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Tales of a Seeker - Chapter IV: Pursuit

Yamurn awoke that morning to the yipping sound of the foxes, it was the 5th of Mid Year, five days had passed since his audience with Mora, five days that he had been either memorising his spells or out in the nearby city; Falkreath, gathering supplies for the journey, he knew the reach was treacherous, the savage Reachmen ruled the hills with an iron fist, he certainly didn't want to run into them.

Yamurn put went into his cupboard and pulled out his travelling gear, a simple robe…


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The Journal of Ralas - Part II

Middas, 18 Rain's Hand, 4E 198

It's been a good while since I've last written, and much has happened. I'll do my best to summarize these last months. …


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (part 5) Memories


The three companions crouched in the undergrowth, across the river from the prison. They had spread out to better watch for anyone patrolling the area. Danifae used her Aura Whisper shout to check if anyone living was around. She had found this shout very useful…


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Nature of the Thu'um

Nature of the Thu'um


"Dovahkiin have you ever wondered what the Thu'um  is?"

As I sat on the rocks atop the greatest mountain in all of the North, I pondered the words of the Ancient Dragon in front of me. The Thu'um quite obviously was the tongue of the Dov that…


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A Redoran Tale, Chapter 2: The Past

                                Chapter 2: The Past

   It just before the Red Year when the accident occurred. Velvos in his teenage years lived among House Redoran at Ald’ruhn, it was a harsh summer full of ash storms and hot weather. On one morning just as the sun rose to greet the day, Velvos walked out of his hut into the warm morning breeze. As the village woke, shopkeepers came out to sell their wares, people hung their laundry out to dry…


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The Journal of Ralas - Part I

Fredas, 13 Frostfall, 4E 197

Today was a terrifying day. Gathered outside of town were all the Outlanders, both of Imperial and Scaly kind, celebrating their "Witches Festival" where they do immoral summonings and disgraceful cullings, all under the pretense of "we can." After seeing these scum perform their vile rituals,…


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A Redoran Tale, Chapter 1: Far From Home

                                                    Chapter 1: Far From Home

      In the wilds of black marsh a lone dunmer walks along the roads, heading north. He wears chitin armor that bears the sigil of House Redoran on his left pauldron. Armed with just a steel bastard sword, and silver dagger for protection. He stops, and…


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Tale of the Tongues(Farewell Ning Edition) - By Capraicorn

Aldu-Ning's programming,

it did ruin our posts.

Scared off, the admins,

and frightened, the hosts.

Ben ran, and Tae cowered,

Sotek howled, and Malign whined.

We all, got mad,

'til a new site, we did find.

Then came, the move,

we all agreed with a nod.

Inevitable, as winter,

or a chapter of Straag Rod.

Then all heard, the music,

of Aldu-Ning's… Continue

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U.O.T.W. Chapter 156 Out With The Old


With a sense of purpose, Sotek strolled over to the intricately carved wooden double doors while his tail swung to and fro behind him. He was soon thwarted however when he tried to turn the handle. To his dismay he found the doors to be locked.

He knelt down by the bronze lock and peered inside like he was studying the mechanism within. With a sly glint in his eyes, he called out.

“Harbinger? Is there a key to the door?”

His question was met with silence. Having…


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Twisting Shadows

Warning/Disclaimer: This short story deals with some issues that might be sensitive, mainly depression, death and mentioned suicide. If these topics are ones that upset you or are a bit to personal I would recommend really thinking about whether my mediocre writing is worth reading 

Twisting Shadows…


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One last time
My fingers outline
The stories told in the face
Of my mind's divine

Under palms I read history
Through your eyes we are glassed
Our lives lived in seconds
Through the pulse of our past

Though sewn at the soul
Padomay picks at the threads
Your touch, my last sense
Goodbye, my last breath

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Only Monsters Survive in the Wasteland.....

***Warning mature themes***

And I looked, and beheld a pale horse, and his rider’s name was death, for hell followed with him. I recall not where I read these words but only that they came to me in that moment. Acrid, blackened smoke hung thick in the air, drifting from the burning piles. Everywhere the fires of conquest, of destruction, burned. The stench of burning rubber, wood, plastics, and more tickled the back of your throat and bathed the tongue in a heavy, oily residue. Eyes… Continue

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The End of All Things

We'll meet again, you and I,

Before we are reborn,

When black wings blot the sky

And we're called by Valour's Horn.…


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Chapter 3: Recruiting went bad...

After the past events,

Baal Darkforges named Darkforges for his pals, he and his crew were on Dragonbridge taking some free time, feasting and drinking, while the night passes Darkforges convinced his crew to support the Civil War by the side of The Empire, he talk to them about great richness and a wealthy life If they let behind his vagabonds and lazy lives and come with him to a better cause. Everyone agreed, on the…


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Dark, Light, Dark

Cycles are endless and unbroken.


Such are many things.


From caterpillar to moth,


From day to night,


From Dark to Light,


The world is destined to…


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Song of Sanguine - A Swordsassin's Oath

Sing to me Blade.

Bid me to Kill.

Beg me for Blood.

And Feed you I will.

The Blade is Alive.

It Hungers and Breathes.

It Hungers for Blood.

And for Blood it Unsheathes.

Sing to me Blade.

Bid me to Kill.

Beg me for Blood.

And Feed you I will.

The Blade is a Creature.

Flesh Born from the Earth.

And with Flesh does it Breed.

And 'tis… Continue

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The Storm Song - Arc 1, Chapter 3

Illia Crownfell


Illia saw through the monster’s eyes, but it did not move. She felt the suspension of timelessness. It was like being frozen, but conscious and aware. She felt a…tension she could not describe. Something incomprehensible that pecked away at her.

The space around her could only be described as movement. No features, no feelings, just…


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Empty Land, Emptying Soul

Sequel to The Man

Soul bound in chains,

My body my bane.


I don’t want this,

Only a taste of bliss,

Stare into the…


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The Storm Song - Arc 1, Chapter 2

The dragon clung to the tower. Grigori saw its glowing red eyes study the small town. With a quick sweep of its wings, it took to the air, the force taking down the weakened structure. Stretched out to its full size, it threatened to encompass the sky.

It let out another metallic roar, like steel grinding on rock, but this time it sounded…articulate. Like it had formed words rather than simple bestial calls. Following its cry, a dark tempest formed above, pulling the clouds into a…


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The Storm Song - Arc 1, Chapter 1

Grigori Peleides


Grigori sat under the shade of the towering stone wall, his back resting against it. It never really got hot in Skyrim, even this far south, but he stayed on this side of the gate for one reason: the view. The sun-facing side would face the city of Helgen, ancient and almost crumbling. Not a pretty sight. But the side he sat on faced the…


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