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Welcome to Tamriel!

Welcome! This group is designed to provide the ESO/Tamriel Vault community with a place to share our adventures, to develop friendships with other players, to gather together for in-game activities and content, and to provide up-to-date game information. We welcome any and all players regardless of game platform, server, or alliance. 

 If it's your first time here, feel free to introduce your character!

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  • The ESO CB Research Compendium - Need to research a trait? Here's a database of some of our members' research! Contact them in-game to get it.
  • UESP - While information is still coming together within the game, this is a good, reliable resource for information such as skills and other worldly things.
  • ESOHead - This is an excellent ESO resource, with data on all the skills and morphs as well as a skill calculator and crafting simulator.
  • ESO-Fashion - A great database of armor and weapon information. Helps you refine the look of your character without costing you materials.

Discussion Forum

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ESO Group Update - 4/20/16

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ESO Dark Brotherhood Teaser Trailer!!

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Character Registry

Started by Ponty. Last reply by Noodles Apr 16. 44 Replies

Introduce your ESO characters to the group! Tell us a little bit about them - what's their specialty? Feel free to include a screenshot!Be sure to include your username as well - this thread also serves as a listing of everyone's…Continue

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Comment by Patriarch on Thursday

Thanks for the advice. I'm leveling Purge because Purifying Ritual is getting a nerf and a bit of a change in the upcoming Dark Brotherhood patch. It will be a great skill for solo or PvE, but Purge will be much more useful in a group. Lately, I've been running with my guild in Cyrodiil - about 8 of us. Purge is expensive but a lot cheaper than it used to be, and I plan to morph it to Efficient Purge, which reduces the magicka cost, removes 2 negative effects, and reduces the duration of any further negative effects by 50% for 6 seconds. It came in handy last night as we were being pelted with meatbags and curses. 

I'm really enjoying the Templar - almost more than my sorcerer. And, yes, I'm happy to report that you can still drop as many Solar Prisons as you want.   Last night, we dropped two soloar prisons and two shooting stars - it was a thing of beauty despite the lag-fest it caused.

 Immovable, huh? I'll give it a shot. I've never run heavy armor, but it looks very useful.

Comment by Ponty on Wednesday

Yeah, Purge isn't really necessary if you're running with an organised group. If they know to use the synergy off Purifying Ritual you're fine. It's a super expensive ability too.

Templars are super versatile in PvP and I didn't really have a particular skillset I stuck with for more than a session or two.  All depends on your group setup/strategy. Solar Prison is like the -best- ultimate though, not sure if you can do it any more but back in 2014 we ran around as a group of Templars and dropped like half a dozen on a group at once and activated the synergies on all of them. Crazy stuff.

I would very strongly recommend giving Immovable/Unstoppable a go, it's a Heavy Armour skill that costs Stamina (so it doesn't interfere with your offense), massively increases your resistances and grants immunity to CC effects (including Eclipse). In combination with someone running Rapid Maneuver you can run straight through a defended castle breach and make yourselves scarce before too many people catch on!

Comment by Patriarch on Wednesday

I think I might try switching out toppling charge (if I'm staying at a distance) for Vampire's Bane (it got a huge buff in the last patch). I also might use eclipse in place of purge, since purifying ritual has a purge component.

Comment by Patriarch on Wednesday

Eclipse is a great skill, but I haven't morphed it yet. I might give it some more love when my guild goes to Cyrodiil tonight. 

My back bar is total support: Repentance, purifying ritual, breath of life, healing ward, purge, and remembrance (ulti).

My front bar is for damage: puncturing sweeps (of course), dark flare (hits like a truck), purifying light, toppling charge, aurora javelin, and solar prison (ulti).

Since I'm only a v1, I tend to keep my distance and snipe. Up close, I do so-so except Nightblades get me every time. 

Comment by Ponty on Wednesday

I used to do a lot of research back in the day, I have 8 on all heavy armour and woodworking items, daggers, swords, and greatswords, and 8 on most clothing items (minimum of 6) - plus a few Nirnhoned here are there. Kinda regretting not queueing up some research even when I took a break for a year and a bit...

Templar is heaps fun in PvP. I found mine worked best (2 heavy/5 light, Destruction/Restoration staff) in a primarily support/healing role, but busting out some nasty class abilities now and then to take advantage of an opening - Eclipse is incredibly useful against Sorcerers and Templars, who rely heavily on projectile-based class abilities. I once killed a Templar by throwing an Eclipse on him while 3 volleys of Reflective Light were in flight, reflecting them all back on him and killing him with 9 reflected projectiles!

Comment by Patriarch on Wednesday

Lately, I've been hooked on PvP. Ever since I tried my hand at it with my new(ish) v1 Templar, I can't get enough. I wiped a lot in the beginning until I started to change his gear loadout. Last night, I had him wear 2 heavy (chest and legs) and 5 light - all impenetrable traits. I went sword and board on bar one and restoraiton staff on bar two. 5 pieces were from the Seducer's set for resource management and 4 from the Torug's Pact for spell damage, exrta health, and spell resistance. All in all, he did much better in a group of 5-12. 

Comment by Patriarch on Wednesday

Awesome, Ponty! Yeah, trait research can be a slog, but very rewarding when complete. For clothier, I have 8 in some, 7 in others. My woodworking has 7 in all. Blacksmithing trails a bit, but I only recently started using heavy armor on one of my toons.

The patch notes for the Dark Brotherhood were released yesterday. I think the vast majority of the changes were good and needed. Traits, however, got changed around. ZOS indicated that it wanted to make certain unwanted traits (liked powered or well-fitted) to be more meaningful. Nirnhoned, for instance, will not be nearly as useful as it was in the prior two patches, which might upend the guild vendor economy. lol

Comment by Ponty on Wednesday

Got back in to ESO with some of the folks here, the trait research game has hooked me again! Only about a month until I finish 8 traits on every Clothier item

Comment by Phil on April 23, 2016 at 1:48pm

Exciting times, Patriarch  love that Alliance War Recruit picture.

Comment by Patriarch on April 23, 2016 at 12:11pm

Quick update: I will be writing up my first guide on how to solo in ESO. The guide will also list dungeons and zones where you can reasonable tackle the content on your own.


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