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Imagination!: RPDisc3

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  • March 28

    Hey folks, Probs here with the third and final part of this series of RP discussions. After this discussion "ends" I will start a new series with a more focused topic. So the questions here today are simple, focused around the mind of your character less than the mind of the person playing them. Some of these have been touched upon in other discussions, but those now lay at the bottom of the topics, dead. So, they are being renewed. 

    1. Do your characters have something that just gets on their nerves? What about tics, bad habits? Do your characters have a food or drink that they cannot resist? Or an item they can't leave home without?
    2. What does your character do that makes them a tragic hero? A tragic hero is a hero who makes bad decisions that can lead to their downfall. Are they too benevolent? Too ruthless? What mistakes did you (by extension, your character) make during your playthroughs?
    3. Off of that last one, have you ever "played off" an accident within your gameplay and used it to add to a character? For example, accidentally contradicting your own backstory, and then using that decision to add another fold to the story. 

    I await your responses eagerly!

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    April 5

    My Vagabond character, being a loner at heart, had a pet peeve for just about anyone. More specifically talkative and annoying people. This included those who were either always needy and asking for favors (just about everyone in the Commonwealth) as well as those who used speech to get their way (Parker Quinn and Mayor McDonough are excellent examples) which often led to him straight up breaking conversation with anyone whom he deemed too talkative. Or on a more rare occasion, putting a bladed baseball bat in their skull. What a rude little bugger. 


    Also for my Vagabond character, he showed attributes of a "tragic hero" in his journey through the main story (I know I know, pretty basic of an example due to the nature of the main story itself but just let me ellaborate) This character was actually the first playthrough that took me 100% through the main story (embarrassing I know)  so the point at which you confront Father right before destroying the Institute was actually a total surprise for me. You see, the only real purpose my character had up to that point was both following the orders of his only friends, the Railroad, and seeking his son. However at this point, he faced a contradiction between these two goals and had to make a choice. In that moment, he went against everything he once knew and shot his own son out of pure frustration. From then on, instead of living in hate of what he had done he found himself freed from his messed up past and now able to seek a new purpose. My whole playstyle changed from a troubled wanderer to a purposeful traveler 

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    April 10

    Most of my characters are addicted to Bouffot. I imagine that they are painkillers to ease the pain of all the gunshot wounds. They also like to execute raiders without a second thought. If you're a raider, you're going down. They get to used to killing that they eventually just wander away from their respective Wasteland. Some even lose their humanity.

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    April 10

    The one that sticks in my head is something MADD touched on, interacting with Father. 

    One of my playthroughs I roleplayed as...well ME. I tried to make conversation choices and actions based on how I think I'd respond if all of this went down. The thing that got me was I was pretty anti-institute...until I go there. Once I met Shaun...I just couldn't resist re-uniting. I guess that's an example of a contridiction...and probably one of the lesser appreciated things about the game. The writers made many mistakes, but they also did a very good job of putting the player / role-player in gray-area predicaments (this is also why I think Far Harbor is the best DLC...think about the choice you are forced to make there). That's also why so many hate Preston's character...bc he's so singularly "good" in a world with few clear cut choices.

    To Fox's point about becoming desensitized to violence...that def happens (not just in fallout btw). Sometimes I start playing a lawful good sort of character and 20 hrs in I'm like..."If I kill him, can I put ballistic weave in his coat?" lol 


  • April 12

    Mottyskills said:

    thing that got me was I was pretty anti-institute...until I go there. 

    This.  I just did this part last night for the first time and man....I had to sit there with the game paused and contemplate things.  I think it's normal to project yourself into your character and play with your own moral and ethical code.  I still chose to blow the hell out of the place because the build I was on was Brotherhood of Steel all the way so I couldn't bend that as it was the core of the build...but doesn't mean it was an easy decision.