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This group is for the Elder Scrolls enthusiasts! Here you will find discussions, help threads, guides, and many other topics for you to read through and enjoy to enhance your own role play as well as provide you a chance to share your own personal experiences with other members of the group.

The Role Play Help Thread

Guides - New to role playing? Not sure where to start? Browse through the various helpful guides and get some advice on improving your own role play or help get passed a difficult role play situation.

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Discussions - Join in the group's many conversations covering multiple topics that may be helpful and insightful to your own role play.

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Profile - Share your characters! Dive deep into the details of personal history, personal powers, and personality. Appearance, religion, and even backstories are welcome in your presentations for all to read.

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Are you a Character Builder struggling with the role play or backstory for your latest build? The RP Group is here to help!

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Role Playing Guide: The Thief

Started by Gabe Miniaci. Last reply by Dorian Moorcroft 9 hours ago. 30 Replies

Since the thief is one of the main archetypes of Skyrim, the path to role playing as a thief might seem pretty obvious. There is a whole quest line, skill trees, and other game mechanics dedicated to such characters, and you might think that role…Continue

Tags: Roleplay, Immersion, Thief, RP:Guide, RP

Role Playing Guide: The Assassin

Started by Gabe Miniaci. Last reply by Dorian Moorcroft 9 hours ago. 24 Replies

First, I’d like to thank everyone who liked/commented on my thief role playing guide, as well as Paul, who featured it on the front page. It was very well-received, and I even got a request to make one for the assassin. I thought that was a pretty…Continue

Tags: Assassin, Roleplay, RP:Guide, RP, Immersion

Role-Playing Guide: Garrett, The Master Thief

Started by MarkusMasterThief. Last reply by MarkusMasterThief yesterday. 2 Replies

His thieving abilities are beyond compare. His accomplishments and deeds, both villainous and heroic, have shaped the face of the world around him. He's lied, cheated, and stolen his way to both fame and infamy, rubbing shoulders with ancient…Continue

Tags: Thief, RP:Mods, RP:Guide

The Role Play Help Thread

Started by Borommakot. Last reply by Veloth The Pilgrim yesterday. 42 Replies

This thread is simply to ask/answer any questions about role playing in Skyrim and other TES games.Anyone can chime in with answers; the more ideas the better! Try to stay on topic as much as possible; threads like this can get unwieldy fast if a…Continue

Tags: Help Thread

Roleplay Guide: Vigliant of Stendarr

Started by Stendarr's Mercy. Last reply by Cold Steel yesterday. 6 Replies

"Stendarr's mercy be upon you, for the vigil has none to spare."In my effort to bring a little more love to the less popular organizations in Skyrim, I have created this guide to assist in your roleplaying endeavors. Whether you use the tips or not,…Continue

Tags: RP:Guide

RP'ing Skyrim as Neclord from Suikoden - ideas for robes plus another question about vampires

Started by Jake Johnson. Last reply by Tae-Rai yesterday. 1 Reply

See topic.I have recently decided to RP Skyrim as Neclord from the first two Suikoden games (he is a runic vampire - sunlight weakens him, but he can survive in it.)I am seeking to find good looking "vampire" mage robes; I have considered the…Continue

Profile: Elouan Laelanie, the Knight-Cleric

Started by Blackblood on Tuesday. 0 Replies

Yay! Yet another Character Profile! This time, I decided to make a profile based on a Character Build I'd recently seen on the website. That would be…Continue

Tags: RP:Profile

Profile: Deimos, the Shadow of Fear

Started by Blackblood. Last reply by Blackblood on Monday. 4 Replies

Ello erryone. Quite a while ago, I'd created Blackblood, my first profile char. Then, I tried to make Ararvyne Varam, which was supposed to be a redux using mods on the computer. Of course, my crap computer, combined with the clashing mods, quickly…Continue

Tags: RP:Profile

How can morally "good" characters justify enchanting?

Started by Legion. Last reply by Nejc on Monday. 64 Replies

Before I get into this, I'd like to establish the definition of "good" in the context of Skyrim by using the definitions provided by the Nine Alignments System.…Continue

Tags: My Name Is Legion, RP:Discussion

On the run..

Started by Stendarr's Mercy. Last reply by Veloth The Pilgrim on Sunday. 1 Reply

Karliah, Delphine, and Isran. Important characters who share one trait, that might make a very interesting Roleplay element. They all have been in hiding from there enemies. They keep a low profile, their names stricken from most records as to avoid…Continue

Tags: RP:Discussion

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Sure can be, Idesto.

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Thanks Rogue; I was wondering what happened to that.  Real life a bugger sometimes right? 

Comment by RogueSilver on August 6, 2015 at 11:26pm

Will have postpone the RP guide until either tomorrow or Saturday, due to an unexpected turn of events. My apologies for delaying it.

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The Role Play Help Thread has been reset.

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Roleplay guide coming in next week guys!

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I thought I did... Well, I know I posted it in the Elder Council... Oh well.

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