Hi guys!

I was asked by several people to post up a build of mine in response to a discussion I started. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do it. I'm not that great at formatting or illustrating so it will be text-only for now. I will try and find some pictures to paste into it and maybe that will give it some more color.

The build itself is basically a Crusader, similar to the class in older TES games. I always liked this kind of build. In my opinion, it is different to a Paladin because it has a larger focus on melee than it has on magic. Magic is used purely for supporting melee combat. While Paladins and Crusaders are both holy warriors, Paladins usually walk a more ascended path. Their goal is to extinguish all evil by smiting it all away with their holy light. Crusaders are usually elite soldiers that fight in name of the holy eight divines and seek to do the empire's bidding. Crusaders are skillful and thoroughly trained in melee combat, defensive combat and defensive magic. One thing that is important for the RP experience is that both Paladins and Crusaders are best with blunt weapons. Especially for the Crusader, a mace is the preferred weapon of choice. Enough information, lets proceed with the build.

RP Story: In my RP approach of this build, I am not a Dragonborn. I was sent on an undercover mission to the west of Bruma. Word had reached the Emperor that an agent of the Dark Brotherhood was seen there. His mission was to kill a noble from Bruma who has strong financial ties to the Empire. His death is not something to be desired. After aquiring the necessary intelligence about the agent I was to station myself at Bruma, ready to take care of the threat. However the agent outsmarted me and used a highly toxic poison that resulted in me being paralyzed for over 12 hours. In that time, a group of Imperial soldiers captured me. Being undercover, I had no way of proving that I was part of the Empire's Crusader Legion resulting in my trip to Helgen. After my escape from Helgen I marched on to Solitude and met with a contact there. He told me that the High Council feared something had gone wrong and instead arranged for the noble to be housed inside the White-Gold Tower. Because of this the Council was force to reveal to the Dark Brotherhood that they had information beforehand. Nothing has been heared of the Agent since then. The contact also provided me with my new mission. I am to investigate the Forsworn trouble in Markarth. My first objective is to report to the Jarl of Markarth and lend him my assistance.

Race: Imperial.
Stats: I recommend 150 Magicka and Stamina minimum. 200 for both if you don't use Respite and Recovery perks. I myself went with 200 Stamina and 170 Magicka. I managed to find a nice Helmet that provided me some extra Magicka. All other points should be dumped in Health. You should have around 300 or more Health when the build is completed.
Major Skills: One-Handed, Block, Restoration.
Minor Skills: Destruction, Heavy Armor.
Standing Stone: Warrior for leveling, Lord when your skills are high enough.
Mandatory Gear: Any Mace and the Spellbreaker Shield. You are also not allowed to use Daedric or Orcish armor as it doesn't suit the RP experience. I personally used Dwarven armor as my main set as I think it looks pretty bad-ass. Feel free to go up to Ebony if you feel underpowered.
Shouts: None, since I am no Dragonborn.
Quests: Imperial Legion questline, All Markarth quests, College of Winterhold, Book of Love, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, The Only Cure.
Any others you feel might be 'in character' with this build can also be done ofcourse. Note that the Thieves Guild, Stormcloaks, Dark Brotherhood and Main Quest are off limits. You will need to talk to the Jarl about the Dragon attack in Helgen in order to be able to progress through the Imperial Legion questline.

In all my builds I try to use no more than five skills. Out of those five I focus most heavily on three of them.
I do this because I focus heavily on roleplaying. As you can see I didn't add in any crafting skills. I usually only use one to keep the build compact but for this build it didn't feel right to use one at all. You have been in the service of the Empire from a very young age and all of your gear is either given to you by your superiors, bought with the money your job pays you or simply found while on your adventures. As for enchantments, anytime you display an unique level of valor to the Empire, the Royal Imperial Battlemage will personally enchant your armor with powerful magic. Note that some shop owners have managed to aquire equally powerful gear from wherever it is they find it. Don't feel bad about buying those. It is completely fine. Next is a short discription of each of the skills you will be using and the necessary perks.

Your main damaging skill. Maces are slow but high damage one-handed weapons. You must learn to be adapt at alternating your blocks and strikes. It's all about timing really, not hard to get used to. Especially if you play on a higher difficulity, it is advised to practice timing your swings and blocks as you will not be one-shotting bandits and they can inflict serious harm upon you.
Perks: Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike.

