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The Expeditions Comittee - Ask Your Lore Questions Here

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  • Mon at 9:01 AM
    Since Tein has an assload of work this week I'll take Foxy's comission about Abah's Landing. Will see what I can whip out, should be done before the week's end.
  • Mon at 9:40 AM

    Thanks Karv! I've decided to join the Thieves Guild in ESO so learning something about their hometown should be good for immersion.

  • Mon at 9:48 AM
    So what would you want me to focus on the most? The history or the current status of it, with people and locations as you mentioned?
  • Mon at 11:36 AM

    The history.

  • Mon at 11:39 AM

    Cool, that should make things a lot easier for me :) 

  • Member
    Tue at 5:58 AM

    The end of an era and I'm four days late to the party. The amount of times I've tried to remember where a discussion took place only to discover it was in the Lore Questions thread and felt my heart sink with the realisation that it is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack are too many to count. So yay to questions being easily-referenced topics, and another yay to incentivising the pursuit and exchange of knowledge in a fashion that doesn't make the seeker of knowledge feel insecure and yet also encourages a well-researched and thorough answer. I look forward to seeing this grow.

  • Wed at 7:19 PM

    Part One of my Khajiit Pantheon expedition is complete. I've decided to turn it into a three-part series just because I didn't want to bloat the post much more than it already is. But this one covers Baan Dar, Riddle'Thar and Rajhin while also kind of dismissing all of the ones that were too Imperilized (Mara, S'rendarr, etc.) but depending on how Alkosh goes they might end up in the final article. 

    Loving this whole thing even more now that we've started getting Articles back Tein :D

  • Thu at 8:25 PM

    Hmmmm now where have I seen this before....

    Haha just playin, this'll surely pump out a lot of cool content. The Detective Agency lost its spark a bit ago but I'm glad to see an Elder Scrolls counterpart to carry that banner farther! I'm sure I'll be back here with something to be investigated, just need to rekindle my Elder Scrolls curiosity