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Character Build: The Drunken Mage
An ex-mage of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Drunken Mage now roams Tamriel hoping to come across a way to drown out his memories of the war and the time he almost died. Luckily for him and yet unluckily for anyone within the vicinity, he just so happened to discover what he was looking for in the form of Sleeping Tree Sap. However once he drinks the sap he looses all control of himself and bursts forth into combat with only his fists and drunken rage at hand.

Rank: Exemplar

Golden Fool's Album: A Fool's Builds

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  • SpookyBorn2021
    SpookyBorn2021 I kind of forgot how awesome this picture was, or the build in general actually...Just been ages since I'd read it, but man this is an awesome build :)
    November 22, 2018