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This plane of Oblivion is Apocrypha, the place to be for knowledge boners. It is managed by three beings, Matt FeeneyTom and Phil. While each is independent, together this triune make up the over-soul of a knowledge-hoarding Hermaeus-Mora like entity.

Representing HoonDingery, Thu'umery and Imperiority - the ending of the words is MATTOMPHI.

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So, another seeker of knowledge enters our realm. This is Apocrypha, where all knowledge is hoarded. Perhaps you'll prove clever enough to uncover the secrets hidden here. If so, welcome. Perhaps you are a fool or a coward. If so you are in peril. Escape before Apocrypha claims you forever!

Amongst the infinite stacks and shelves of this library of forbidden knowledge you will find: 

The Archives

Many scholars and loremasters have been ensnared by the lure of learning the secrets that only Hermaeus Mora possesses. Here are those secrets...


Some areas of the realm are consumed by darkness. Missing pages and blank floating tomes fill the air...

Ask A Lore Question

The spirits of mortals who lingered too long in search of answers haunt these maze-like halls. Beware, lest you join them for eternity...

Posting Rules

The Seekers who guard the eternal mysteries require certain conditions be met before a manuscript will added to the towering stacks...

Just For Fun

Test your knowledge by taking on these devious quizzes...

Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

In the event Apocrypha does not have the answers you seek, these may help you on your quest...

Discussion Forum

Workshop/Lore Event: Races

Started by Dragonborn1721. Last reply by SpottedFawn 11 minutes ago. 47 Replies

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Workshop/Lore Event. Phil, Karver and myself are happy to present, the Races Event where teams of three will work together to learn, teach and create content together.…Continue

Tags: Event:Races, Philverborn

General Lore Discussions

Started by Veloth The Pilgrim. Last reply by Phil 10 hours ago. 152 Replies

Ever had a thought, comment or opinion on Elder Scrolls lore that didn't really deserve it's own thread or wasn't really a question for the Ask thread? Well…Continue

Tags: Discussion, General, Lore:

Ask your lore questions here

Started by Paul. Last reply by Tom 23 hours ago. 9327 Replies

This is a general discussion topic for anyone to ask questions about lore.Ask away...and hopefully other members of this group will answer Continue

Workshop/Lore Event: Expression of Interest

Started by Dragonborn1721. Last reply by Dragonborn1721 yesterday. 123 Replies

Hi everyone, I'd like to announce the first ever Workshop/Lore Group Event, now at the moment it's a very we aren't officially starting it, part of the reason is we haven't fully worked every single detail out, and the other part is we're looking at…Continue

Tags: Philverborn, The L-Team

Races of Nirn: Bosmer and Khajiit

Started by Master Miraak. Last reply by Jo'daro Zahir yesterday. 8 Replies

When recently looking at different creation myths of Bosmer and Khajiit, I discovered something: Certain kinds of Khajiit look indistinguishable from the elves of Summerset and Valenwood. And when I looked into it, I developed a theory. Based on the…Continue

Tags: Miraak, Master, Nirn, of, Races

The True Nature of Orsimer

Started by Karver gro-Karves. Last reply by Karver gro-Karves Feb 3. 57 Replies

You'll probably ask right now why I´m doing this, because you certainly know everything about tribal Orcs and their Strongholds. Orcs are simple, they are beasts, they are badass because they have Old Orcs looking for a Good Death and other stuff.…Continue

Tags: Lore: Orsimer, Lore: Geography, Lore: Historical Events, Karver, I just made a Lore Article!

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Comment by Dragonborn1721 on Saturday

I'll do the opposite of object and tell you it's a great idea 

Comment by Lissette on Friday
If the Orc is making me then this Altmer shall write on Elf-Grinder!
Comment by Karver gro-Karves on Friday

Lots of people will object, but do it anyway, Lissette! 

Comment by Lissette on Friday

Hey, would anybody object to me continuing to expand on the artifacts lore articles by producing a lore article on Wuuthrad? I would include the ESO material as well and delve into its famous wielder and its famous smith. I'd slap it in the Workshop first. 

Comment by Phil on January 30, 2016 at 5:26am

The LMA's are back.

Comment by Phil on January 30, 2016 at 5:14am

Someone go ahead and take the minotaur by the horns and post it. I have no time at present.

Comment by Veloth The Pilgrim on January 23, 2016 at 9:28am

Yes I like this idea. It means I don't have to think up a question on a topic and post it in the question thread just so I can talk about something.

Comment by Lissette on January 23, 2016 at 9:10am

Go for it, Phil. It would be the most messed up thread here and we all know how messed up we can get. I'll bring the skooma and the tomatoes. 

Comment by Mirric The Thread Necromancer on January 21, 2016 at 10:08am
Imwouldnt mind
Comment by Justiciar Thorien on January 21, 2016 at 10:02am

That's a cool idea, Phil)))




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