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Welcome to TES Classics Group

I could not resist on share this image I have created...

I'm going to say a brief announcement, now I'm part of Hosts at TES Classics Group along with Caesar, we have been working on arrangements and agreements for start creating content for Classics, we got already the base for what we will contribute on the group.
Now I understand when some Hosts or Admins told me: "we usually take time on planning".
There is no much to show when you are planning, I meant to show your efforts on do it, just what can be seen are the results of a finish work, in our case creating the content and discussions, is by this I have decided to show through this representation of fan-art my motivation and inspiration. also this image maybe will be on the introduction of the main topics at Classics.
I plan time to time share such images I create, what probably will be part of the contents we create as discussions.

I'm going to say a brief introduction of what will be new on TES Classics Group.

We have been planning since 14th of this month, we have some large messages we have been sending eachother and also we are implementing a kind of system to work as team.

For start our contributions for TES Classics Group will be (there is much more, but for start will be the following):

- "Fan Theories": This section will be discussions revolve about theories of in-game play, for example for certain NPCs, factions, quest items. The idea is make discussions to people participe, in a way of let's say we choose a certain NPC, we will put all "elements over the table", we will describe the context of that NPC, the certain elemnts surround him/her, NPCs close him/her related direct or indirectly with. We will expose any element related to that NPC choosen, we will not make theories, you must make them, we will just expose the NPC. Also as I said will be for factions and quest items.

- "Comparissons": This will be a section will focus on how differ TES classic games from eachothers, considering aspects from mechanics and core features, such as stats, skills, spells, combat, limitations and adventages of each game, also will be considered other aspects as for example let's say armor, how different an artifact or special object looks from TES III Morrowind game in comparisson with TES IV Oblivion, TES I Arena, TES II Daggerfall, TES Redguard.

-General discussions: For other content not on those categories, also will be work to share ideas and what would be next.

The ideal is to do it for all Classics games, but we of course will start with one game at first. There will be two polls in some short time more to ask what TES Classic game you prefer to see content on TES Classics group, will be considered all TES Classic games (I myself have all TES Classics games installed on my PC, also Caesar have some), so the list of Classics game to be considered are:

- TES Redguard
- TES I Arena
- TES BattleSpire
- TES II Daggerfall
- TES III Morrowind
- TES IV Oblivion

And the other poll will be about what content (section) you prefer to have first.

Please vote when the polls cames out, those polls are important to use to know our priorities to start working and create such discussions.

Will be more detailed introductions on TES Classics game respect this, but this is what I can offer you now, also for respect to my partner Caesar as we are working as team.

That's it see you soon TES FAN people of Tamriel Vault :) !!


DESCRIPTION : Here you will find images I have created related to TES Classics Group.

  • Paws
    Paws That all sounds very exciting, Medi :) Good to see so much thought and effort put into planning a strategy for the future and the things you and Ceasar want to introduce to the Classics groups.
    September 21 - 2 like this
  • Caesar
    Caesar Discussion and Polls are up in the Classics group! Go there and cast you votes now:
    September 21