*Updated: March 2, 2015*

I've wanted to revamp this creation a bit for quite some time. With a little motivation from the Hall of Fame event going on right now, the revamp has been sped along a bit and is finally complete.

There were 4 major areas I focused on with this revamp: I trimmed a lot of fat from the build making this character build much easier to level and thus more accessible to players. I shed away what I felt were needless aspects of the build. What was once a level 54 character build now maxes out at a much more accessible 43. Things were added and changed to further emphasis what makes the Brute stand out. Lastly, I gave the build a slight format and visual update as well. 

All the core components you know and love about this build are still intact. You'll still tear through the enemy like a force of nature, and you'll be able to enjoy that power much sooner than ever before. Overall, I'm quite proud with how this revamp came out and I'm happy to present once again...

         "Brutes are formidable and menacing adversaries well-versed in using their immense physical strength to keep enemies off balance and scattered; undermining their ability to coordinate, retaliate or even defend themselves. Brutes hold little regard for the honor other warriors uphold themselves to. They will capitalize on every opportunity, and use any tactic necessary to crush their foes. The very notion of a fair fight is laughable. Easily a match for ten of any hold’s best soldiers, a single colossal blow from a brute’s war hammer is enough to outright kill or grievously injure anyone caught in its path."

           The brute is a different take on playing a warrior. Rather than taking defensive measures to ensure survival in battle, the brute prevents his enemies from mounting a decent attack to begin with. With the constant threat of being scattered like weakling rag dolls, the brute is able to crush most enemies with impunity. Enemies face an uphill battle against a veritable monster, whose health regenerates faster than they can deplete it.

 If you’re not afraid to throw down, fight dirty, and crush your opponents into a fine bloody paste as they lie battered and beaten in the dirt, begging for mercy, then look no further than the build that puts the brute in brutality.

The Build


Argonian works best for this build. They make capable warriors and their Histskin ability compliments the brute’s already impressive regenerative capability.

Orcs are another awesome choice for this build. Their racial ability, berserk rage, allows them to push the brute's offensive capabilities to ungodly levels.

Nords are, theme wise, another solid choice. Although they lack the survivabiity of the argonian, or the terrifying strength of the orc, nords get a nice starting boost to many warrior skills. Battle cry can prove useful early on and it just makes sense for enemies to turn tail and run from a maniac wielding a 50lbs sledge hammer.


Lady Stone. The Brute is all about maintaining offensive momentum above all else. The Lady stone offers an increased 25% regeneration rate to both health and stamina, which compliment the enhanced regeneration from skills and enchantments quite well. 


Major Skills: 

Two Handed: The main damage dealer. The immense damage dealt by your hammer will enable you to overwhelm blockers, stagger enemies, and penetrate defenses.

Block: Keeping opponents off balance, scattered, and otherwise unable to attack is a vital. Bashing and shield charging enable you to do just that.

Smithing: Strong weapons are essential. A strong enough damage rating enables you to take a sizeable chunk out of an enemy’s health bar, blocking or not.

Enchanting: Provides powerful health regenerating enchantments, which will be your only source of healing other than potions you may find along the way. Don’t underestimate how quickly a brute can recover health in combat

Minor Skills:

Light Armor: Invested into solely for the wind walker. Without stamina regeneration, your offensive momentum will run out very quickly. Coupled with the Lady stone and the Bardic Knowledge skill, you will have an impressive 125% stamina regeneration rate. Feel free to go nuts with the power attacks!

Destruction: There's only one reason to visit this tree and thats Whirlwind cloak. This valuable cloak spell  compliments shield charge quite well by offering an almost guaranteed knockdown combination. 

