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  • Casey Finally got my PC working again. The site looks amazing when I don't view it from my Windows phone xD
    March 1
  • Shy Knight of the Shovel I could have sworn I have the mod that makes NPCs that can't fight run away and the ones that can fight Fight.
    Wed at 12:35 PM
  • Overhate After almost 3 years, ESO EU server maintenance is still total crap :D
    February 6
  • Lissette Long-Chapper I am moving, so I will be very inactive for the next few weeks, as I have been for the past couple of days as well. When I get settled in Texas, I will devote more time to the site. In the meantime, all y'all (as they say in the Lone Star State) better behave yourselves. :D *tips 10g cowboy hat to her fellow vaulters* (*)
    Wed at 11:11 AM