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    April 21

    I've been a long time WoW player. A very long time. Think from vanilla long time.
    I also like RPG. Been a long time player of RPGs. Think Neverwinter Nights 1 old.
    I saw ESO 2 years ago. I wrote it off due to it's infancy as an MMORPG, but captivated by it's RPG elements. Still stuck with modded skyrim.
    I saw ESO 1 year ago, with some improvement and graglorn. I watched it. Still stuck with modded skyrim.
    I see ESO now with Morrowind on it.  Decent MMO elements with immense RPG elements. I want in.

    I like entropic plystyle. Curses, damage over time, life steal based attacks & spells, lotsa minions or demons, etc.
    I also like hybrid classes, my favorite being the battlemage class of original D&d cause of the freedom it provided.
    Skyrim did it right. MMO's in general either don't touch such classes or create some hybrid classes but don't call them battlemages.
    Or even if they do, it comes with limitations.

    I saw ESO being able to do both, but like MMO's still limit choices to a 'base class" like sorceror, dragonknight, nightblade, etc.
    I don't like such limitations.
    I want to play ESO, but the above factors and some other limit me.

    Someone please help guide and help me make the choice relevant.


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    April 21

    Hey, Warlock! I've been a big fan of your Skyrim builds.

    I completely understand your concerns over class limitations, and it's clear that you understand the limitations that MMOs put on your preferred playstyle. That said, no one can convince you to play ESO. That's something you have to wrestle with. All I can do is tell you whether or not you can play according to your favorite style. After that, it's on you.

    I like entropic plystyle. Curses, damage over time, life steal based attacks & spells, lotsa minions or demons, etc.

    There are a few classes that might fit the bill.

    If you like DOTs, then you would like a magicka-based Dragon Knight. They are the king of DOTs. Everything in their kit is a DOT, even their spammable damage ability - Lava Whip. This playstyle lends itself to being a bit of glass cannon. However, they put up some of the best numbers in compettive play (not that you want to play competively).

    As for minions, Warden will have the lionshare of those, but they are nature oriented. They also have a few DOTs. Sorcerers only have two, but they are daedric in origin. Sorcerers also have a couple of DOTs as well as a Curse (Haunting Curse) in their arsenal, but nowhere near the amount that a magicka DK has. 

    If you want to look at skills, check out this website:


    Good luck!