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Crossover: Chapter 5 - Collapse

Bjorn woke up in a dark, damp cave. Various weapons and chests littered the room around him and he was chained to a rotting chair in the centre of the room, it smelt of sweat and mead – a scent Bjorn was used to after spending his entire life in Skyrim.

He then saw the Bandit chief in front of him, but he looked different to the usual bandits Bjorn had gotten used to fighting. He was dressed head to toe in some kind of green armour with a skull painted on the front -  a weapon was…


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Chapter 9 – The Awakening

Part 1: Assessment

The Caller stood over Ienarath, patiently waiting for her to wake up fully, staring at her intently as she…


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Journal of a Brotherhood Scholar: Chapter 1

Darkness. All I remember for the longest time is darkness. After what seemed like an eternity, I woke up. Everything was cold at first, then gradually warmer. I fell onto the vault floor gasping for air.


 The vault looked different, much different. It was all dirty and covered in dust, it seemed like it hadn’t been inhabited for years. The “Cleaning Vats” weren’t Cleaning Vats at all.…


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The Unabridged Journals of Nerussa, the Last Dragonborn - Book Five, Part One, In Which A Resurrection Is Performed

16th Frostfall

Rumarin was always impressed by how much Nerussa managed to carry with her. Impressed, and vaguely horrified. He’d always been taught to travel light, his parents’ theatre group had prided themselves on their ability to use two tatty dresses, a moth-eaten cape, and a sack full of bits and pieces to convince audiences, just for an evening, that they really were seeing a pair of burglars picking over a haunted manor or Ellabeth, Queen of the Axe,…


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Crossover: Chapter 4 - Journeying

San-Kai came downstairs from his room in the Bannered Mare. Lucy was likely still asleep and he spotted Nigel sitting at the bar, already drinking his second bottle of Mead.

“A bit early for drinking, is it not?”

“Bah, I couldn’t sleep last night” Nigel retorted

“Very well, can I buy you breakfast?”

“Very kind of you San, get one for Lucy as well, she’ll be down soon” Nigel replied

“Hulda, could we have three breakfasts please?” San-Kai opened his bag to…


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The Storm Wolf, CH. 1 as recorded by Vulkhammar

CH. 1: Freedom

Author’s Note: As a caution, some material may not be suited for younger audiences or sensitive people. Violence, adult situations, foul language, gallows humor, can and will ensue.

                Legionary life wasn’t too bad. You got paid, food and shelter were provided, plenty of time to drink, whore, and above all, fight. No, not too bad a life at all in normal circumstances. That is, until you bed one of the visiting Legate’s daughters. Then things get bad,…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 137 Introductions

Kodlak led the members of the Inner Circle down the stairway to the Undercroft where they all gathered in his study. He sat in his favourite chair which happened to allow him to look down the corridor of the Undercroft while Farkas and Vilkas eagerly prodded Sotek.

“Come on then!” Farkas stated as…


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The Unabridged Journals of Nerussa, the Last Dragonborn - Book Four, Part Four, In Which A Blade Is Uncloaked

14th Frostfall, evening

Have been permitted a few minutes with my journal. Most frustrated to learn the date. I should be at Winterhold tomorrow for the beginning of lectures, but clearly that will not be happening. Rumarin has at least sent a message by courier explaining my absence.

I should really head to Riverwood first. I hope whichever bastard thinks it’s funny to go substituting notes for ancient artefacts is still there. Bloody note got lost when they…


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Remember how on my page I had a mystery build? Here's a prologue to that build.

3E 433 Hero of Kvatch has a child. Owns Battlehorn castle and re-establishes the Knights of the True Horn. Hero of Kvatch is 21. Hero of Kvatch recruits any fighter's from the Fighter's Guild and makes them apart of the new Knights of the True Horn. Also clears out the goblin infestation in pillaged mine and it is bestowed upon the Hero of Kvatch, renamed as the Battlehorn silver mines.…


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Ma'osri's Friend


The rain can not wash me away.

You say you just want to live in peace,

But I can feel the struggle in your soul.

Go on, take out your dagger.

Let my influence rule your heart…

Who am I? Names…


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The Streets of Boston - Chapter 10: Lafoy against the world - round 1

November 9, 2287, Dugout Inn…


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Crossover: Chapter 3 - Dreams

As the group slept they dreamt, events from the past came to haunt them as the life they'd try to leave behind caught up.


Nigel was locked in a closet somewhere in the Institute. It had all the basic amenaties but it was too tiny, he’d been there for a few days now and sleeping on a mattress on the floor was starting to get annoying. But then Conrad Kellogg entered. Nigel immediately stood up and walked towards him, barely containing his…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 136 A Spider's Web

Aela was sitting on the steps of Jorrvaskr impatiently waiting for the ‘delivery’ of her ice wolf. Her foot’s tapping had been constant for twenty minutes and had now started to grate against the Harbinger’s nerves as it seemed to drown out everything else, especially when he only came out to check on her…


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The Lonely Road To Vengeance - Chapter 2 - (20 years ago)

“Hey Brynjar, we’re going fishing, will you join us?”.

Brynjar looked up from the pile of charcoal he was shoveling into sacks to see his friends Alfvar and Fulka looking at him expectantly.

“Sorry, I can’t,” he replied “My father has to finish the order of new…


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The Imperial Auditor - Chapter Five

The following morning Alvor had given me a stern look, disappeared into the family's sleeping area and returned with some heavy cotton trousers and a tunic, gruffly instructing me to change. The Imperial armour was placed into a pack by Sigrid, along with a small number of supplies to last for my journey to Whiterun. Following another evening sitting with Dorthe, working on her reading, she had been sat by the fire watching my…


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The Lonely Road To Vengeance - Chapter 1 - (34 years ago)

Balgruuf Hammerhand owned the Fellstar forge in Ivarstead, nestled at the foot of the Throat of the World. The forge had been in his family for generations. Balgruuf had spent his childhood learning how to shape steel from his father before a thirst for adventure had led him to join the Imperial army. It had been a hard decision, he loved his family very much and there was girl in the village named Hilde who had caught his eye.…


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Crossover: Chapter 2 - Answers

Lucy woke from a surprisingly good night’s sleep and crawled out of her leather tent to see Nigel cooking something over the fire. He was still wearing the same black overcoat, white T-shirt and jean as last night. Lucy too had not changed her clothes either. San-Kai and Bjorn were still asleep; she only had to hear Bjorn’s snoring to confirm that. The sky looked as blue as ever and the grass was green, it looked insane because to her the only grass she’d seen was irradiated waste. The city…


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A.D.W.D. Chapter 26: The Winking Skeever

“A thief?!” Falk exclaimed. “Guards! Seize them at once!”

Three guards appeared as if from thin air, one on each of Trebonde’s arms and the last pinning Amari’s wrists behind her back. Her captor seemed afraid of bruising her and kept a loose grip. She smiled to herself; she could easily break free and reach her dagger…

“No, unhand him,” the Dragonborn interrupted. “He has already paid for the crime.”

This close, Amari could see the scars crisscrossing the…


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LotS: Frost Moon Chapter Eleven - Camp Varglya

Camp Varglya

The life of a marching soldier suited him better than he thought. He found it peaceful, traipsing over the snowy slopes leading away from the city,…


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Chapter 8 – Fellglow Keep

Part 1: Beyond The Woods

Ienarath ran as fast as she could. She knew she had a few hours before any…


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