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This is a gathering place for writers and word-smiths of all guises. If you have a tale to tell from The Elder Scrolls universe, this is the place to do it!

We welcome all forms of written expression - blogs, fan-fictions, novellas, and even poetry. You can also discuss writing techniques, character ideas, and collaborative works.

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Writers Discuss - Subplots (#6)

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Accursed Gloom 1 hour ago. 7 Replies

Writers DiscussTopic #6 – Subplots~ ~ ~ ~ ~This week's discussion is on subplots. I’ve found myself thinking about this subject a lot lately. I don’t think it’s one we always consider, but it’s especially important for longer length stories. Let’s…Continue

Tags: discussion, weekly, writing, brainstorm, 6

The Tamriel Tales Banner - Final Shots

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Daedric Priest 3 hours ago. 29 Replies

The NEW Group Photo(Unedited)Finally! Took forever to get this thing done. Lots…Continue

Writers Discuss - Plot Twists (#4)

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Joshua Primrose 20 hours ago. 29 Replies

Writers DiscussTopic #4 - Plot Twists~ ~ ~ ~ ~This week's discussion is on writing effective prose, whether its sentence variation, employment of metaphors……PLOT TWIST.What is a plot twist?What makes a good plot twist?How do you come up with good…Continue

Tags: weekly, writing, discussion, brainstorm, WD

Writers Discuss - Villains (#3)

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Sildriel yesterday. 28 Replies

Writers DiscussTopic #3 - Villains~ ~ ~ ~ ~This week's discussion is on Villains. I’ve got questions. You’ve probably got answers. Have at it: What is a villain?What makes a good villain?What kinds of villains are there?  (i.e. sympathetic villains…Continue

Tags: weekly, writing, discussion, brainstorm, WD

Zenith, by Joshua Primrose - Table of Contents

Started by Joshua Primrose. Last reply by Joshua Primrose yesterday. 2 Replies

So I've been meaning to continuing writing this, and I figured publishing the first part would give me the incentive to do so. So, with no further ado, allow me to present to you Zenith.What is Zenith?Zenith is 'the time at which something is most…Continue

Tags: #long, Zenith, J-L

Deserter - Table of Contents

Started by FishDout. Last reply by Lissette yesterday. 4 Replies

An unending battle ravages his homeland, and The Hold Guard must persevere as…Continue

Tags: Deserter, #long, Skyrim, Hold Guard

A New Banner Project

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Okan-Zeeus on Friday. 157 Replies

With all these changes going on (including the group's name) I think its high time we…Continue

Tags: TT, photo, group, screenshot, picture

The Power of Editing (And The Passage of Time)

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Accursed Gloom on Friday. 6 Replies

So I was rummaging through some files on my crappy laptop and discovered something very interesting - a document containing the beginnings of DOTE Chapter 1, my very first draft back from November 2013!These were literally the first paragraphs I…Continue

Tags: draft, edit, comparison, after, before

The Founding of a Guild - Accursed Gloom

Started by Accursed Gloom on Friday. 0 Replies

    The story of an Altmer mage, Caranthir, sent to Skyrim to join the…Continue

Tags: Accursed Gloom, A-C, #long

"Is This Lore-Breaking or Not?": Tamriel Tales

Started by Ace. Last reply by Accursed Gloom on Thursday. 91 Replies

Hey all, Ace here with (hopefully) another helpful thread for all you writers out there. Basically, when I am writing and I come up with a really cool idea, I have to check to see if it makes sense in the lore of The Elder Scrolls, but it gets…Continue

Tags: Tamriel Tales Help

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Comment by Sotek yesterday

It would seem with all the exitement on having a new banner that everyone's forgot about the weekly discussion...

Writers Discuss - Subplots (#6)

I can't believe for one minute that only Okan and Myself have them.

Comment by Sotek yesterday

I've been meaning to ask you how to do that for ages. Thanks for the tip Okan.


Comment by Okan-Zeeus yesterday

This is for anyone who displays a blog image on their profile page:

Pro Tip!

You can change the link on your image so that when people click on it, it sends them straight to your story or TOC.

Just open up the editor, click on your image, select edit, then paste whatever link you want into the link box.

Comment by Calvarious Baal Darkforges on July 19, 2015 at 2:05am

EDITED by Okan-Zeeus

Post was too long. Cluttered the comment wall.

I have a backup of the text, Calvarious, if you want me to retrieve it for you.

 ~ OZ

Comment by Sotek on July 13, 2015 at 7:42pm

We've had a fair few new members to the site and a few long term members who are new to Tamriel Tales. First off a quick welcome to you all... If you have any questions or you need/want help then pelase contact either myself  'Sotek' or Okan-Zeeus.

Secondly can I remind all members old and new that we have a few rules here. I would ask new members to Tamriel Tales to have a quick read and familiarise yourselves with them. There's good advice in them about TOC's as well.

Group Rules

Sotek Loyal Hound Of Hircine

Comment by Mathias Wulfe (ShyGuyWolf) on July 13, 2015 at 3:38pm
Sweet thanks bud.
Comment by Sotek on July 13, 2015 at 2:53pm

Looking forwards to see what you can do Mathias

Comment by Mathias Wulfe (ShyGuyWolf) on July 13, 2015 at 1:20am
Hey guys, wanting to make my own tale recently and having it include some of my custom followers that I crafted. Call me Mathias Wulfe, Nordic Spellblade.
Comment by Sotek on July 12, 2015 at 8:25am

The best way to get others interested in your work would be to have a read of theirs. It helps in other ways as well, like expanding your thesaurus and bouncing ideas around. If you want to write then do it by all means. I've wrote lots of chapters, never regretted it once.

Comment by Sandy on July 12, 2015 at 7:57am

I'm just wondering, if I wrote a story based in Valenwood about my old character, would any of you read? It would be a challenge for me but a fun one.



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