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Morrowind: Is Unarmoured a Viable Skill?

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    March 10

    Unarmoured's always been a tricky Skill for me in Morrowind. It's got a few benefits, but it's also got some pretty hefty disadvantages (Such as the lower AR). I've only used it once or twice in the past, and found it noticably more difficult without the added Armour Rating, though not so much so that I found it to be unplayable. The slightly higher speed was nice, but until it got to a high enough level, I always found myself struggling a bit with Unarmoured.

    So with that in mind, I thought I'd post it as a discussion here, and see what other people's thoughts are with regards to this lowly Magic Skill. To help, I've made a quick list of Unarmoured's pros and cons, seen below.

    On the Pros side, we have:

    • Very low weight compared to Armour (Or none at all, if you go nude), and doesn't slow you down at all
    • Never needs repair, unlike Armour
    • It costs nothing
    • Beast races could also have a slight benefit, due to the inability for them to wear armoured Boots

    On the Cons side, however:

    • Unaroured gives a maximum of 65 Armour Rating (Without Enchantments), which is quite a bit less than even Light Armour
    • You have less slots for Enhanting (No Pauldrons or Helm)
    • You'll probably end up spending quite a lot on Restore/Fortify Health Potions, especially early on

    From that, I'd have to say they're pretty even, considering that you'll never have to pay for Repair Hammers or constantly keep upgrading, but it will be quite a bit more challenging without a fair amount of Restore Potions on hand.

    So what are your thoughts on this? Is Unarmoured secretly the greatest Skill of the game, or is it just worthless, and under-powered? Give your opinions in the comments below!