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The Sentinel
It had been the better part of two centuries since Cyre had last stood within the borders of Cyrodiil. Something had finally called him back, although he could not say what. All he knew was that each step had become harder to make as he neared the entrance to Serpent’s Trail.

If he had been on his own he most likely would have turned back before even catching a glimpse of the trail, but he had Darling with him. Maybe if they had been together following the Crisis he would have never fled.

Cyre’s thoughts were interrupted by the image of a snarling wolf being forced into his mind. Darling was right, focusing too much on his past mistakes would get him nowhere.

Looking up Cyre gave a warm smile to the stone figure that stood before them. It was not the first time he had visited the Sentinel, as it had acted as a marker for him on more than one occasion. In the past, it had led him away from Bruma, now it would lead him back.

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