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The Merethic Tale, Chapter 3 - Ragnvald

Bjorn looked down at the stream before him. He sometimes got urges to follow rivers until they connected with the sea, just to see where he would end up at his journey's end rivers are like life Bjorn thought to himself many different branches, twists and turns and bends... And they all end up in the same place... he grimaced at that thought, as it reminded him of Alalf's death, he quickly paid his…


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11 Lessons of The Sharmat - Sermon 2


I am everybody.

I am a brother.

I am a sister.

I am a father.

I am a mother.

I am not a lover but the loved.

When you see me you see yourself.


I am nobody.

I am a n'wah.

I am a…


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A.D.w.D. Chapter 20: Strength

“So we meet again,” Amari addressed the same stream she’d crossed with a guide earlier, a guide who was now a prisoner. It still merrily bubbled along, marking the boundary of Markath, but did not otherwise respond this time. Logrolf had called for a halt by its bank to make final preparations. Since her help wasn’t needed, she had gone to wash up by the stream. Amari cast a glance back at the two Deadric followers; Logrolf was sitting cross-legged and compelling the vampire to…


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The Breath of Kyne - Chapter 4: Escape

Making his way back to the road, he wondered why Ulfric and the other Stormcloaks hadn’t come out yet. Maybe they’re just waiting to see if I survived, or maybe they’re tied up. That’s probably it, the Imperials tied them to the cart, Fjorrod thought.

Clearing the thick vegetation of the forest, he saw very clearly why they did not move. One of the Imperials sent out to search for him came back, called by the…


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The Last Holy-Scale: Introduction

                     The Last Holy-Scale: Intro

   *-I advise caution when reading, as I will use some language and very descriptive action…


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11 Lessons of The Sharmat - Sermon 1


Behind us is memory, armed with knowledge and pushing with many arms.

We dominate the walk, the path made of fire and stone.

The destination calls to us with a panoply of dreams.

Above everything is the first House where I was born.

Within it is my empty heart that beats my Poison Song.




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The Traveller from The Marsh - Chapter 1

Quite a long first chapter here. Hope you like it. First time visitors please read the intro and prologue first to see what this story is about.

Chapter 1

Ji'Arsha and Han-Ei came into the lower ground floor of the three storey manor house quietly closing the door behind them. Loud grunts and snores…


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The Breath of Kyne - Chapter 3: Freeing Friends

Fjorrod wasn’t given much time to think about the roar, as he soon came upon the road where Ulfric still sat, surrounded by Imperial guards. 

They all wore light armor, aside from the captain, who wore heavy. He would have to take out the captain first, then the other guards as they rushed him. He would also have to shoot fast, faster than he ever had to before.

Fjorrod took a…


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The Merethic Tale, Chapter 2 - Venstrunriik's Zul and Alalf's Stand

Just as Bjorn's words left his mouth, Venstrunriik let loose a mighty burst of flames from his maw, engulfing the cave, Alalf shouted then, revealing the power of his Thu'um

"DOV YOL SPAAN", his voice echoed around the cave, shielding the men within the cave from the blast of fire. Bjorn watched in horror as several of his comrades that were outside the cave cried out in anguish as their…


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B.M.R. Year 0 Exodus Part 05

Aruzzel cast an inquisitive eye at Quentarii. She looked exhausted, mentally and physically. The three Argonian girls weren’t bearing overly well either. They all spent too long on boats and were now paying the price for it. They needed to run, to hunt. Hot food was a long time coming and a decent…


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C.o.t.D: Chapter 9 - Seeking Answers

Chapter 9: Seeking Answers

The city watch patrolled the area like eagles. The amount of guards seem to double from yesterday. He thought it would be easy to sneak back into the Shrine of Talos at night but he was wrong as every path, every corner and every alleyway in the city has guards roaming about. Markarth was in…


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The Traveller from The Marsh - Prologue

20th Rain's Hand 4E203, Solitude

The spring rains had definitely come early as Han-Ei stood under the overhang of the building to the rear of Proudspire Manor; the home of the Dragonborn who had settled here a year ago. The moonlight from one of the moons barely lit the shadowy gardens of the manor houses of Solitude. He looked about and saw that the streets were pretty much empty. No-one seemed to have noticed him creep…


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LotS: Frost Moon Chapter Six - Resolved


The world came back to him in a violent dash of white light and the burn of salt water in his nose and eyes. Kjeld sputtered like a drowning man, his…


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The Breath of Kyne - Chapter 2: Not Today!

Fjorrod slowly regained consciousness, unsure of where he was. His first impressions upon waking up were loud and brazen. Everything, from the noise, to the bumpiness of his movements, to the pain, was all very prominent, nothing subtle. He didn’t open his eyes, didn’t even move. He struggled to regain his thoughts, he was… captured.

As soon as he had the thought, he leapt to his feet. A shout of…


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Member Spotlight: Golden Fool

Interview conducted by Albino 

While we have plenty of members deserving of a spotlight, few deserve one more than Golden Fool. With contributions spanning multiple site groups he’s certainly one of the Vault’s more…


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The Breath of Kyne - Chapter 1: Company

Fjorrod held his breath, not moving an inch. The elk looked up, alert. After glancing around, and determining there was no threat, it resumed grazing. Letting out a soft, slow sigh of relief, Fjorrod eased an arrow onto the bowstring. Holding his breath once again, he let it out as he let his arrow fly.

The elk looked up at the exact moment the arrow was released, embedding the arrow in a different part of its body than the killing blow Fjorrod desired. It still…


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The Merethic Tale, Chapter 1 - It Begins

The lazy tendrils of sleep slowly released Bjorn from their warm, fuzzy grasp, he groaned as he gained consciousness, his emerald green eyes staring at the wooden ceiling of his quarters. Bjorn slowly sat up, yawning and scratching his charcoal black beard softly as he pulled himself out of his bed. He made his way out of his quarters, greeting his associates who were already waiting for him around a long stone table…


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B.M.R. Year 0 Exodus Part 04

The small craft, the ‘Spring’ glided through the waters as Nireli guided it southwards so they could circumnavigate the mainland. More rocks protruded the sea’s surface, threatening anyone who wasn’t paying attention or giving the sea the respect it deserved, yet once more displaying the lands savagery to…


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End of an Era - Part.4/Epilogue

Fire raining from the sky, it was all they could from the shelter of the Fallowstone hall.

Burning trees, cattle running on fire and the sound of screams. Great winged beasts were descending from the skies, setting the forests ablaze. This was not expected at all, today was a nice day, the companions were spending a nice time sparring, taking a walk through the forests.

All that was standing between them and the bolts of fire from the sky was a ward… cast by Erarik. He had…


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U.O.T.W. Chapter 105 Homeless

Jarl Balgruuf supped from his flask before resting it back on the table in front of him. He took a moment to study the Argonian, Sotek, who was currently sitting in a chair facing not only himself, the Jarl of Whiterun but also the Companion’s Harbinger, Kodlak.

His finger tapped slowly on the table…


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