Just a wee blog to show a list of things we would love to be added to the game.......Skyrim is unreal...........but FAR from perfect. A list i made for add ons would be...(and i think you will agree strongly with some) :

DRAGON WEAPONS - Annoyingly there are no weapon sets for this category unlike the rest

VARIETY OF WEAPONS AND ARMOUR - We find that there is only one type/look of every weapon in each category for the most..., itd be great to see different types of eg steel swords, different types of ebony axes (looks wise)

HORSEBACK - Being able to draw your sword etc on a horse would add a new feel to the game

DEFEND CITIES - Imagine being able to defend Whiterun from an army.......BUT ALL THOSE GUARDS AND TOWERS TO USE! imagine a two towers style epic battle to take up! just randomly when a small war / battle was to begin.....talk to the jarl to join.....or of course sit back and watch  *this is my biggest wanted add on....it would create a whole new dimension and experience to the game.....bored? finished all the quests and stories you can be bothered to do......who would ever get bored of a huge battle throughout a city (if they broke through) or outside the city walls. and it can vary in size.....a group of strong warriors or mages... dozens of bandits......AN ARMY of soldiers.....it would be unreal but sadly i doubt they would be capable of creating this

ADD SKIN TO WEAPONS - Giving more of a point to all that wolf skin etc

IMPROVE COMBAT/counter attacks - Different variety of swings and blocking and introduce counter attack moves that could finish your opponent.....would rid the game of hack and slash slightly thus improving

so.........what you think? list your own and hopefully this blog gets a good amount of replies for us all to discuss....who knows bethesda may take notice if we get lots of replies and take heed of some opinions/suggestions *crosses fingers for defend cities/wars*  

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Comment by Aidan Charwood on December 17, 2011 at 5:30am

dragon weapons - definitly viable for DLC. weapons stronger than daedric? i think they should be, might not fit the lore though?

variety of weapons/armor - will there ever be enough? they could add maybe 1 or 2 different types and that would be enough. spear weapons would definitly be one of them, the other probably crossbows, a heavier slower type variant in archery. from there small personal customizations can be made.

horseback - definitly a good idea and would fit well in skyrim. would just allow the rider to become more mobile in combat. add no extra damage benefits. but if they are staggered on while on their horse they should automatically fall off and lose 10% damage for example. the horse can also be killed aswell dropping the rider and causing this damage.

Defend Cities - would be very cool but dont know if the framerate would allow.

skins - in reference to the last sentence, this would be an ideal way to personalise and customize our favorite weapons, especially our crafted ones. and maybe could add a very small bonus. for example, (would work similiar to Call of Duty weapon skins?) or such maybe an extra part of smithing is customizing and you customise the length of the blade, width, extra spikes on your axe or maybe the art design on your longbow? same goes with armor.

Improve combat/counter attacks -

Comment by Mason on December 16, 2011 at 9:13pm


Your right, thieves and assassins would have no place in the arena, and why should they, its not a classic place for them to be. However, a thief class armed with a freshly brewed invisibility potion and the backstab perk would be terrifying to even the most accomplished mage.

Other options are to make it like Oblivions arena where your restricted to a specific loadout.

Comment by Darvakiin on December 16, 2011 at 9:10pm

I am pretty sure bethesda was sneaky and decided not to release dragon weapons so they could release it in a DLC. Good thinking.

Comment by Kamakazi Kid on December 16, 2011 at 8:46pm

I was surprised that there werent any dragon weapons myself.. that would be an awesome add-on.

i wouldnt mind if your companion could level up too...perhaps you get to pick the perks he or she has...  

Possibly individual weapon leveling? Kinda like MW3... just an idea..

Maybe add a few more shouts to find... 

More variety of spells...

Comment by Ponty on December 16, 2011 at 8:22pm

They should've had a radiant quest where you had to defend captured forts etc from attacking enemy forces. The horse combat is a cool idea but I don't really think it belongs in the TES universe, it would just turn into a mounted combat game and it'd be unbalanced unless they gave loads of enemies horses.

Mason's Arena idea is pretty cool but it isn't really a PVP game. There'd just be a couple of really viable PVP builds and alot of stuff would become redundant. A stealth character for example would have no chance against a proper warrior and a mage with 100% spell cost reduction could just spam ice spear/thunderbolt/grand healing and be invincible, or a warrior with stew and shield just to name a few...

Comment by Mason on December 16, 2011 at 7:43pm

I got a little taste of the war scenario when defending whiterun from the stormcloaks, really like the idea actually. I dont think it would be that hard to implement by bethesda, tough on framerate though.

I would love a 'blueprint' system implemented for smithing. For example when choosing perks you simply choose the metal/material in which your character is capable of smithing.

Then hidden throughout the world would be blueprints for different designs of armor, so if someone (like me) loves the design of the imperial armor but wants to make it out of ebony to improve the defense they can do.

Also i'm not the first to say it but i want to be able to slightly colour my armor to truly make it unique to me. Same for weapons, i want a range of designs when smithing, the quality should only be dependant on the material used.

Was going to add this earlier today:

Because the arena is obviously so badly missed Bethesda could take this opportunity to create an online arena for us all to fight our characters one on one or maybe even a deathmatch within the confines of an interior cell.

Thus partially satisfying fans lust for an online elder scrolls without destroying the single player experience. This is a win and you know it, i wouldnt be able to put it down!

Obviously redguards would be trampling orcs on the leader table - you know who you are if your reading!

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