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This is a gathering place for writers and word-smiths of all guises. If you have a tale to tell from The Elder Scrolls universe, this is the place to do it!

We welcome all forms of written expression - blogs, fan-fictions, novellas, and even poetry. You can also discuss writing techniques, character ideas, and collaborative works.

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Tamriel Tales Fun Time

Started by Sotek. Last reply by Accursed Gloom 6 hours ago. 16 Replies

This is open to everyone so feel free to join in.The rule is simple: All you have to do is add a single sentence for Kodlak’s response to Aela. Make it as serious or as funny as you like but try to keep it clean.Remember, The Bad Wolf of the Blog is…Continue

Tags: Fun Time

The Bounty Chronicles: Table of Contents

Started by Ben W. Last reply by Ben W 7 hours ago. 33 Replies

"All too easy."Xian-Krie has faced many enemies over his life in Cyrodiil…Continue

Tags: The Bounty Chronicles, Ben W, Xian-Krie, #long

The 5 Fables

Started by CouchWarrior. Last reply by dieter tielemans 17 hours ago. 2 Replies

What is 5 Fables?The 5 Fables is a story written by Stu King (Couch…Continue

Tags: fables, 5, couchwarrior, #long

TOC A Dance with Daedra (ADwD)

Started by Exuro. Last reply by Exuro yesterday. 43 Replies

OverviewA Dance with Daedra begins with the trials of a teen, Amari, as she strives to break free of the fate the Greater Daedra weave about her, but without knowing their motives,a perceived move towards freedom may only be another step further…Continue

Tags: skyrim, story, D-F, post-alduin, daedra

Camp NaNo 2016

Started by Sotek. Last reply by Exuro on Sunday. 129 Replies

Welcome everyone to Camp NaNo 2016.This welcome is to one and all. I include…Continue

Bleeding Sun - Table of Contents

Started by Lazy Rocktime. Last reply by Ajani on Saturday. 7 Replies

Sorine Jurard had quite a few ideas as to what she would do after the war on…Continue

Tags: J-L, Vampires, Post-Apocalypse and Suspense, oh my!, Lazy Rocktime, Bleeding Sun, #long

Tales for the Hearth Fire (TOC)

Started by Lissette. Last reply by Lissette on Saturday. 33 Replies

"The Storyteller’s Creed... I believe that imagination is…Continue

Tags: Lissette, Tamriel, Skyrim, Tales for the Hearth Fire, short

Dragon of the East - A Skyrim Retelling

Started by Okan-Zeeus. Last reply by Okan-Zeeus on Friday. 267 Replies

DOTE Next Chapter ~ On Hold  Kindlerfire First Draft ~ 25%  CLICK HERE FOR LATEST UPDATES(4/28/2016)…Continue

Tags: M-O, argonian, 1st person, DOTE, #long

Writers Discuss - Connecting Plots and Sub Plots (#37)

Started by Sotek. Last reply by Meli on Friday. 4 Replies

Writers DiscussTopic # 37 Connecting Plots and Sub Plots ~ ~ ~ ~ ~You have worked on your plot and it’s going well enough and you’re slowly but steadily fleshing out the characters, giving them more life. Happy days of writing ahead, until… an idea…Continue

Tags: WD

Union Of The Wolf

Started by Sotek. Last reply by Sotek on Thursday. 124 Replies


Tags: #Long, U.O.T.W., Sotek, #C.B.

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Comment by The Rancid on Friday

Good luck Lissette, and to all! 

Comment by Lissette on Friday

A friendly message from your Grouchy Cannibal Hippy. I know I have let a lot of blogs slide past me this past month while I've been working on Camp NaNo. I promise I shall give them all mah loves when I'm done. Hugs to all mah Hippies and mah Wolfies! Good luck to all participating in this final stretch of Camp NaNo.

Comment by Sotek on Friday


Why not, as long as it helps. Don't forget Axius everyone is more than welcome to use these for help within their story. If you have a problem and it fits a particular Writer's discussion then ask away.

Comment by Axius Revan on Friday

I sense a Writer's Discuss coming soon...

Comment by Sotek on Friday

Axius, you've given me an idea.

Comment by Axius Revan on Friday

Lately my story has been pulled to a slow crawl. It's not because I don't have any ideas, but I don't know how to 'connect' them. I need some tips so I could get back in the game.

Comment by Sotek on Thursday

Good for you Ben and its great to see Okan here. Been a while Okan, hope things are going well for you.

On another note. NANO Camp's end is coming in faster than Red chasing deer. Get writing people...

Comment by Ben W on Thursday

Chapter 10 has been released; Yay 

Comment by Ben W on April 25, 2016 at 2:36pm

Aye, guys, it's strange of me to ask but could anyone take a peek at the Blog and Editing services for the posting I gave the other day? I hate asking due to not wanting to bother anyone

Comment by Justiciar Thorien on April 23, 2016 at 5:49pm

Warn us in advance when to bring apples and when hearts))))) Or should we set a schedule?


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