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  • Elder Scrolls Lore

    1166 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago

    This plane of Oblivion is Apocrypha, the place to be for knowledge boners. It is managed by three beings, …

  • The Elder Council

    19 members Latest Activity: 46 minutes ago

    A private group for Site Hosts

  • The Workshop

    352 members Latest Activity: 2 minutes ago

    This is a group for posting work in progress (WiP) content in order to develop it before posting it in the appropriate group.

    Hosted by…

  • Skyrim Character Building

    5777 members Latest Activity: 42 minutes ago

    This is a group for creative people to come together and share Skyrim characters that they have created. All are welcome here, power players and…

  • Fallout Character Building

    259 members Latest Activity: 29 minutes ago

    Fallout Character Building is a place for creative people to share any Fallout characters that they have played. 

    Hosted by: …

  • Tamriel Tales

    836 members Latest Activity: 36 minutes ago

    Here is quiet corner for the writers and word-smiths of Skyrim. Discuss your blogs, ask questions about writing characters, plots, and other…

  • TES Classics

    198 members Latest Activity: 10 hours ago

    The home for everything related to previous Elder Scrolls games - builds, tips, role-play and chat. Also dispenses…

  • The Consulate

    3 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    The Consulate is an Administrator-only group.

  • Live Roleplaying: Skyrim

    150 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    Live Roleplaying: Skyrim is TamrielVault's own custom D&D-sesque game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. For more information on the…

  • Fallout Lore

    93 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Fallout Lore is The Tamriel Vault's go-to place for articles and dossiers regarding creatures, people, locations, and factions in the Fallout…

  • Skyrim Tips and Tricks

    817 members Latest Activity: 9 hours ago

    If you're looking for for in-depth guides, power-leveling tactics, or in-game tips, exploits, and glitches, then look no further.


  • Faction Roleplaying

    40 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Faction Roleplaying is a private group made for forum-based roleplaying in Faction threads. Rules will vary per thread, so be sure to read them…

  • The Modder's Conclave

    291 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    A place for all TES Modders to get together and discuss new and existing mods as well as the development and creation of mods. 


  • The Citadel

    75 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    A group dedicated to the Mass Effect franchise, including lore discussions, builds, news and more!

    Hosted by…

  • The Gaming Corner

    54 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    The Gaming Corner is a group to discuss and post content relating to games that aren't from the Mass Effect, Fallout or Elder Scrolls…

  • The Elder Scrolls Online

    189 members Latest Activity: 19 hours ago

    This group is for any and all ESO players across all platforms and factions. Here you can share your characters, builds, helpful tips and…

  • Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks

    157 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    With the release of Fallout 4, the former 'Vault 111' now becomes the place for all tips, tricks, gameplay ideas, glitches and information from…

  • Live Roleplaying: Fallout

    82 members Latest Activity: Jan 11

    LRP Fallout is TamrielVault's own D&D-esque game set in the Fallout Universe. For more…

  • The Art Group

    707 members Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

    Dedicated to housing all forms of Elder Scrolls / Fallout art. The group strives to catalog the best and brightest pieces both created by our…

  • Wasteland Tales

    52 members Latest Activity: 10 hours ago

    This is place for Fallout stories, fan fiction and journals. Post your story as a blog and make a table of contents…


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