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Ordinator Help Desk and Tips Corner

  • December 28, 2016

    Ordinator might just have managed to pull itself up as one of the most notable Overhauls around. The reason for this is because it's one of the few that is available on SSE, and even fewer available to Xbox players. Because of this it has the unique quality of being available to most Skyrim players at the moment. 

    I've managed to get the chance to play with Ordinator a little bit, but even just reading the Nexus Page was confusing as all hell, let alone starting my charcter. I'm still no expert, and don't really have the chance to play the game, but I'm sure we do have people here who have played with Ordinator (Wheeler's The Midas is an Ordinator only build and Golden Fool's The Last Executioner uses it as well), and perhaps some of them could share this knowledege.

    O.H.D.T.C, is a thread for you to post questions, tips or tricks, fun little stories, basically anything that isn't a full out Guide should be posted in this thread. Because it has so much information, I will be compiling a FAQ and a Tips section to the discussion to make finding some key information easier. 


    Check out the Ordinator Tag in Character Building for any builds that rely on this mod

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    March 17

    Whew, was hoping for some activity when I found this post.  I just downloaded Ordinator today.  Without a calculator to plan a build it's extremely confusing to say the least.  Especially without knowing what all the changes are.  I've deduced that you need to figure the skills you want (just like vanilla) and then just work around in the trees to see what the new perks do but at least that gives you a starting point. 

    If anyone else that has more than one level in Ordinator is around some insight would be

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    March 17

    The Nexus page for Ordinator has a full list of perks and their descriptions, unfortunately it doesn't tell you which perks are prerequisites for higher level ones but it is nice to be able to get a good idea of the perks before diving into the game.

    Really though the best way to work it out is to just dive in and mess around with the perks, sort of like what most people's first playthrough of the game would have been like all those years ago.

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    March 17
    Mine certainly was in vanilla. But now that I have a grasp of how things mesh it's really difficult to go back to not knowing anything. LOL
  • June 22
    Does Chalice of Tears work like Necromage in regards to buffing enchantments? I think most Fortify enchantments are treated as being from the restoration school by the game, so I was wondering if it'd be buffed by the perk.