The Zephyr: A new spin on Archery and Close Quarters Combat.

Ours is the final fury, the heart of the fray, the shadow of the wind, and the silence that follows.

~Zephyr battlesong


The Zephyr

The Zephyr is an archer at heart, using a bow almost exclusively over spells or melee weapons. 
She is adept at maneuvering through combat unscathed and draining her enemies health.

Her bow is a corporeal manifestation of her will, unbound and unbroken. Moving at incredible speeds (Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint), her motions fringe on superhuman, peppering her foes with ethereal arrows before they close distance.

Up close, she outmaneuvers small numbers of foes (Whirlwind Sprint, Shadow Warrior, Silent Roll), but when it comes to pitch battle, she employs life-draining abilities (Marked for Death, Nightingale Strife) to weather the assault. In hand to hand combat, she is unparalleled, dodging and using her bow in unconventional ways (Deadly Bash) she can evade almost all attacks.


The Build

Race: Dunmer (Female)

Stone: Lady

Major Skills: Archery, Light Armor, Sneak

Minor Skills: Conjuration,  Block (Block on Archer! No way!)

Gear: Nightingale Armor

Weapons: Bound Bow (Zephyr Bow, with Dawnguard plugin)

Shouts: Marked for Death, Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint

Spells: Nightingale Strife, Bound Bow

Meditation: Force Without Effort



The Zephyr are an ancient order of Dunmer warriors, small and secretive, they operate from the shadows all over Tamriel, though it rumored they were founded in Ashlands, some time during the second era. They only surface at times of great need, dispatching their legendary huntresses only at the most fateful of hours. 

The sighting of a Zephyr is like the calm before a storm, viewed as an ill omen, they stalk death across the land, and so in the minds of the people, they have become linked.



Zephyrs are silent hunters, they walk with death, finding solace in the forgotten dark places of the world, and company in the crows after battle. Zephyrs are highly disciplined, following a strict moral code. They uphold justice, and stand for a cosmic balance that supersedes mortal proceedings.

They travel light, carrying little gear or supplies. They appear slight and unarmed, and apparently easy target for bandits and beasts. Only when would-be assailants are close enough to look into their burning red eyes do they realize their mistake -- but by then its too late. While they do not kill needlessly, Zephyr know no mercy and offer no quarter. 

Each dying breath they shape is a tiny prayer to gods of their order.

Initiate with as many attacks from stealth as possible to thin the ranks of your foes. Prolong the time you are at range by moving backwards, and Whirlwind Sprinting to gain ground.

Once you enter close quarters combat, shift to Slow time, firing several arrows for each single attack your foes attempt. Remain in a low stance, using roll to avoid blows, interrupt attacks with a staggering Deadly Bash when needed.

If you begin to take too much damage, Nightingale Strife and Whirlwind Sprint to regain your footing and turn the tables.


Level 30 Perks:

A zephyr may join any of the three main factions, Companions, The Mage's College, or the Thieves Guild, though the latter is recommended.

The most important mission of the early game is to acquire the Bound Bow spell, as it is the heart and soul of the class.

What has most likely drawn you, and agent of the Zephyr to Skyrim, is the main story line, and the rise of Alduin.

The night is my cloak, the waning moon, my bow, and the falling stars, my arrows.



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Replies to This Discussion

I like the RP aspect, and combat seems sweet. But deadly bash doesn't affect the bow bash, and it could be worded better " moving at incredible speeds, she moves with supermortal speeds" sounds weird to say. And don't forget to play test every build you make, that's really important.

Thanks, that whole proofreading thing is happening now.
Deadly bash *does* affect bows. Bows can bash, they just can't power bash. Deadly bash applies to regular bashes, to my understanding of it. Something like Disarming Bash, however would not. I'll test it later to double check.

Whoops, I mixed up deadly bash and power bash, so my bad, I've never tried or tested that O.o

As anyone who's put in enough time with one of my own builds might have come to realize, there's actually a bug where bashing immediately after shooting causes your bash to do damage equal to the bow's power. This can reach significant amounts and is pretty reliable, and many of the Archery perks apply to this effect too (ie Power Shot gives your bugged bashes a 50% chance of staggering enemies harder/with more recovery time than usual).

As far as Deadly Bash is concerned, however, multiplying an absolutely minuscule amount by five still equates to a pretty minuscule amount. Plus you're wasting a few perks to get there.

