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Daedra Party
Took my atention while I was at Imperial city, well the whole city is under siege by Molag Bal and his forces. I took attention on the generic behavior and even some comments one can hear from those surrealistic creatures the Daedra, but I focused on the beings known as Xivkyn, they are a mix between Xyvilais and Dremoras created by Molag Bal, also they are in both genders. Xivilais are beings according to UESP often have served Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal as well Dremoras, but also they often serves other Daedra Lords, I wonder about the proces Molag Bal did to create such creatures known as Xivkyn.
In the pic can be seen them having great fun destroying those "mortal books", also around, one can see they enjoy atormenting mortals, visceral images can be seen surrounding the whole Imperial city what is real a place of conflict, true war times, some creepy stuff as a bunch of what it seemed piles of flayed human skin put in some corners..., or other some grotesque stuff as some burned bodies, or impaled ones, etc.. They also admire some stuff of mortals, for example I read an in-game book, one about some Dremora motif , these books usually explain in some detail of such motifs, armors, weapons, etc., the book said those boots are made of Argonian hide, also says "a lesson learned from Nirn". Things that make Daedra different from mortals are as well they cannot die, not same as mortals, life is a totally different concept for them, in some way they are in a kind of "paradise", a really twisted one in mortal eyes, to think in such reality one must not consider mortal existence, is like "thinking out of the box". Those realities and such realms (I refer such as Molag Bal one) their behavior is really sadist, violent and depraved, reflexioning without considering "tabus" of mortal reality.
What I think is in mortal life, life itself is an epic quest but what would be about "life" in those Daedric realms?... always when thought on Daedric realms and their reality gives me a lot to think, first by comparisson to mortal life, but more deeply makes me think on reality itself, not just realms but the whole existence...

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