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Arms and Armor of the Second Era: High Elves

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    October 23

    Gwen, the Last Blade said:

    I don't know about ESO as I have never played it, but I can relate to the Bretons since they are half-elf and half-man just like how I am half-French and half-Japanese. Plus, their culture and landscapes remind of where I grew up in France. And I never see Bretons get flak as much as the Altmer do and even Nords.


    Oooh, nifty real-life backstory! :P Anyways yeah, most races get quite a bit of hostility from certain people. Only Dunmer and Khajiit seem liked by most of the fans, and even they have detractors. I've seen lots of people hate on Bretons though.

  • October 23

    Yep :) Yeah, I do have to agree Dunmers are the only ones that if say something negative about you better prepare for a war in a sense, and the same for the Khajiits. Though if it is the Altmer or Nord you can say everything negative about them and very few defend them b/c (insert overused argument here)