Beware the seas and ports, ye rich and noble....

Beware the seas and ports, ye rich and noble....

For a dreaded corsair shall snatch both your riches, and your lives....

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Comment by Garthar Skaldurson on July 11, 2014 at 9:05am

Go my fellow pirate! Send those "nobles" to their rightfull place and have a bottle of rum for me, won't ya?


The Scholar Assassin beat out its competitors in the poll but was not deemed worthy enough to escape the bloodworks. Another deathmatch may claim this build's life in the future. 

The Dragon of Akavir and The Ghoul managed to eke out enough likes to escape death. They may now retire in peace in the recognized ranks

The Gener, The Saiya-jin, and the Broken Warrior have proven unworthy and the deathmatch stage now runs red with their blood. 

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