I have been trying to think of a fun, lore-fitting RP backstory for a Khajiit, and I realized that there are so many fun ways to play a Khajiit, despite the challenges of explaining a Khajiit's presence in Skyrim, a place where they are not truly accepted. And so, I look to you! Share your fun stories and suggestions and ideas!

A personal favorite I've come across, not because its necessarily believable but because it sounds hysterical, is a Khajiit who had been at "the mother of all parties" in Elsweyr who blacked out at the party and woke up all the way in Skyrim, under arrest by Stormcloaks, and didn't remember a single thing. That sounded hysterical.

And then, for RP, I think it would be fun to play a Khajiit not allowed in any wall cities, at least until a name is made for him/herself.

So, what are your Khajiit backstories, personal experiences, RP styles, etc.,?

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I feel bad for saying that my only Khajiit playthrough that's lasted more than 50 hours was the most stereotypical Kittybro imaginable. Thieving, skooma addicted archer. What made it so enjoyable for me was the growth that he experienced. Going from an amateur thief to a criminal mastermind.

Now I'm playing a Khajiit who has turned his back on his homeland, because he sees the Thalmor for what they really are, not what they apparently did for Elsweyr. Even though I don't play him as a traditional warrior of the Elder Scrolls universe, in his own mind (and in his culture) he would be considered so. It's turning out to be great fun. Plus, the "Player Voicesets" mod makes hissing at children great fun. XD

Nothing wrong with playing a common archetype. Lots of fun experiences can be built off of an archetype once you start developing the actual character. 

Warrior-ish Khajiit are mega interesting. Like, that The Lion build that's fairly new. That's a really cool idea, I think.

My first character was a Khajiit warrior. Heavy armour, one handed and destruction. Completely went off course of the stereotype, but it was great fun to play.

I have really only played three or four khajiit, a typical thief and skip a dealer, a vampiric khajiit mage who used her claws as backup weapons, a khajiit in heavy armor with a battleax wielding shock magic, and a recent creation who uses light/no armor and wields a shield and scimitar. They're all interesting playthroughs, and I rp like any other characters, what would they do? The only one of them I avoided the walled cities with was the first, the generic thief.

For me the most notable thing about Khajiit is the illeism (reference to yourself in the third person) in their speech. This is clearly a product of their social and cultural background and so I looked it up to see if typically illeism indicated any particular mental or social conditions.

This is what I discovered.


- To impart humility.
- To impart a diminished importance.
- To imply a lack of self-determination.
- To suggest a lack of personal responsibility for oneself.
- A form of self-promotion.
- A method of self congratulation or self gratification.
- A way of satisfying your own ego though self-comment.
- A form of conceit.
- An attempt to portray importance, nobility, power or gravitas.
- A means to appear sarcastic.
- An attempt to appear polite.
- A method to avoid appearing blunt or crude.
- An attempt to seem childlike or cute.

The general observation is that people who refer to themselves consistently in the third person tend to have Narcissistic Personality: Referring to yourself in the third person creates distance between "I" and "he."

So if you have an exaggerated view of how great you are, you could be using this distance to make yourself even bigger. Or, if you've achieved major success suddenly, using the third person could be a way to adjust to the bigger role that's been assigned to you. It's a way to enlarge yourself to fit that role.

The third person is how you indicate that the topic is not open for debate. You are speaking about facts that just so happen to include you.

Very interesting. Thanks for adding that! 

I think it fit's quite nicely with domestic cat behavior, especially when they come face to face with another cat.

'Mr.Tibbs is not scared of you, look how much bigger and fluffier he his that you are.'

or when they fall of the back of the sofa by accident.

'Mr Tibbs meant to do that, and he knew it would make you laugh.' 

My Khajit was a crime lord, who, after escaping from his base after a rival, well, cartel attacked, he fled to Skyrim

A few more thoughts on the challenges of role playing Khajiit.

1. They hate getting wet therefore, no questing in the rain, or swimming rivers.

2. When they like someone, or something, they have to possess it.  This is done by rubbing themselves back and forth against the person or object to leave a scent mark.

3. Ownership of territory e.g. land or houses, is achieved by spraying  from scent glands at regular intervals.

4. They are obsessed with hygiene and appearance and will spend hours licking themselves clean.

5. They will also try and lick their followers clean, and be most upset if prevented from doing so.

6. They sleep for hours mostly during the day, preferring to do so in the open in high sunny places e.g. on a roof.

7. The are obsessed with chasing small fast moving objects, and cannot ignore anything that catches their attention.

8. They get very annoyed with anyone who makes fun of them, having a very high sense of personal dignity and a very large ego.

9. When threatened they puff themselves up so as to appear bigger, and fix the threat with a long hard, unblinking stare.  The first to break eye contact or blink is the loser.

10. When angry they flatten their ears to the back of their head, extend their necks, bare their fangs and hiss at their opponent loudly.  If necessary they will scratch with their claws.

I love it! I'd thought of playing by avoiding water and rain, but some of these others are also really cool! Just the image of a Khajiit trying to lick a companion is hysterical. 

Also, a Khajiit who is obsessed with fish, but again, hates water. Tries to catch as many as possible without falling in. 

Glad you liked it.  I thought it would add a bit of flavour to the game.  I considered suggesting that a Khajiit would seek to scent mark it's followers to reinforce its leadership.  But in fact, I don't think cat's scent animate objects, at least not by spraying.  However, rubbing against them does leave a scent mark which serves the same purpose.  So, Lydia can expect to be well and truly scented as proof of ownership.

I did think about food and diet, but in practice the fish thing is not as pronounced as most people think.  I've had a cat who was obsessed with cheese, and I know another that loves chocolate.  In the wild lion's tigers, and ferrile cats rarely get the chance to eat fish, their main diet consists of red meat preferably still bloody as they don't tend to drink much getting most of their liquid intake from their food (e.g. blood).

In practice a cat is far more interested in food that still moves, because it ticks all their fetishes and provides them with the extra bonus of a successful kill leading to an instant reward.  Cat's will even hunt down and eat spiders and flies, and I had one cat who regularly came home and presented me with half eaten frogs as proof of its victories.

Getting back to the thread at hand, I think you are going to have a lot of fun with a typical Khajiit criminal but you could also go the ways of a hardened warrior. Some of my fondest memories of character building have been with Khajiit barbarian/knight types. Whenever I was disarmed, I could charge in with my claws which is pretty awesome.

Sneak/two handed (or any other warrior skills with sneak) can roll into several different RPs such as a feral uncivilized Khajiit in the wild, skooma warrior, battle cat, or maybe even a Daedric worshipper who gets manipulated by other Daedra other than Azurah?


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