The Best ways to power level all Magic skills

After beating skyrim over 15 times, i began to explore more into magic skill trees for all i wanted to do in past saved games is just find and beat all storylines. Of course the only way to fully explore a magic skill all the way through without using it constantly in every battle scenario, is powerleveling. Now ive seen atleast 5 different ways to powerlevel each magic skill, so i have taken the liberty of picking the ones i used and liked the most.

The first thing you need to know about magic skills is that tho many spells are quite balanced within every tree there is always one or two spells within each school that give you more experiance than other spells in the tree despite the skill required (novice, apprentice, etc). Once these skills are found, it is only easy enough to exploit the extra exp to get to that level 100 to mess with the fun spells 

  1. conjuration
  2. restoration
  3. destruction
  4. illusion
  5. alteration

1) Conjuration

Master spells: Flame,shock, frost, and dead thrall. The ritual spell allows you to reanimate or summon a creature or corpse for an infinite until its death.

materials: Spell: Bound sword, and a mudcrab lab assistant 

Strategy: Conjuration is an easy  school to master, and the strategy requires spells that are easy to obtain right off the bat. use the mudcrab found in the game and make sure you are in combat. Once so, cast bound sword in both hands, sheath and repeat. at levels such as 15 or 20 you will recieve 1 level of conjuration each time you cast the spell (if not 2 i believe).


master spells: bane of undead (aoe that makes undead flee and catch on fire), and

Guardian circle (aoe that places circle on ground that heals you inside it, and make undead flee if inside)

Materials: any turn/repel undead spell that exceeds/is your skill level

low level undead lab assistant

Strategy: For most people, equilibrium and any instant heal spell is used to powerlevel restoration which can take a longggg time and is potentially dangerous when you get bored enough and forget to heal. Equilibrium is also unavailabe to low levels inless you choose to level alteration first. I cannot stress how slow, and ineffeciant this strategy is as using any repel/turn undead spell will get you a restoration level after about 4-6 casts opposed to over 20-30 close wound spells while under Equilibrium. Find an undead of any sort, kill off any other opposing enemy and spam repel/turn undead. A nice place to do this is in the midden in the college. Kill the ice wraiths and then the draugr (if turned) will run to a gate heading into the summoning circle room, but for some reason can never get through and will continue to try if affected with repel undead.

3) Destruction

Master spells: fire/frost storm (aoe explosion of ice or fire depending on the spell)

lightning storm: channeled spark spell on steroids. magical version of a .50 cal machine gun

Materials: any destruction spell, and owned horse (preferably Shadowmere) OR an untouched companion questline.

Strategy: destruction is another hard school to master by powerleveling due to the shear fact that it can only be leveled while blowing up stuff which tends to die if you shoot it for awhile. Attacking a town full of invicible people or kiting giants and mammoths to a small cave while you flare them is the common way to powerlevel destruction. Some better ways to deal with leveling destruction is the companions (ironically enough). The first quest in the companions that requires you to "test your arm" makes vilkas (your trainer) invicible to all magic attacks, and he will not attack you if magic is continually used on him. This will get you nicely 15 thru 40 but it will often slow as you reach the adept checkpoint. At this point its time to buy a horse. Horses have high amounts of health and if owned, it will not act offensively against u. Horses however tend to die so waiting an hour after a good roasting should get him back. This method is much more effeciant if using shadowmere, because shadowmere has an extremely fast health regen rate so once your done shocking, freezing, or burning him to pieces he just goes back to 100% just like that. using any novice channeling spel is fine for vilkas, but as you reach the 30-40 mark, it would be wise to move to horses and higher grade spells like firebolt until you get Wall of flames or any other expert channeling spell

4) Illusion

Master spells: Hysteria,Harmony,Mayhem,Call to arms (Aoe versions of fear,calm,frenzy,and courage)

Materials: Test subject (preferable friendly), courage OR calm (any higher tier spells of these will do also)

Strategy: Illusion is an easy school to master simply find a person and spam courage or calm until level is at your satisfaction. use higher tier spells like pacify or rally for better results at high levels.

