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  • Teineeva Is it weird I like to keep the Holotape Codworth gives you at the start of FO4 and keep it in my inventory to listen to it everytime I set up camp for the night? I just feel like it's something a man/woman missing their dead spouse might have to do to stay sane in a world like the commonwealth. It's also a great reminder that you should continue looking for your son despite all the distractions...
    April 10
  • Sotek I'm having a TSC Blog reading night tonight. Time to curl up in a big pile of straw and catch up on everyone's work in TSC while Massus and Secunda shine overhead.
    March 21
  • Zonnonn So turns out there's a secret boss in Dawnguard called The Reaper? I've been playing the DLC for 4.5 years and I never knew about it until today
    February 24