Photo 11 of 12 in Fallout 76: Long-Chapper Style!

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Cribs: Fallout 76, Water Fortress #2
Who says you can't be a big fish in a little pond in Appalacchia? It's actually a favorite location of mine, small pond in the Forest with honey and a small cabin nearby. I like scoping the game for secluded, unmarked locations. One of my early camps was actually incorporating some minor changes to an existing structure, a small cabin tower just east of Moonshiner's Shack.

The Long-Chapper's Album: Fallout 76: Long-Chapper Style!

DESCRIPTION : Photos of my current camp in Fallout 76. Situated in the borders of the Savage Divide, the Mire, and Cranberry Bog. In addition, we have a special subsection: Cribs: Fallout 76 where I'll be posting photos of other camps I've seen in my journey through Appalacchia.