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So much green
I decided to install a mod to add some plant life to Fallout 4 since all the brown was blurring together in the distance. I think I might be in love with this mod :D

For those interested it's called Another Green Mod (Optimized) With LOD:

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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper I'm using Commonwealth Flora Overhaul and I'm quite pleased with it. Only the occasional lag.Yours looks really good too though. What I love is that enemies are harder to spot now because well, trees. :D
    May 31, 2018 - 1 likes this
  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool I've noticed that myself, do you know that unmarked raider camp between Sanctuary and Tenpines Bluff? While I knew it was there it was still harder to keep track of the raiders once they started taking cover in the trees. I'm also just enjoying rediscover...  more
    May 31, 2018
  • DeltaFox
    DeltaFox I quite like these forest mods. Really adds a new layer to combat. The only problem I have with this is that enemies can still seee you normally.
    June 4, 2018