Equipment & Enchantments:

  • Armor - Dragon scale helm, boots & gauntlets, Scaled armor

     Armor: Fortify Health & Health Regeneration
     Boots: Fortify Stamina & Two-Handed Damage
     Gloves: Two-Handed Damage & Extra Magicka
     Helmet: Fortify Destruction 

  • A brute always dresses to intimidate, and nothing screams intimidation more than wearing a suit of armor made from the carcasses of your slain enemies. The enchantments used focus on maximizing damage and health regeneration. The additional magicka and destruction enchantments are there solely to make casting whirlwind cloak more manageable. The dragon scale armor pieces and the extra effect perk take a bit of time to obtain, but are well worth the effort. In the meantime you should focus on enchanting armors with health regeneration and boots and gauntlets with two handed damage.
  • Weapon: Dragon Bone Warhammer
  • You'd be hard pressed to find a more fitting weapon. There's simply nothing more brutal than beating the ever living shit out of a dragon with the bones of his own brethren. Elemental fury is the reason you shouldn't enchant your warhammer. Health absorb might be tempting, but its not worth it. Health regeneration is more than enough and warhammers swing way too slowly to gain much from absorption enchantments.
  • Ring/Pendant - Two Handed Damage & Health Regeneration
  • Go for health regeneration over two handed damage until you get the extra effect perk. Amulets and rings pre enchanted with health regeneration are relatively common random loot in dungeons. If you find them, keep them until your enchanting levels are high enough to craft better ones.
  • The Bottom Line
    • To recap: 100%+ health regen from enchantments (I've gone a high as 33% per item), and 25% from the Lady Stone = approx. 125% health regeneration at all times.
    • Bardic Knowledge (50% stamina regen), in addition to Wind Walker perk and the Lady Stone = 125% constant stamina regen

Spells, Powers & Shouts:

  • Unrelenting Force: The most powerful brutes are able to project their overwhelming power into their voice, and topple their opponents just by screaming at them.
  • Dragon Aspect: A brute's rage and intensity in the heat of battle is enough to give even dragons pause.
  • Become Ethereal: When the going gets tough, a brute is able to buckle down and summon the will power to endure their opponents' blows, no matter how vicious the attacks.
  • Elemental Fury: When coupled with Dragon Aspect, a powerful and fast offensive combo is created.
  • Dragon Rend: Brutes aren't known for being patient. Goad dragons into landing and facing you head on, so you can get the battle over with already!
  • Destruction Spells: Whirlwind Cloak
  • Powers: Seeker of Might, Bardic Knowledge

Perkspread & Stats

 Health 4/ Stamina 1/ Magicka 0

Cost reduction perks and enchantments ensure you will not need to invest anything into magicka to cover the cost of whirlwind cloak. Most of your stats will be invested into HP to compensate for your low defenses. With bardic knowledge, the lady stone and wind walker, a constant 125% stamina regeneration rate is possible. You'll also be enchanting for extra stamina so large investments into stamina are unnecessary.

Two Handed and Blocking are your first priority. The sooner you're able to shield charge, the much safer combat against large groups will be. Use trainers to raise destruction to 40 for adept destruction. During your early levels your priority enchantment should be health regeneration, be it from accessories you find or craft yourself.

If you're looking to get those two skills out of the way as quickly as possible, take advantage of the Hadvar exploit while escaping Helgen to level up two handed. Just keep smashing him with a two handed weapon repeatedly when he stops to point out the sleeping bear in the caves. Block can be leveled up from 15 to 100 in about an hour by taking advantage of the giants by White Run. Simply lower your game difficulty to Novice and equip your best shield. Allow the giants to wail on you as you block. You'll gain about a full level for every single attack up until about 60 or so.

Dont let yourself get discouraged by the need for dragon smithing. Smithing is a fairly manageable skill to level up. Take advantage of the warrior stone you start out with as well as the easily attainable dwarven smithing perk. Complete the quest 'Unfathomable Depths' to be granted the skill 'Ancient Knowledge' to further improve the rate smithing increases. Many dwarven ruins house tons and tons of dwarven ingots as well as scraps that can be melted down into more ingots. Use those in conjunction with iron ingots to make mass amounts of dwarven bows. You'll hit level 100 easy and come away with a decent chunk of change to boot.