So moral of the story is to rely on the bash bug (bash immediately after shooting) rather than the abysmal damage Deadly Bash can net you.

Wait a sec Snakes, could Deadly Bash apply to bugged bash( AKA bugged bash×5)? That could be worth 2 wasted perk points.

Nope. The game actually considers your bugged bash as firing a shot, rather than bashing, so the Deadly Bash perk only applies to non-bugged bashes, which do crap damage regardless.

Because of the bug, though, bashing is already a great tool that can deal a significant amount of damage while buying you time to fire another arrow, so the 5x more damage isn't even needed (and would probably be ridiculously OP if it did apply).

Thanks No Snakes, I'm well aware of the bow bash bug, its very useful to follow up shots, almost doubling dps (even more useful on a non-bound weapon as I believe it applies enchants as well).

That said, why burn 3 points on Deadly Bash?
The answer: The base damage of a bow bash is 0, more or less. This said, it cannot stagger, with the perk, however, it can, making it an effective interrupt. If surrounded by multiple foes, pulling off the Bow-Bash-Bug with a hypothetical, perfect bow, would take at least 1 second of combat, 1 second is the time it takes a sword to swing, in short, in combat one second is a long time, and its not always about the damage. The perk allows for rapid bash spamming to 'stave off' multiple foes ganging with maces.

Its not as if having the choice to bash or bug bash is mutually exclusive, It just gives you another option in the heat of combat, and I like that.

TL;DR Combat isn't always about damage, usually its about binary situations, am I being hit or not, that's the core of Skyrim's Archery and what I tried to embody with this build. Deadly Bash is a small part of that.

And I'm well aware that combat isn't always about damage. I just have no idea where you're getting your info from. I've seen no reports whatsoever that Deadly Bash causes any difference in the quantity or quality of stagger effects caused by bow-bashing. Now if it's true that bow-bashing with that perk taken causes massive staggers, it's obviously a great idea to spec into the Block tree to achieve that, and something I'll plan to do on my Demonhunter that I just restarted myself.

So I'd love to look over any references/footage/etc. you can link me citing/displaying/etc. anything to support that claim, as all that I've read on the topic personally simply states that bow-bashing with the Deadly Bash perk only changes the amount of damage it causes (taking it from 0 to a whopping 5 on Master).

Ran some test (on expert);
Bow: Daedric; target in full light armor
Base bow bash damage: .66
Perked bow bash damage: 3.3
Perked bow bash damage at 100 block: 15.91
Perked bow bash damage at 900 block: 162.9
Unperked bow bash damage at 900 block: 23.35

It appears, based on these tests that, as expected, the damage scales exponentially (x5) -- based off block skill.

The interesting part: Stagger seems based entirely off Block skill, regardless of actual damage done. It will take a block skill of ~350 to get a full (kneeling) stagger. 1 damage or 100 damage will have equal stagger effect with a block skill of 1. 1 damage with a block skill of 500 will stagger more than 500 with a skill of 1.

Conclusion: Yes, deadly bash does add damage as expected, but the change in stagger is based almost entirely on block skill, and is relatively marginal unless placed in extreme circumstances (a block skill of 100+).

Sorry No Snakes, it appears you are correct, Though this research did give me an idea, I could achieve a very similir effect to what I had intended by employing the Force Without Effort Meditation, if it does indeed apply to, and augment  bow bashes.

I saw on the wiki that Zephyr doesn't actually fire faster; its *animation* is quicker, but if you fire right when the animation finishes, your arrow will just fall to the ground, rather than flying in the trajectory it ought to.  I haven't personally tested this, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Animation, as far as bows go, basically determines the speed. Skyrim has a hard coded .4 second knock and .6 second rest, in addition to the "speed" of the bow, as determined by weight. No matter how many perks you have, even if you had a buff that gave 500% attack speed, wouldn't alter those, by having an "enchant" that effects those is godly. You still have to go through the motions, they just resolve faster.

Actually in all honesty the deadly bash affects the bow bash, I've killed many saber cats this way. I don't know how and it isn't a glitch but the bow bash is the most lethal non-skinner technique in the game, shit I've even kill marauders with it when they had more 75% heath on Master difficulty.

My only words of advice

Don't underestimate the bow bash.


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