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So How Was Shadow of War?

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    November 8

    So how was Middle Earth: Shadow of War?

    On one hand, I've heard that it improves on basically everything from Shadow of Mordor. On the other, it is said that the story is worse and it is a grind. 

    The one thing that I saw that I didn't like is the orcs themselves. There are orcs that serenade you and when you shame an orc captain and confront them again they complain about getting made fun of. As a fan of the Lord of the Rings book and films, this could ruin the feeling that I am playing in Middle Earth. In the book, there are no singing orcs, and when an orc made fun of another orc, somebody dies. Even though the story in SoM wasn't canon, it still felt like I was in Middle Earth. Does Shadow of War have that same feeling, even though the orcs appear to be completely ridiculous?

    I have interest in this game, but I just wanted to know your guys opinion. Do you think it's worth getting as a fan of the books?