Your main defensive melee skill. With your Spellbreaker you will be able to block both physical and magical damage. Your shield should always be raised whenever you aren't swinging. When fighting multiple opponents you can use your bash to allow for a few quick strikes that a Mace might not be able to provide to you.
Perks: Shieldwall 5/5, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner.

Your main defensive magic skill. Funny thing is, you will only be using Grand Healing. Warding is already provided by your shield. You have a choice here. You can go with recovery for increased Magicka Regeneration, you can go with Ward Absorb, or you can simply invest more stat points into Magicka. The latter lowers the level requirement for the completed build. Either way you should only choose one as it is a waste of perks and stats to go with all three. I went with Ward Absorb. Depending on your difficulity level, you might also want to invest in Respite to improve your blocking capabilities. Avoid Death is, in my opion, not worth it. If you play well you will never need it. If you get into a situation where you really drop below 10%, I reckon that extra health will drop down again quickly and its only usuable once per day.
Perks: Novice through Expert, Dual Casting, Regeneration, Respite (Optional), Ward Absorb (Optional), Recovery (Optional).

Destruction is your secondary defensive magic skill. It will not be used for offensive spells. The only spell you will be using is the Cloak spell. It acts as a sort of Holy Aura for this build. You can use all three or specialize in one, the latter lowers the level requirement for the completed build. You can also choose to take the perks that come after the augmentation of your element. Some aren't as useful as others. I went with Flame Cloak.
Perks: Novice through Adept, Dual Casting, Augemented Flames 2/2, Intense Flames (Optional).

Heavy Armor:
This is your secondary defensive melee skill. You will only be taking a few base perks.
Perks: Juggernaut 5/5, Well Fitted. Matching Set can be chosen if you feel underpowered, however I chose to not use it as I sometimes didn't have the luxury of a full set of the same armor. Not having smithing does this.

This build can be entirely completed at level 37. If you happen to level higher, then there is room for that in Heavy Armor, Block and One-Handed. This build is viable at very low levels. Just try to balance out your skills as much as possible. The 5/5 perks in Heavy Armor, Block and One-Hand is where you should put your first points in. Restoration is so powerful that you can stick with using lower level healing spells until around level 30. The focus should be on your melee capabilities. I focused on Destruction last, as it is more of a gimmicky thing with the whole Holy Fire Aura and all. Save your gold for the Restoration and Destruction trainers as it can be difficult to get both skills high when you are only using them for defense.

Hope you guys like my build, I'll try to work on the formatting in the future and maybe add some pictures that might be able to eliminate some of the walls of text.

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A picture would be great! ;-)

i like the build, but wouldn't a crusader be doing more religious type jobs, not fighting forsworn and dark brotherhood. And i can't see a crusader going undercover.

Without insulting your historical knowledge, do you know anything about the Crusades in our history? They went to the Jerulazem for religious purposes but that was not the only reason, alof of political and imperialistic reasons were involved and there was nothing religious about the actual fighting. Crusaders are holy warriors who fight in the name of their Empire and it's God. Or, in Skyrim, multiple Gods.

I'm also a firm believer of illuminati/freemasons like organisations. Back then those were called Templars (some still believe there to be Templars around to this day). Templars moved among the Crusaders. They were a very covert organisation.

Well, to be fair, it's a fact that templars were still active after they were disbanded^^

It is based on true story, sort of. The Assassins and Templars both existed back then. Both were organisations that prefered to take matters into their own hands. The Empire in Skyrim isn't quite like the Christian one. I don't find it a stretch that they would have Templar like knights who solve their lingering issues. Crusader by day, Templar by night I suppose.

Ezio dislikes this build! ;-)

I had a really long response typed up but decided 'no real history lesson needed today I guess'.  Basically though no, Templars weren't covert, they were overt and a normal part of everyday life in Europe.  They created what amounted to the first Banks in Europe, had many businesses, and had good farmland from church lands.  It made the nobility in debt to them, and that was the reason the King of France had them arrested, tortured, falsely accused of heresy, and then killed. Because they were such a cornerstone of society, the whole debacle that led to the 'illuminati' theory is because they were simply dissolved which left a gaping whole in the public conscience. Going to go buy some wine from the local Templar merchants.. nope, come October 13th 1307 they ceased to exist. Want to go pay off your small debt? Suddenly the templar office is closed and there's no one around, same day. Across France the order basically ceased to exist because of large-scale arrests which was only possible due to the order members being so overtly easy to identify. (I'll add a small appendum here, the order ceased to exist after this but in France, their principle area of recruitment and business, most were scooped up in a day, they were all officially banned on November 22nd, then officially outlawed after the trials in 1312 by Papal Bull)

