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Camp NaNo 2017

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    April 3
    how do you only write one word? Was it 'the', or maybe 'f***!'
  • April 3

    Exuro said: how do you only write one word? Was it 'the', or maybe 'f***!'

    considering how sheeeety I felt yesterday, it may well have been the f-bomb. 

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    April 3

    :-(     *hands Lissette a honeynut treat

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    April 4

    I'm afraid I'll have to drop out. It's not a decision I make lightly, considering the last Camp where I also dropped out. But I just don't have enough time. *sigh* Maybe November. D:

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    April 7

    Don't worry Lyall. Things happen. Is everything alright though?


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    April 11

    Yeah, for sure! I just don't have enough time, which bums me out D: But I'm okay and everything, thanks for asking.

  • April 28

    Winner 2017


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    April 30

    Big gratz Harrow.................

    I've fallen way short of my goal but one can't help such things... oh well.

    In a few days I'll add everyone's word count up and see how we've all done as a pack.

    Nope, I'm not listening... it's a pack....


  • April 30

    Me too! I wins too!!


    Runs about flailing and squeeing in joy. 

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    May 1

    Congrats Harrow of the broken neck and Lissette! I was burnt out this weekend and just wanted to collect bounties in Witcher. Looking forward to catching up on some reading now.