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Book Of Ruling Kings: Chapter Two

Book of Ruling Kings

Chapter Two



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A Terminal Case

A Terminal Case

The squat brick building stuck out like a sore thumb, being surrounded by wasted buildings. So naturally, I approached it.

The door put up a fight, being the only part of the building that seemed in disrepair, and, after checking for tripwires with a little probe, which I stuck under the thick old metal door, I finally resorted to a bit of plastic,…


Added by ProbablyCoolerThanYou (Arvis) on September 1, 2015 at 11:09am — 2 Comments

Akatosh Dilemma 5 Not a Lonely Wolf-Dathis

Past the heavy set oaken door, the emerald lights were replaced with a warm hearth glow, though he could not say where it came from. There wasn't a fireplace in this room, neither were there torches on the walls nor any braziers lit. The light seemed to simply be there, as much as they were, flickering and dancing along the stone walls and floors.

Along the warmly lit walls were displays cases, end to end, round the small circular room. In one was a multitude…


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The Ghost Soldier- Prologue


The Overseer leaned back in his chair, squinting against the artificial lighting. The human eye wasn't designed to look in such bright white light, and unfortunately…


Added by Accursed Gloom on August 31, 2015 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Hybrid, Chapter 4

Author's Note: Contains adult themes (nudity, foul language, drug use)

Flavius woke with a start, his body again soaked with sweat. He let out a low groan, his head pounding from his latest nightmare.

He could never remember them. He wanted to, but he couldn’t. Images mostly; of him fighting in his Imperial armor. Other things too, but the images in his mind would vanish as soon as he woke up, leaving him more confused and frustrated. Flavius propped…


Added by Lissette on August 31, 2015 at 6:00pm — 19 Comments

Akatosh Dilemma 4 Olive Tree-Silinis

There supposed to be only one dragonborn an era. And here are the five of use, one a mage with Elder Scrolls.

Silinis was strangely calm, knowing he had been dragged from one universe to another. A Dragon Break.  There were three he knew of in history. The time Wound of Akatosh's banishing, Saint Alessians Middle Dawn, The Brass GodBut the others didn't share his...tranquility.…


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Big Al's Casino

With a loud crack-tinkle the brandy balloon shattered into a thousand pieces, showering the bar-top with glass. 

Darnit! thought Al, That's the third one this morning! After more than a month of preparation, scavenging, building and renovation, one would have thought that Al could polish a glass by now. He swept up the pieces and surveyed the room. It had been three weeks since opening and things appeared to be going well. He had managed to patch up several…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 75 Argonian Down

Aela spent the next few days living in her own personal hell. Despite the Harbinger's best efforts, she kept mentally torturing herself. She hated having to go down the stairs to the Under Croft. Just the thought of the corridor made her go pale and her forehead glisten from the cold sweat which would rapidly coat her brow. Aela was no different when she went outside. She would walk around as if she was in a daze even in the training yard, or she would sit on the steps outside Jorrvaskr and…


Added by Sotek on August 30, 2015 at 11:00pm — 8 Comments

To Kill A Nightingale Chapter 7: Epilogue

To Kill A Nightingale Chapter 7: Epilogue

We see Shade in the ragged flagon with all the new thieves guild members. Aranea Ienith a priestess of Azura, Drevis Neloren a master of illusion, Delvin Mallory a former member of the thieves guild, and Vex another former member of the thieves guild and a master of lock picking, and steal-many-things a thief who used to work with shade, Tonilia a former fence for the thieves guild, and Gold Hunter a former friend of shade who betrayed…


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The Founding of a Guild - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A Family Realized

I spent the next days recuperating from my experiences. Erissa fussed over me with great concern and Colette grudgingly helped the healing process along. When I could finally…


Added by Accursed Gloom on August 30, 2015 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Akatosh Dillema 3 Greater of Two Serpents-Dovahiel

Furyblade was screaming curses as he was wielded against them. "Kill the mage!", he screamed, the spell making him glow crimson, deep as a droplet of blood. A voice called out that "He's been frenzied, keep him busy!" but all Dovahiel was stunned in place. She could feel it, the sparks in her heart. Miraak? No, he was dead. And this mage was more like lightning. Dragonborn. "He's Dragonborn!" she cried out, not that it mattered.…


Added by The Necrodancer on August 30, 2015 at 8:00am — 5 Comments

Member Spotlight: Elysium

This month we're going to shine a light on one of our resident CB hosts whom ShinJin has dubbed: The Builder’s Builder. Shin did an amazing job of showcasing her incredible array of builds and you should definitely check out his Spotlight for an in-depth look at, in Shin’s exact words, "phenomenal works of art." Our task is to pull back the curtain and find out more about one of the site's…


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Workshop Success Story: The Maleficar

Welcome one and all to this week's Workshop Success Story, this week I've really shaken things up by going with a piece of work from Golden Fool, to be precise I chose his Maleficar for this week.                                         

Now I've featured some of Golden's Work before but this…


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Storms over Tamriel: 7 - Arcane Knowledge

This session was run on the 7th of February, 2015.

Arcane Knowledge…


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Akatosh Dilemma 2 Dragon Broken

Stars across the night sky. The warmth of a fire that lit up the grinning faces around it. Soft gurgling of a river heard through the singing birds. The smiles of so many friends. Sizzling salmon and rabbit legs, splashed with lemon and garlic. People who held each other close.

Did I do it? Lunia, Lorbul, Sold, Aenar, Kiseena, J'dato, Rithle. I've missed you.

The stench of melted rust. The rot in the air. Cold grasping mud at his…


Added by The Necrodancer on August 29, 2015 at 7:30am — 3 Comments

U.O.T.W. Chapter 74 Descent into Hell

The two moons had just dipped below the skyline when Red started crying out as if she was a wolf possessed. Both Kodlak and Tilma’s eyes suddenly opened from the horrific noise to find both Farkas and Vilkas sitting at a table with a pack of playing cards evenly divided up between them both.

“What in all of Tamriel is she doing?” Yelled Tilma as she covered her ears. “Do something, we have to quieten her down”.

Farkas grinned as he peered over the top of his cards.



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Bleeding Sun - Chapter 1: Beginning of the End

Sorine Jurard clung onto the cold stone walls of the ruined Dawnguard fortress. Battered and exhausted, she grasped her crossbow tight in preparation for the worst. Though she doubted she could gather enough focus for a true shot, the contraption was made of heavy dwarven metal and one good hit to the head could do a great deal of damage. Beyond the partly collapsed wall, she could hear them. Vampires. No doubt in search for any survivors of…


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Akatosh Dilemma 1 Feet in the Forest

When a mage with the soul of a Dovah uses the power of the Elder Scrolls to cause a Dragonbreak, our story begins.

From every sword through the heart, and bee in the wind; from the wildest fires to the passing clink of a rusted coin, worlds were made. The Dragon God had many heads and could watch them all, but so few timelines had his Dragonborns.

In one, a bandit lookout was slumped against a wall, his blood spurting out of a gash in his belly. His…


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Of the Knight of the Crystal Tower; Chapter XXXI

Vilkas was waiting for them just inside the gate; squinting his eyes in the sunlight.  It was not difficult for Äelberon to read the relief on Farkas’ twin’s face when he saw the both of them. He understood. He was very glad to be home. Home… Jorrvaskr truly was home now. The first home he had known in…


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Storms over Tamriel: 6 - Enemy Within

This session was run on the 1st of February, 2015.

Enemy Within…


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A Terminal Case

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The Ghost Soldier- Prologue

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Hybrid, Chapter 4

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