The Templars had to be overt, at all times they were required to wear their white mantles overtly, they couldn't even eat or sleep without them. The Templars were a stabilizing force in battle lines and routinely small groups of them would charge enemy formations as they believed martyrdom was the greatest possible death and death was certain for all people so it might as well be something worthwhile.  They weren't noted for their self-preservation, and weren't allowed to consider ro entertain surrender unless their standards had fallen. They followed the 72 Rules of their order and were a strict chivalrous organization known for their vows.  But they weren't the only ones, Templars were a small group, there were many other orders such the Knights of the Holy Sepulchur, knights of saint Lazerous, and the Hospitillars (better known as the still intact Knights of Saint John).  So I don't agree with any illuminati/freemason theory, I think they just latched on to a religious order to bolster themselves, but you're free to have whatever views you want on them. ~shrugs~ 

Now, build wise itself: I rather like it. 

Because of the healing magic I'd have said this is firmly in the Hospitillar order, not the Templars, it's a good choice on armsmen though I'm somewhat surprised there was nothing that went into bone breaker and I certainly appreciate that a mace is used over a sword.  But I rather like Avoid Death, it seems to be one of the characteristic 'never-say-die' options for such a militant order based on being crazy enough to attack a city with 40 people or charge an army of 26,000 with only 500 (backed by a few thousand crusader infantry) and killing 90% of the enemy force. I think the choice of Dwarven armor is pretty good too though to keep with the aesthetic a steel helmet or a plate helmet would work fairly well too.  There's a weird dichotomy here between TES and our history.  While the Templars were well armored in a contemporary way, they weren't individually wealthy or ornate, where as by contrast there was one or two times that orders in TES have cartloads of Daedric armor just tramping about the countryside which I felt was ridiculous. Destruction is a fair choice too, I was skeptical at first but seeing the use of cloak I thought 'that works'.  A bit grand for them, but I think a healthy little deviation for an aura of glory as it were.  I think there's a good potential here to create a whole story and 'knight order' around given that such orders were popular in High Rock, Hammerfell, and Cyrodiil.  In particular several known groups such as the knights of the Thorn were involved in the post Oblivion Umbriel crisis. I'd have actually liked to know about the 'Temple', its god, and its codes for the RP portion too.  It's intriging though I agree with Gib-al that 'covert' undercover jobs seem peculiar.

I know of this all, it was actually part of a subject I had this past school year (I'm doing a Major in History). However I've read other books who's authors move on the outer edges of acceptable (socio) scientific science and have come to the realisation that there is a difference between written history and actual history. All you write is accurate ofcourse, but the fact that they had been forcefully disbanded does not mean there were other who sought out to rebuild such an order. All proof of this is rather circumstantial, however I'm inclined to believe. I have a soft spot for secret governements and conspiracy theories and this is right up there with those things.

As for those perks in the one-handed skill. I was led to believe those were equally bugged in a similar way that bladesman is. If this is not the case I will certainly consider adding it. As for Avoid Death, for RP purposes it does seem good, however my desire for every build I play, in the style that I play (which was asked about by the people who responded in my topic) is to not have a very high level requirement for playing the full build. I want it finished early. If you have any suggestions about incorporating that perks and the bonebreaker ones in place of other ones, feel free to make them and I will try them out myself to see if I could replace any. In the end, for anyone who wants to reach a higher level they could take all of them and then the ones you mentioned. The thing is I was just trying to make a point about being able to build and interesting character without having to level really high. This is always my main goal. As I said in that topic, the only time I reached level 50 on a playthrough was actually the first time I played, where I did all the questlines with no consideration for RP.

I will also look into lore suggestions. I'll try and spend some more hours the coming days to change up the sections a bit. I'll look into some other build formatting on this blog. I'll try to fit in a 'lore-true' backstory section about the class itself after doing some research and hopefully not elongating the already huge wall of text.

I like the history of the Templar's a lot, it is very interesting. One thing is that after the dissolved in most of Europe the survivors (or at least the Spanish ones) stayed together, they renamed themselves "The Knights Of Christ" (I think that is the name) and continued on, same organization different name.

Oh and by the way, nice build! +1

If you think Ezio hates this, wait until you see my upcoming builds... :P

I like it. One thing though. If you have Dawnguard you don't even need a single perk in Destruction. For you should have Stendarr's Aura, sun damage cloak spell which is used in the Restroration skill tree. But other than that, great build! +1 like from me.


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