophet @FlamezSword Skyrim SE has reworked graphics. Although this isn't Skyrim SE, I'm just too lazy to start a new album for ESO.

    @Patriach Yeah, I enjoyed it. Interesting things to come.
    May 13
  • FlamezSword
    FlamezSword @Veloth ah, ESO lol makes more sense, didn't think the SE had any added content
    May 13