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I've been a vampire for an hour and already I want a cure.

Ebonslayer's Album: ESO

DESCRIPTION : ESO screenshots.

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  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool They always have that creepy smile, it's just that you normally can't make out their lips from the rest of their face. But once they become a vampire the lips go black while the face turns white.
    January 23, 2018
  • Edana
    Edana And you get the two, sunken black eyes too. Argonian vampires are hands down the creepiest.
    January 23, 2018
  • Golden Fool
    Golden Fool Whereas Altmer look fairly nice :P Also using various appearance collectibles helps.
    January 23, 2018
  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer Well, I've become this... thing, again. Thankfully, the equipment and dyes I'm using make the appearance bearable. I'll probably post a picture soon.
    March 29, 2018