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Starting the mighty process of modding..., not just modding, but tweaking, improving, etc. for do it as it must be done kind of professional, specific and with details, so also I started to create something a full document about it (.pdf) of TES III, IV and V and V SE, each one separately, starting: The Definitive Modding and Tweaking Guide by Medieval. By my modding trajectory I have found a lot of tweaks too I gladly will like to share, not common stuff can be found just googling a bit or at nexus mod site, but other stuff..., as some standalone software or "engine tweaks"... These guides have mainly three purposes:
- About mod frenzy and/or mod fever, what is and how to deal with it. (symptoms and the cure)
- About tweaking the game engine to have full benefits of your PC, different methods and the ones I use.
- About "mod list combos", in terms of for example: "want to have a full-hardcore experience about combat"

I must say all the content about mod lists will be based on my gameplays, I will do it as by topics, for example, about economics mods, combat mods, conjuration mods, weapon mods, dragon mods, etc.. But as one can have different mod list setup on Nexus mod manager (NMM the one I use) or other mod organizer tools, I will describe about all I use, as to say I have different characters (as usually ones do), each character is different with his own race, class, etc. so is really nice to have different mods for different gameplays one can easy settle just with a single click using NMM, for example I have a character full Stormcloak supporter and other one full Imperial, another one what is an elemental mage, etc.

Also when I finish those modding guides, I will start with The Definitive Gameplay Guides by Medieval (based on my characters, kind of builds but mixed with mods), these will need a more large process, due quests research and gameplay testing.

Both categories will be like a thesis work... oh and I will upload these to Nexus mods with my Nexus profile of modding, as a full and downloadable guide.

Will take me a lot of time, but is the first step for creating my story as I really want, I have had a so long journey to reach the current PC machine I have, finally the time has come to play as one deserves, to have a full experience about TES and not a partial one. Most important I will not play any TES games (except ESO) until I finish The Definitive Modding and Tweaking Guide of a game, as my story starts by TES IV game I will start creating that guide, then TES III, then TES V.

Because modding is a passion, I enjoy as much as playing... really, also because is time to start the story, the mighty series The Merchant Series a TES Fan Story..., sometimes I tell lol, but I have it partially, must do it as deserves, the most pro I can, even I will not really start the story until I finish some books I'm reading to get some inspiration... is a large large process I know but that is what I love about TES seems endless in all its dimensions.

Just wanted to communicate this, idk to feel part of Tamrielvault community or something, just to tell about what I'm currently doing about TES and also to contribute in some way. Time to time I will post some news respects, or better said some notes of for example like as: Have you seen Tamriel Rebuilt project?, or look at this mod combo of combat, or did you knew about this really particular tweak? and write a bit about it.

So that's it you will see time to time some strange notes about something relating to TES and modding, I like to do it this way with a screenshot, find it more fun and fast to share.

I hope you enjoy this new thing I will do, due for real I enjoy a lot working on it and I think maybe for someone could be helpful or at least get some fun.

Medieval's Album: Medieval Modding and Tweaking

DESCRIPTION : Respect status of currently guides: - The Definitive Modding and Tweaking Guides - The Definitive Gameplay Guides

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  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 These sound like fascinating projects Medieval, it sounds like the sort of thing that could be insanely helpful and just plain fun to read so I'll eagerly await it :D
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  • Duvain
    Duvain I agree with what DB said above these types of projects are always good to have around best of luck with this one.
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  • Medieval
    Medieval Thanks :), I'm glad will be helpful
    January 26, 2019