5) Alteration

Master spells: Mass paralysis (Aoe paralyze)

Dragonhide: 80% physical dmg absorbtion

Materials: (oak/stoneflesh and mudcrab assistant for level 10-50) (telekenisis or waterbreathing for 50+)

Strategy: The misconsemption that equilibrium gives you alteration exp is only a myth. you have to cast about more than 80 magelights to get a level for any light spells as well, and waiting to get a adept alteration spell in labyrinthinian may not be in your mood. To start off your alteration is a slow but surely way to get it to 50 for those adept spells. Get a mud crab to be in combat and simply spam oakflesh until level 50 (should take awhile). When you reach 50 alteration level go to the college and get either telekinesis or waterbreathing. For telekinesis just channel it on any movable object for levels. Casting water breathing is a faster way (in my opinion) for getting alteration up (Note:you must be half way in water for waterbreathing to give you exp)

Conclusion: I would like to thank the people of other forums, and youtube for publishing there strategies on powerleveling the arcane arts, and bethesda/elderscroll (of course) for their amazing game series. Feel free to comment suggestions, or ideas. This is my first blog so i hope its useful and not embarrasingly incorrect XD

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Comment by Mason on January 5, 2012 at 9:46pm

Oh, and i havent even run with turn undead for restoration yet so you may be correct, once i get restoration to 40 for the respite perk im happy for the rest of my playthrough usually.

The method i described just levels destruction as well thus saving you time overall.

Also try blowing Lydia up with destruction runes and a flame spell, runes level destruction very nicely. Just dont kill her.

Trolls are now my favourite way to level block!

Comment by Robert Sixta on January 5, 2012 at 9:45pm

lol well thnx for telling me. my account was only approved this morning so im pretty new :p, and i dont quite understand about beating (excuse my french) the main quest. 

Comment by Mason on January 5, 2012 at 9:36pm

Mate its fine, posts get lost VERY easily on this site, it wasnt a very popular post anyway. Folks on this website dont like powerleveling at all. They also hate the word 'beaten' when it comes to talking about finishing the main quest.  


Comment by Robert Sixta on January 5, 2012 at 9:28pm

i had read one of your blogs for powerleveling blocking, but the one you linked never showed up. if i knew youd alrdy posted this blog i wouldnt have posted mine. I think that my method with repel/turn undead is faster tho. again i will test this XD

Comment by Mason on January 5, 2012 at 9:24pm

You have to be in combat for the bound swords to give you an exp spike, soul trapping works outside combat. You can quietly kill a chicken in Riverwood and level conjuration to 100 in 20 minutes this way. Just go and test it yourself, trust me its quicker than the bound swords. I did a page like this shortly after Skyrim was released here ->  My Blog

The college quest takes about 2 minutes to complete, its called 'out of balence' and the quest giver is Drevis Neloran the illusion school tutor.

I find illusion levels so quickly that i just do it as i play, if you just ensure that you are always muffled you hit 75 pretty quick, then once your casting invisibility AND muffle getting to 100 seems to take minutes.

Comment by Robert Sixta on January 5, 2012 at 9:23pm

True ponty. I apologise i was rly exaggerated on that im sure its less. it was a guess :p. i will try the idea youve suggested on a fresh character and see what i get. thnx for the advice.

Comment by Robert Sixta on January 5, 2012 at 9:10pm

ive never tried the soul trap trick. tho it does seems valuable, i cant imagine it being better than bound swords. i can get almost two skill levels off of casting dual bound swords once at low levels. as for destrucition and restoration i was giving ways to level each skill individually but ive been looking all over for that quest that gives you days worth of magicka. who gives it? i also assumed that courage and calm was a faster way assuming they cost less thus can be casted faster and give more experiance that way

Comment by Ponty on January 5, 2012 at 9:05pm

"After beating Skyrim over 15 times" I don't like the sound of this already...

For Conjuration I think repeatedly summoning Familiars is quicker, as you don't need to grab the swords and sheath them before casting again.

Also, Illusion can be leveled far quicker with Muffle and Invisibility, neither of which require you to be in combat.

A decent guide overall but there's better methods exploiting the Illusionists quest at the College like Mason said.

Comment by Mason on January 5, 2012 at 8:53pm

Its far faster to level conjuration by just firing soul trap at a corpse then rest an hour and repeat, its also risk free.

Destruction and Restoration can be powerleveled together by doing the illusionists quest at the college of winterhold, this gives you several in-game days worth of unlimited magicka, find a horker on its own near the college and fire healing hands and flames at it to form a stasis, often the horker will stop chasing you and just stand there taking the punishment. Both skills can be put into the 70's from level 1 this way.

Alteration is easiest to level by firing a firebolt at a distant fort, this should produce some red blips and put you in combat mode but they will never find you, the bandit fort near the whiterun watchtower (first dragon encounter) is a handy target, spam oakflesh/rest an hour/repeat. Once you can cast detect life go to Katlas farm near Solitude, there are two horses, two chickens, two goats, 4 farm hands, 3 guards, the horse and cart and your companion to detect at once. Mega EXP.

Casting muffle is the most efficient way to level illusion and doesnt require an npc.



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