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Cribs: Fallout 76, WELCOME!
My husband and I found this camp right next to a vendor station somewhere in the Savage Divide. The player built it right in the middle of the street. The home featured almost all of the goodies from the Atomic Shop and you can see that the player had a high level as the decor was an incorporation of all styles available in the game.

The Long-Chapper's Album: Fallout 76: Long-Chapper Style!

DESCRIPTION : Photos of my current camp in Fallout 76. Situated in the borders of the Savage Divide, the Mire, and Cranberry Bog. In addition, we have a special subsection: Cribs: Fallout 76 where I'll be posting photos of other camps I've seen in my journey through Appalacchia.

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  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 Oh cool, that one really does look incredibly nice, almost looks like a store rather than a home, but it looks cool. I like the idea of going around snapping pictures of other camps you've seen, really cool :D
    December 25, 2018
  • Justiciar Thorien
    Justiciar Thorien I thought it was some shopXD
    December 26, 2018