Here's some little tidbits you may or may not know about Skyrim!

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Dragons reduce 50% of all incoming damage from everyone other than the player.

Shouts are affected by Quiet Casting.

You can defect to the other side of the civil war by giving the Jagged Crown to the enemy faction instead.

The Black Star can hold any soul, not just humanoid souls. soul gems can solely trap humanoid souls so it really wouldn't be unique. In fact the glitch arguably makes it more unique.
Yeah, I agree it should be fixed but I don't see how it makes it less unique. Unless you're talking about Azura's Star. The subject was the Black Star so I took your final sentence as saying the Black Star's uniqueness was hampered by this glitch. Nevermind then, I agree.

Breaking your Ethereal state with a power attack causes the power attack to use no stamina.

The Silent Roll perk essentially enables you to sprint while sneaking, which means you can do Charge power attacks from it.

The same can be done by jumping and holding sprint while in the air until you hit the ground.

Tested on Xbox
It does work!

Does't it also reduce fall damage?

You still act at full speed while under the effect of the Quick Reflexes perk, which often means you can simply get out of the way.


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