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  • December 17, 2016

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    A Modder's Log, is quite simply a written Let's Play with a keen focus on using mods to enhance a character. There aren't really any direct rules behind what goes into one, they're like a Let's Play in that everybody will do a Log slightly different. I write mine as a kind of combination between a Story, Character Build and Roleplaying Profile. What that means is that I write some of it in-character in the same way I might write a story, while the other half of it is just my ramblings and thoughts on how the character is progressing. Lissette's style is more focused on what she's doing as a player and how it effects her character (I'll just let Liss do the talking for a second)

    I am not approaching this Modder's Journal the same way Dragonborn approaches his, so I doubt I will be submitting any entries in character. What I will be doing is chronicling how I approached the game after each session. Good decisions I made and yes, bad decisions

    These are just two of the many ways you could approach this. There is the choice to go even deeper in-character than I did, or you could exclude all of the gameplay notes that Liss and I use and focus on it purely as a Roleplaying Run, focusing on why your character made different decisions rather than how your playing the game. All of is fair play really, and it's supposed to be an expression of how you play the game. 

    Of course it does need to distinctly seperate itself from another type of content (It can't be purely in-character because that would pretty much just be a story) but other than that tiny rule, go nuts and have fun with this. 


    Yes, I know. I did say that there aren't any rules, but this is a type of content so there are a few rules about tagging, naming it and so forth.

    1 - A Modder's Log should only be about one main character. You can add other in-game character's to it in someway (Followers are easiest) but you should only be focusing on one unique character to be the central focus of your Log.

    2 - You should have a mod that defines the Log in some way. At the moment this is a Modder's Conclave content so there does need to be a focus on at least one (but more is totally fine) mod that changes the game in a meaningful matter. Ordinator, Requiem, Skyrim Redone, YASH, Apocalypse, Phenderix's Magic Evolved are all examples of mods that could work with a Modder's Log

    3 - The title should be Modder's Log - [Character/Build Name Here]

    4 - All Logs should use either the Fallout Modder's Log tag or the Skyrim Modder's Log tag