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The Cage

A drag of a cigarette ‘cross the pain an’ wound,


I sit here wonderin’ what’ll happen.


The Wasteland…


I’m safe from raiders and invaders in here.


My own vault, nothing to…


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A Swordsman's Lesson

F: "Ok, so first thing you need to remember, is which side you've got your sword holstered to, alright?"

D: "Yeah, alright it's on my left side, now what?"

F: "Secondly, if you're left-handed, your sword should be on your right side, because that's how we unsheathe swords, from one side, to the other."

D: "Ok, and since I'm right-handed it should be on my left side like it is now, so I'm doing good!"

F: "Step 3, don't get cocky!"

D: "Right...sorry."

F: "Fourthly,… Continue

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A Refutation of The "Madmen" of the Reach

A Refutation of The "Madmen" of the Reach

by Francis Rowland, Imperial Scholar

No doubt the essay by my colleague Arrianus Arius, The Madmen of the Reach: A Cultural Treatise on the Forsworn, has been read by many now and accepted as the standard on Forsworn culture, held up as a defense of their actions. My goal here is to…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 151 Taken For A Ride

Aela slowly woke up to the cold, crisp morning air’s touch against her naked body. She lazily stretched out spreading her arms and legs out as far as her body would allow so she could commandeer as much of the bedding as possible until she took up every inch of available space.

Once that was accomplished, she laid there on her back and gazed up at the roof of the overhang, taking in the various scents which drifted towards her from the plains.

Sotek, who was only…


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Roaring Thunder, Hissing Lightning - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Shadows Growing Under the Moons, Part the First


                One of the many Akaviri traits that the Shadeclaws have preserved over the centuries was their customary politeness and courtesy, on which they placed even greater emphasis than the High…


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Gearhead Story: Chapter 7 - Normal

I couldn’t care less about caps. Of course it is nice to be able to buy parts I need for my inventions rather than scrounging the Wasteland for them. But what good is collecting currency here? I don’t see any banks opening up. No one is thinking - where can I get a good interest rate on these…


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The Streets of Boston - Chapter 14: The Suit

Author’s note: This chapter contains a bit of strong language and may not be suited for the sensible among you. That being said, if you managed to reach this chapter, you probably wil not be bothered in the…


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Crossover: Chapter 23 - Visits

Lord Commander Mark Collins sat on a rock in the middle of nowhere, gazing off into the distance. His face was burnt to a point where it was no longer recognisable yet he felt more alive than ever. He had deserted the Gunners after Quincy, they were too weak to deserve his aid and none wished to join him in the powerful state of vampiric undeath – so he left them.

 Suddenly a blinding purple flash appeared before him and remained there, churning with some kind of energy, then someone…


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Pink Sloads

“Do you wonder if he can hear what we’re thinking?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you keep thinking and find out?”

“Well now I don’t know what to think about.”

“Think about anything. Think about pink Sloads.”…


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The Tale of an Orsimer Necromancer-Prologue


"If one more apprentice asks me for damned instruction I will cast a fire rune on the sides of their bed!"…


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Season Unending

Corpses lay scattered like autumn leaves,

As if blown from a tree in a cold winter's breeze.

Summer is a memory now lost in fall's freeze,

And spring seems as hopeless as man's futile pleas.

This is the Season Unending and mankind's disease,

And we stand at the vanguard with no words to appease.

I know the futility of our useless deeds,

Yet I continue to speak with growing unease.

Our actions are deafening and drown out the sound,

Of words…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 150 Final freedom Part 02

Author's Note: Adult Themes

After a few minutes of listening to the wolf pack’s howling cries, Aela took Sotek by the arm and led him away. She had a hard time leaving the wolves behind which were clearly evident as she started walking backwards just so she could catch one last glimpse of the alpha and his pack.

“We’re running out of time! We’ve only got a few hours left”. She said in an exited voice. The air seemed to spark with electricity as…


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All I see are echoes,

All I hear are reflections.


Light may shine, but it


Misses me.


Divines might bless, but they



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Steel and Bone

Blood and honor,

to both of which you'll give due.

With rage and metal,

show our might to chosen few.

Steel and bone,

use one to crush the other.

With skill taught from your father,

slay him with steel forged by your mother.

Gore and glory,

these are the trophies gained in war.

Take only one from our foes,

and… Continue

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Saga of the Warchief-Chapter 1: The Trial of Khornan

The rest of the clan had come out of their huts to witness Angron leaving for his Trials. The Trials were both a reverent cerenmony to the Undivided, but also a coming of age for a young Uruk. All of them had painted the symbol of the Undivided onto their muscular chests. The red and dark purple paint, created from the blood of slain animals, and wild berries, shone brightly against their dark green, almost obsidian, skin. As the young Uruk passed, the tribe began to beat…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 149 Final Freedom Part 01

Author’s Note: Adult Themes

It was early evening when Sotek was woken up by a gentle shaking of his shoulder. He opened his eyes and sluggishly looked up to see Tilma standing over him.

“Isn’t it time you both got up? It will be dark in a few hours. You’re hunting bugs aren’t you? Across the plains?”

He nodded in reply.

“Yes! Thank you for waking uss”.

“Don’t thank me, get up and don’t forget my furs. Get a move on or you will miss what little light there…


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Gearhead Story: Chapter 6 - Chance

Life isn’t easy. But when you meet someone who accepts you, flaws and all it sure is worth the effort. Nora was in law school here in Boston and I was job-hunting in the city when we first ran into each other. 



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Last Goodbye

Father, forebear, you hold our lantern's light

When son is risen and moon is drowning 

Our saint endures one last worldly plight
The journey is finite, firmly grounding
Heart and mind, deafen death to the pounding
The gods will wait for your final sunrise…

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U.O.T.W. Chapter 148 The Morning After The Night Before

Aela woke up with a pounding in her head as if some miner was chipping away at her skull. She slowly slid out of Sotek’s bed, almost falling on the floor in the process and washed her dreary face before realizing she was alone. Trying to listen for any signs of movement was pointless as the banging in her head drowned out everything so she opened the door and called out along the corridor of the Undercroft in a dry broken voice.

“Oi? Anyone? Bunch of bastards!” The room started…


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Crossover: Chapter 22 - Past

Dawn was breaking over the horizon of the Wasteland, Preston’s group of twenty still slept as Nigel, Lucy, San-Kai and Bjorn packed up their things to leave.

“Do we really have to go?” Lucy pleaded

“I’m sure, the fewer people there are the harder it is for the Gunners to find them – and anyway, Collins is looking for us, not them” Nigel replied

“Well, may Julianos protect them” San-Kai began

“And Talos guide them” Bjorn finished

It was then that Preston…


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Character Crusade

Below you will find the newest video from our partners over at CharacterCrusade:


bike trails

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The Cage

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A Swordsman's Lesson

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Crossover: Chapter 23 - Visits

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Pink Sloads

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