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  • February 17

    KaiserSoSage said:

    Have you seen Dredd from 2012? Mind Rape Warning: Mature content. 

    I watched Dredd. Sadly they cut off most of the gory and violent bits. Typical censorship.

    EDIT after watching link: *shudders* And this is why we should fear psychics and illusionists.

    Psychicks? :D

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    March 9

    Just posted the last chapter of part 1 of Bound in Blood. Part 2 is coming soon.

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    April 7

    Reading today I noticed I usally write internal monolugues/introspection in third person for some reason. It works, but I think you can get a more personal impact using a more active?direct? voice. Such as:

    Tyranus, the name came unbidden and she had to clamp her hand against her chest to stop it from shaking at the memory of the Vigilant of Stendarr. He had only tried to help her. He’d understood the forces that plagued her, but in the end even he’d lost hope.


    Tyranus, the name came unbidden and she had to clamp her hand against her chest to stop it from shaking at the memory of the Vigilant of Stendarr. He had only tried to help. He’d understood what I faced, but in the end even he’d given up on me.



    Just some random thoughts :-D

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    April 7

    Spoilers for Legends of the Wasteland ahead!


    Recently I started a Fallout story after I saw that there aren't that many lying around in TSC. I'm writing about the Courier and the Lone Wanderer as they battle the remnants of the Enclave and their ally. I recently posted a thread on the forum about the lack of Fallout stories.  From the feedback I got, it's clear that people can't write about Fallout as easily as about Elder Scrolls.

    It's different for me. I find beauty in Fallout's dead world that I can't find in Tamriel. I can't explain that beauty but it's what draws me to play Fallout more than Elder Scrolls. I find that writing Fallout stories is easier for me then writing Elder Scrolls stories, altough I do write them.

    Any thoughts on it. How do you feel about writing Fallout or Elder Scrolls stories?

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    April 15

    Possible spoiler for The Unabridged Journals of Nerussa, ahead (though not for anyone who's reading it on Steam, but I think that's just Lissette anyway)


    I'm about halfway through editing and uploading what I've already written on Steam for my blog here, but I'm also still writing bits and pieces over on Steam (my plan is to get up to date on uploading here, more or less, and then jump ship, there's only really Lissette still reads over there anyway, and it makes sense to try to focus on one 'platform' so to speak) and quite a lot has happened in the five-ish in-game weeks between my latest here and over there. Such as, oh (here's the spoiler part), Äelberon has showed up. So I'm doing lots of agonising over writing him (with lots of helpful input from Lissette :) ) alongside writing Rumarin* and Lydia (and other canon characters, but Lydia's obviously the most frequent one) it's very interesting trying to keep three characters by fairly different writers, each with very different levels of characterisation in the "source material", so to speak,  (plus my own!) in-character. I'm not sure how well I'm doing, but it's certainly fun!


    *(for anyone unfamiliar with the Interesting NPCs mod, Rumarin is from there)

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    May 8

    I haven't updated here for a while so I guess it's time to.

    Started editing chapter 226 today and I've posted chapter 219. Soon there will be another character added to the pack of U.O.T.W. One which I hope will tug on a few heart strings. 

    Time will tell. 

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    May 23

    Posting here to let you all know: neither Agents of the Queen nor A Pirate Hero are dead! Still working on them.