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Lore: The Eye of Magnus Lost and Found

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  • Tom
    March 24

    Justiciar Thorien said:

    I never said they were stupid. At least no more than the humans who live on Earth right now. And those particular Nords would be especially unlikely to hate wizards, since they were ones themselves. But even in the modern world where people hsve books and internet such situation could happen, when people find something the knowledge about was lost long ago. They didn't have internet and didn't have even printed books. And it's a known fact that Nords prefer oral tradition to written chronicles. 

    Actually if they actually did leave the Eye alone, it means they are smarter then us the modern humans, we in our endless certainty that we know everything would never do so. Also people always fear the unknown, and that is totally a case thry encounter unknown, because it's highly unlikely that Ysgramor had studied the thing through and through and wrote a detailed manual. Seems more like he just said "that thing is evil and no one must touch it".

    No. You know exactly what you meant by this quote,

    "Sounds a bit too perfect to be true. Too, you know, logical))) And knowing that Nords were never big fans of books..."

    You're calling the Nords illogical and anti-intelectual, aka stupid. This sort of flippant reaction just sets me off in these discussions. Calling nords dumb is easy and factually indefensible. The Nords had books. Ysgramor invented runic writing.

    Yes, the nords valued their oral tradition since their oral tradition was literally magic. They had books. They valued history deeply. Knowledge is literally power for the ancient Nords. In Skyrim we get our knowledge of Saarthal from a fucking book written by Archamge Shalidor, the most power wizard and a Nord. The story of Saarthal is literally the founding myth of Ysgramor and the Atmorans returning to Tamriel.

    They knew about Saarthal in the time of Jyrik Gauldurson. Modern Nords have forgotten. But forgetting the past and a declining society aren't limited to the Nords in the 4th Era. Every province is in decline. The 4th Era is the beginning of another Dark Age in Tamriel.

  • March 24

    Nah, I merely meant that it's not how the nature of people is. Any people, not just Nords. Actually I'd say that if those were Altmer, they definitely wouldn't leave the Eye alone. They would be too sure that they won't make the same mistakes as others)))

    You are right, I forgot that the First Era Nords weren't the same as the Fourth Era ones. But even though they had books and knew the location of Saarthal, that doesn't mean they exactly knew what the Eye is, no one ever had. And it's normal for everyone to fear the unknown at least to some extent, so the situation that I described could still happen) Actually when I wrote it I had an image of some archeologists, who without a doubt would have a lot of books and internet, going into a "cursed" ancient tomb trembling all other. Those mages were obviously tougher guys but Saarthal is more than just some supposedly cursed tomb. 

    Hmm, another Dark Age in Tamriel? When was the frist one?

  • March 24

    As we know with Deadric Artifacts they come and go between the mortal plane and oblivion through the ages. So maybe the Eye of Magnus was at aetherius at the time frame the whole thing with Jyrik Gauldurson happened.

    Also there is a possibility that the events of Skyrim happen during a Dragon Break so time is messed up and we might be in for an adventure regarding lore and continuation of Tamriel's history with the next game.

    Another posibility is that the Nords even though they knew that the Eye of Magnus was a powerful artifact they didn't know how to use it properly so they just left it sealed there through the ages and it was slowly forgotten.

    Who knows..

  • March 25

    The Eye is very... special artifact, it's not like the other ones. And it never was in Aetherius. It actually has little connection to Magnus despite the name.


    Dragon Break is an easy explanation to anything, and that's why I refuse to go with it at least until it was established as canon.

    No one in Tamriel knows how to use it properly, neither Nords, nor anyone else. They knew a part of what it can do to a mortal, that was quite enough, so they sealed it and it was indeed forgotten. It is the most apparent.