The Forester is a well rounded role-play/ power play type of build. I really wanted to get the most out of the Alchemy perk tree. I also wanted a non magic user. I was looking for a Ranger type class with lore to back it up. I really wanted a hero type who was good at sneak, deadly with both sword and bow. I found a link on Elder Scrolls wiki for the Imperial Legion Forester. This is strongly built around the scout pre-made class from Oblivion. This build comes right from Elder Scrolls lore and fits well in the story in Skyrim. So I present The Forester.

Backstory :

A year into my service as an Imperial Scout I was approached by my commander. He asked me to sign up to become a Forester. This was what every Scout dreamed of when they first joined up. You would be trained to not be seen or heard walking thickest leaves and trees. The art of the ambush was a preferred tactic of the Forester .You would work almost certainly alone and to live off the land. I was already pretty deadly with a bow and sword but by skill would be tested during the upcoming training. Knowledge of plants and wildlife that we would encounter on our expeditions were required. A poisoned blade could give you the extra damage you needed for the difficult battles you would face in the field. You relied on the healing those plants as well. While on reconnaissance missions for long periods, you were expected to maintain your equipment without the luxury of a nearby blacksmith. So you would spend time with the avail and hammer. The art of leather working was a key point to the training as well. I excelled at all of these with little or no problems. I'm proud to say I served 5 more years as an expert Forester.

Well this story is a short one. I sat down at the bar at the Inn right down the road from Helgen. I noticed right away most of the eyes were fixed upon me. I ordered my first strong Nord mead and glazed around. The Imperial troop sitting beside me leaned in close and asked" What brings you to these parts stranger." I replied softly not to draw attention "A discharge from the Legion." He stared at me then spoke" Can I ask you where you served?" I replied "Ask all you like and if you buy a few rounds maybe I'll tell you." After some small talk and a few empty mugs I began telling him of my time fighting bandits outside of Bruma near Applewatch. I also told stories of the Great War and fighting the Thalmor. I also told him that I had come to Skyrim to be a sale-sword. About that time a drunken Thalmor soldier clearing his throat and preparing to speak. He said very loudly "A Forester I would say by the look of your armor. I put many of your kind into early graves. Well most of the time we would leave your bodies for your "beloved" wilds to consume." I knew he was a spellsword because no weapon could be seen on his belt. I stood up and walked slowly toward him. The whole time watching his main hand and waiting to hear him cast a spell. I said" Ten against one I would likely bet. Thalmor only fight if they have the odds in their favor. Looks like this may be one on one unless you think you need a few friends." He jumped to his feet and said" You'll regret those words." He bull rushed me and before I knew it an arcane blade appeared in his hand. He had the look of a seasoned killer but a few ales had cost him a step or two. I waited for him to get within a few feet before I made my move. His blade was raised above his head and bloodlust was on his face. I fingered my pommel of my sword. I removed it quickly and in the same motion blocking his cut. I dodged a few wild swings and returned a few blows of my own. He backed off a few steps and yelled" Now you die!" I blocked his blow and with a quick thrust he was laying face down in a pool of blood. The Imperial I had been drinking with drew his sword and ordered me to lower mine. I didn't want more trouble. My heart still fought for the Empire even if I wasn't a Forester any longer. I was arrested and charged with murder. Bound I was placed in a cart headed to Helgen with a few other rebels. This is where my tale really begins.

Race: Nord / Imperial/ Redguard /Orc (I choose Nord for a few reasons mostly role-play and the option of joining either side of the civil war. I choose to fight for neither. My character hates the Thalmor but still longs to be an Imperial Forester.)
Stone: Thief (till sneak is 50) then the Lady. Keep in mind this build is based off a traveler and he would try and find every stone in Skyrim. The Forester is known for using tactics and his wits in completing his task. So he may travel to switch the stone depending on the enemy he will face.
0/1/1 Mag/Health/Stam

Perks LVL 60

Major Skills:

Archery: This is a fast paced run and gun style. I use my sneak attacks on the most deadly foe such as a Bandit Leader. Once the biggest threat is down I move into regular shooting. This allows me to thin out the ranks a bit. Once they are in melee range switch to a sword.

