The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line.

The Biggest, the Meanest, the Strongest, The Orc Vanguard.


Lurtz gro-Barak was a close friend and his second in command of Gortwog,Leader of the Orcs in Orsinium, for years the two grew up together, hunted together, fought wars together, and rebuilt Orsinium together.

Lurtz and Gortwog had there differences and over the years they grew, Lurtz ran Orsiniums army and joined the Vangaurd, before every battle he offers a piece of troll fat to Malacaths Shrine in hope Malacath bless' his warhammer for him, But Gortwog stopped all Orcs from going near Malacaths shrine claiming Malacath was a mere fake and Triminac still lives.

Lurtz Confronted Gortwog but he was lead into a trap and Gortwog tied up Lurtz and had him whipped numerous times. After that Lurtz left Orsinium never to return, with no one leading Orsiniums armies it was sacked again 2 weeks later.

Lurtz Joined the Imperial legion to fight in the great war and lead the Eighth Legions Vanguard, during the Sack of the Imperial city though the Eighth Legion was wiped out as the few left defended Emporer Titus Mede II cowardly escape to the north.

As the Imperial Legion thought all of the Eighth Legion were dead he was striken from records, although the Aldmeri Dominion Kept him as a prisoner, every second he was there he was tortured till the Imperials took back the city and Ultimately destroyed the Aldmeri Dominion, for his Loyalty, and Bravery Lurtz was released with a request, to join and help Forth Legion in Skyrim, he left for Skyrim.

Lurtz now had a mixed feeling for Titus Mede, he left the Eighth Legion to their death but lead every other battle after that against the dominion. As he reached skyrim though he saw a Group of Stormcloaks with a man that looked like Ulfric Stormcloak, he thought he could end this war if he ran in and killed all the Stormcloaks, just before he was to charge an Imperial ambush happened and they thought Lurtz was one of them being so close by, he woke up on a cart to his execution, he went to help the imperials but they made a mistake and were going to kill him, funny huh?


Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Guardian Stone: Warrior > Lady

Ratio: 0/4/6 - M/H/S per every 10 levels


(MAIN) Two Handed: A warhammer does more damage than anything and breaks through armour like it was a clay pot.

(MAIN) Heavy Armour: You need a high defense in the thick of battle and Orcish armour is better than any armour soldiers wear.

(MINOR) Block:  Hitting is all well and good but sometimes you need to block and incoming block or knock-back your enemy.

(MINOR) Smithing: All Orcs know how to smith and you know you need to keep you Orcish armour well looked after.

(MINOR) Alchemy: With no healing magic in the thick of battle health potions keep you and the rest of the vanguard alive.


Level 25 Perk Spread

Level 50 Perk Spread


This thu'um allows you to have an advantage over your enemy because hes weaponless.
Dismay: Dismay shows just how scary you are and gives you time to recuperate as they run like children.
Marked For Death: This thu'um weakens your enemies to give you an even bigger advantage.
Whirlwind Sprint: Is you main thu'um, charge into battle head first, fast, like a vanguard.


Your an Orc that lives by the old ways, by Malacaths code, no stealing, no murdering, and no unnecessary attacking, although there is along list of exceptions, these rules only apply to orcs, within or out of strongholds. You live by honour but theres a little bit of darkness built up in you, revenge for traitors, Gortwog and in some cases Titus Mede.



Run in head first into battle, that's what a Vanguard does, either have someone who can back you up from afar or someone who can stand toe to toe with you. Magic is out of the question, you just simple dont know it. Use utilizing shouts as often as you can, you need no damage from them as you dish out more than enough yourself.


Orcish Armour and Voldenrung will be your armour and weapons as soon as you can get them and keep you alive to earn your way to the top of the legion again, or build up ready to confront Gortwog again, eitherway Voldenrung will help you.

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Very cool! Straight forward Orc warrior. I must say, it looks very similar to my Old Orc build, but that's a good thing! We need more. Give us some more gameplay tactics and I will love this build. Badass first pic too.

I second this, gotta say though, that I love that first picture of the unarmored orc with the spear.  It would be incredible to see a variation option of this guy with alteration instead of heavy armor! XD

to be honest with you i use alteration because i just love it but it doesn't fit the role play of the character (IMO)

I knew it would be too similar but its how we see Orcs i guess, the build its 90% the same, its just the character himself and their backstory.

Exactly, and you have a cool backstory and roleplay here! Alchemy is also a great skill to have.

Nice Build! I was hopin' to use that picture on a build once I got my hands on a spear.  haha nice job!

Awesome build its good to see more builds for the Orc race and the role play is good as well

Really cool build Seven. Nice to see another fan of the green people.

Of course, Orcs do rule, and thanks for the like XD

I don't usually play pure melee builds, but this is pure art!

Thanks a lot man, much appreciated XD

I'd like to vote and save this as it is not half as bad as some of the other builds this is being coupled with for Deathmatch Thursdays. so I am giving it a +1

Congratz, I suppose


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