This class is loosely based of the classic D&D Cleric. It was a bit of a post-release spinoff of my Heavily-Armored mage combined with wanting to try out maces. With that we get:

The Priest

The Priest is all about being able to dish out and take heavy damage at any range, against even the toughest of opponents. Magic allows him to bypass armor at a distance and heavy blows from his mace crush through the armor of even the heaviest foes. He can also heal both himself and allies, as well as use this restorative energy to defend against magical attacks and turn the foul undead. The Priest specialises in the elements of flame and lightning - flame to purge lesser enemies and lightning to take down more resistant ones. He is proficient in use of heavy armor and shields to protect himself. He's more focused on Magicka and Health, since his healing spells can restore Stamina and he uses his shield to stagger foes. During combat, the Priest will usually cast destruction spells in his right hand, keeping his shield handy in the left. Once they close to melee range, a quick bash gives him enough space to draw his mace before they've recovered.

RP Notes: You could choose to be a priest of the Daedra (and take the Priestess of Azura as a companion), and use artifacts, of one or several of the Divines (Taking the Priest of Mara in Vaermina's quest as a companion) or, as I did, be a Dunmer priest of the Tribunal (indicated by the hand war paint). This would slightly determine what gear you would use. As a Daedric or Tribunal Priest you might even add conjuration to your skills.

I used the Warrior Stone, but the Lover and Mage stones would be good at different points in your journey, or the Lord stone for extra durability. Key Shouts include Fire Breath, Marked for Death and Storm Call.

Mounted combat is of use to the Priest, as a flame cloak cast before mounting will still burn enemies while mounted. Focusing on ride-by power attacks is ideal with a heavy-hitting weapon like a mace.

Major Skills

Destruction - Ranged combat and Cloak spells. Thus we'd be taking Augemented Flames and Lightning, as well as Novice - Expert (or even master) Destruction.

One-Handed - Melee Combat. We're specialising in maces so we'd be taking Armsman, Bone Breaker and the power attack perks.

Block - Main defense. Take basically everything except more ranks of Shield Wall and the power bashing perks

Minor Skills

Restoration - Healing, Wards and Turn Undead. Pretty standard stuff - Expert restoration, regeneration, respite, perhaps Avoid Death later on.

Heavy Armor - For when an enemy slips past your shied. Just getting the Juggernaught ranks. I wear a hood since it looks cool, fits with the theme and adds that much-needed magicka bonus.

Smithing - Pretty much a must for me on any character that uses armor and weapons. Heavy Armor side, and up to advanced armors on the light armor side if you want.

Remas purges another Skeleton


DLC Notes

With the introduction of the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs there's plenty of new content for the Priest. If you're playing a more traditional Priest of the Divines, Dawnguard gives you the option to drop Destruction completely and focus more heavily on Restoration (for sun spells) and One-Handed. The Dawnguard Rune Axe and Shield are fitting weapons for a Priest, as is the heavy armor.

As for Dragonborn, an excellent new 'look' for a Priest of the Reclamations is Bonemold Guard Armor, Gauntlets and Boots along with the Temple Priest Hood - you can get it from killing Galdrus in the Raven Rock Temple - if you overhear some of his conversations, he is clearly not fully devoted to the Reclamations! With the perks saved in Smithing you can go spend those elsewhere - maybe Conjuration to make use of the Ash summon spells. Don't forget to use the blessings of the temple as well.

Level 25 Build

One-Handed: Armsman 4, Fighting Stance, Bone Breaker 2

Heavy Armor: Juggernaught 3

Block: Shield Wall 1, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection

Smithing: Up to Advanced Armors and Orcish

Destruction: Up to Adept Destruction, Augmented Flames

Restoration: Novice and Apprentice Restoration, Regeneration

Demonstration Video

Check out my page for more quality builds!

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Replies to This Discussion

Pretty awesome, like one of the priest compaignons you can get in dawnstar.

Thanks :D Reminded me to put the stuff in the RP notes about companions I forgot to do before!

isnt this just a battlemage with a heavy investment in restoration? not to say the build isn't great :)

Most Battlemages use a weapon in their right and a spell in their left. The Priest, however, always keeps a shield handy to deflect incoming blows and spells and swaps out mace and spell in his right hand. You could say he's more or less a Battlemage but has a greater focus on defense.

Updated with level 25 build.

LOVING the demonstration video! You must do this with your witch next! I also want to see your argonian "histing out" on some trolls!!

Glad for some feedback, I was wondering how it would be recieved :D

I've got plans for all my builds (minus enchanter and histmaster) but to show the TRUE POWER OF THE HIST I'll see how many frost trolls I can take on at once (My estimate is around 10 at level 20)

LoL! Cant wait for that!


Yeah dude, that was sweet. I loved that quest! Potema, I think it is? Underated. Don't hear much about it. It was alot longer than I thought. This encourages me to use block also. Haven't made a character yet doing so. I like how your "favorites" is at a minimal. I have a problem with cloggin it up too much with shit. You have a nice flow to you playing. Me? not so much! haha! I'm also known to forget about my scrolls and sit on them. That was a pretty epic battle at the end there! How you didn't die when casting that scroll; that was pretty hairy!

Nice video man! Be cool to see each one of your characters in action like this.

I had to reshoot that last scene a couple of times - keep in mind Draugr Scourges are level 21 and Draugr Wights are level 13 - and I was only level 12! I was so lucky at the end there, lucky it was only a level 1 draugr with a 1-handed weapon hitting me!

I try to limit my favourites to about 10 things, that way I'm not scrolling through it constantly. I normally use hotkeys but for some reason they equip to the left hand first (and I prefer to keep my shield out).

He! I actually watched your block video with the giant weeks ago without knowing it was you that posted it! It actually inspired me to use trolls as a sparring partner for my melee builds, those guys are great for leveling block and heavy armor early on, plus they dont die unless you want them to!


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