One Handed: Agile and speed skirmish based melee combat. The Forester excels at avoiding damage by dodging and blocking. I use the block with a one handed weapon to parry the attacks and counter attack. I also use a torch in my off hand for the dark night and dungeons. I found blocking while using a torch very effective. The bash will set the npc on fire causing some fire damage. If you combine that with a poison you have a winning combo. I play on master and really was surprised how well this style of melee works.

Sneak: A Forester must be able to move silently to gain the advantage in combat. A few well placed by stealthy bow shots can make you or break you. I choose not to take Assassin's Blade because I have never used a melee weapon in sneak mode.

Alchemy: I choose this because any Forester would know which herb kills and which one heals. I decided I wouldn't use the crafting exploits .That should be fixed in Skyrim. Poisons add so much damage and effects that help aid in combat that the points are well spent. I try and picked up every berry, flower and butterfly I see. This is also your only means of healing since you don't use any magic.

Minor Skills:

Light Armor: This provides protection while not significantly hindering movement. This allows quick and crisp movements to melee combat range. 

Smithing: Any Forester worth his weight in salt knows the forge and hammer well. This build is about improving with armor you and craft and stumble across during your travels.

Recommend Quests:


Dawnguard : A Forester makes an ideal Vampire Hunter .

Destroy the Brotherhood: I did this to obtain the muffled boots and cowl.

Main Story (I haven't decided if I'll go Blades or Greybeards yet haven't got that far)

Possible quests include: Thieves guild (a down on his or her luck Forester would have the skill to be a great thief.) Civil War: You could side with either Stormcloaks or Imperials.. The reasoning behind this is you hate the Thalmor for the comrades you lost. You think the Legion is on a downward spiral of corruption. You could prove to be the savior of your once beloved Empire. On the other hand Ulric is a former Legion solider and could choose to follow him into battle. That's the beauty of this build it so open to the players interest.


Sword: Dawnbreaker I choose this because I really enjoyed the look and enchant on it. I also use a Dragon bone un-enchanted sword (to use the Elemental Fury)

Bow: Smithed Dragonbone

Amulet: Amulet of Talos

Feet: Shrouded Boots

Head: Shrouded Cowl

Gloves: Smithed Elven 

Chest: Smithed Elven ( I use a mod for the chest )

The rest is just stuff I find along the way. This brings back the days of old Oblivion being excited about finding rare stuff in chests and off bosses. This makes for some really cool looking combos. For pc players I strongly suggest the Immersive Armors mod. Many other Ranger armor mods....

     Immersive Armors

     Nordic Ranger Outfit                         

I have really no ideal for special moves due to the lack of magic. This is a straight forward fun build to play. I did however use almost very scroll I came across. This made it fun to figure out the best way to approach a tough boss fight. I honestly had no problem so far on master due to the well rounded ranger type build.
Roleplay: This isn't an assassin build at all. You believe in the Empire but you're a little jaded .You tend to do the right thing no matter how tough it may get. As a seasoned fighter who knows your way around a battlefield. I choose to never back down from a fight.
Please feel free to comment and make suggestions..  This is my second build posted here .......Thanks Happy Hunting  Please check out my other build Character Build:The Barbarian (D3) - The Skyrim Blog

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Added the chest and gloves :)  

SO... MUCH... TEXT!!!!!!!!

+1 from me.  Nice.  One criticism:  It does bother me when I see the "Perk Calculator".  I prefer to see the perks here, instead of off-site; plus my first impression is that the build was 'created', but not actually played.  (That last pic makes up for it a bit )

I'll add screen shots as I play... I'm lvl 24 atm .....

I like this very much, I think I might actually consider playing this. +1

This is a really cool build, great backstory! X
Thanks Cocoa .... I'm an army vet myself and used how I felt the first few months after getting out as my guide :)

Made this build today. I'm hard coring it with master, no fast travel etc. VERY rewarding

That's exactly how I play as well ... Dam saber cats.....I agree roaming is very gun with this build .....

I really do like this build!

Thanks so much ....

Updated ..... Still working on Dragonborn.....I'll update as I play 


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