The Expanded Races of Skyrim

"Argonian, Khajiit, Orc, Dunmer, Altmer, Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Bosmer, Breton"

These 10 races are whom are selectable to explore, fight and overall experience Skyrim through the eyes of.

But does it have to be so limited?

This is the question that this topic intends to answer. The reason for this, is that this isn't a build, nor is it a regular discussion thread. This thread's purpose is to give you a new way to look at Skyrim, through the eyes of an entirely different race to what is provided as standard.

How does it work?

In each race's boxout, you are given 10 perks, a base race, a standing stone, a short blurb describing the race and occasionally a set of roleplay guidelines that dictate character creation, the use of armors, abilities and optionally, console commands for users of the PC to dictate height via the player.setscale command (a short Minotaur is strange, but a tall faerie is stranger).

With the supplied 10 perks, one is spent every second level until level 20. The other perk points leading up to that level are distributed into the build currently being played. A few of these races WILL require grinding skills to get the points if they are to be had by level 20, but there's no harm in taking the points later on.

For example:

Level 2: Racial Perk

Level 3: Build Perk

Level 4: Racial Perk

Level 5: Build Perk

And so on.

Naturally, every build is not going to fit exactly with each race, so if the build relies on an existing race or standing stone, use those instead where possible. If a race uses perk points already going to be spent on the build, it simply fast tracks your build's levelling.

D&D-Based Races








Dragonborn (D&D)

TES Lore Based Races: Akaviri

Ka Po' Tun


Tang Mo



TES Lore Based Races: Other





More races are currently being worked on and will be released periodically.

Don't like it? Want a particular race? Please leave requests, suggestions, questions and complaints below!

While you're at it, why not take a look at my other quality builds?

Blackguard   Planar Ranger   Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Maybe an Akaviri or a Yokudan, perhaps a Nephilim (Half Angel-Half Human)

He's already done the Akaviris. But yeah, a Yokudan! Totally!

Hmm, it might be worth a look-in, the only difficulty might be distinguishing between redguard and Yokudan. I'll have a bit of a read!

Maybe the lilmothiit (or something like that) The fox-race.

The only thing with the lilmothiit is that they not only have very little lore but there is also no real way to make a fox-like face, even with items! I might have gotten away with a little artistic license on my Imga, Tang Mo, Minotaur and Sload, I have yet to figure out a way to get a vulpine face.

Yeah, guess you're right
I guess making cat people look like Foxes(dogish) is pretty hard

I'm basically in love with the Minotaur. I would have never thought of that.

I really like the new additions, Xianix! I'm currently playing a Tiefling Nightblade and it is becoming one of my favorite builds. Role playing a different race is refreshing. +1
This is awesome. Is XianiX still active? Because I would love to see more.

I have a Character Build idea but i never made a build so maybe you can use that!

A hunter that is trained to kill every enemie with different strategys.Trained to hunt the creatures of the night,especially vampires, until he becomes a vampire himself!Now he need to decide kill himself or cotinue his path? He choose to continue and become a very strong vampire who tolerate only the strongest of his kind and crush the weakest!

What is different on him u ask? well he uses more melee combat then magic like other vampires,he uses super effective techniques to hunt his ''preys'' down

well its just an idea because i cant find any interesting vampire hunter builds here , so i start thinking myself.As i said im not a character builder but atleast i have the idea!

Vamps are so cool, especially the primal, hunter kind.


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