Special Combos:


Requires: Become Ethereal + Whirlwind cloak


The Brute lets loose a chaotic blast of energy that scatters all enemies in range. This chaotic torrent of energy remains active, scattering anyone that comes in range at 50% chance for 60 seconds.

The go-to combo if the enemy starts to crowd you. This combo buys you ample time to switch from weapon to your cloak spell. Anything within immediate casting range of whirlwind cloak will be tossed aside like a rag doll.


Requires: Shield Charge + Whirlwind cloak


The Brute charges full steam ahead into enemy ranks, scattering everyone and everything in the way like a rag doll

The combination of shield charge and whirlwind cloak essentially guarantee knocking anything you charge into flat on its ass. While the cloak is on, enemies attempting to get up may be knocked down all over again. Dragon rush also makes it difficult for enemies to crowd you again due to the constant 50% knock down chance of whirlwind cloak.


Requires: Become Ethereal + Become Ethereal Meditation + Health regen enchantments + Lady Stone


Through shear force of will the Brute is able withstand all manner of attacks, becoming invulnerable to damage for a brief duration. Unbreakable also grants a bonus to health regeneration and plenty of time for it to take effect.

This combo takes advantage of your incredible health and stamina recovery speeds, allowing you to recharge a sizable portion of health while immune to harm. At roughly 150% health regeneration, you can easily replenish over 50% of your health. While bidding your time, you can prepare whirlwind cloak. This skill transitions smoothly into Outburst

Unstoppable Force:

Requires: Dragon Aspect + Histskin + Seeker of Might + Elemental Fury


The Brute flies into a blind rage, becoming an unstoppable force of destruction. Unstoppable Force grants massive bonuses to health/stamina regen, attack speed and attack damage.

Once the brute gains momentum, he cannot be stopped. This combo pushes your offensive and regenerative capability to the limit. It's best saved as a last resort against very powerful bosses, as it is a combination of 3 once-a-day skills. Substitute histskin for health regeneration potion and throw in Berserk Rage if you're using an Orc.

Admins! Call now and you'll get TWO BanHammers for the price of ONE!


  • Your goal in every battle is to keep your enemy either staggered or on flat on their backs, and hit them hard while they’re vulnerable. Your survival depends on disrupting enemy action, as brutes lacks the armor rating to tank repeated blows. Start off any battle by casting bardic knowledge. It stacks with wind walker to offer a huge boost to stamina regeneration.
  • Don't hold back on power attacks. With such a high stamina regen rate feel free to slam down power attacks with reckless abandon. Damage output is far more important than conserving stamina. 
  • Shield Charging with a Two handed weapon can be done by running while repeatedly tapping the block button. The knock down chance is calculated every time your "shield" is raised or lowered.
  • If overwhelmed by multiple attackers use Outburst to scatter the mob. Outburst transitions smoothly into Rampage, which allows you to more effectively keep enemies scattered. Rampage also serves to make subsequent attempts by the enemy to mob you very difficult, allowing you to hammer away at their defenseless allies mostly uninterrupted
  • You will want to be wary of archers. If present, take them out first. Close in on them while covering your advance with Unrelenting Force. Mages can be a nuisance as well. Dont hesitate to use Unbreakable and walk right up to them and crush them or apply the same tactic you would with archers
  • Take advantage of high places. Knock distant enemies off perches with Unrelenting Force. Use Rampage to throw enemies off ledges. It doesn't take much to kill enemies from fall damage.
  • If the enemy manages to deplete more than 50% of your health, use Unbreakable. With 150% health regeneration, and 3 word 'Become Ethereal', you can restore over 50% of your total health easily.
  • Dragons can’t be knocked down, obviously, but they can be staggered. Mix bashing into your attacks to deny the beast its chance to attack. If it attempts to shout at you, your Unrelenting Force shout will not only stagger it, but also dispel its breath.

Recommended Mods

  • Brutish Argonian Male - Restructures your argonian's jaw line and skull to give him a more brutish and aggressive appearance. 
  • Drachis Argonians - Retexures your argonian's scales to give him a more menacing, dragon like appearance. Pairs very well with the Brutish Argonian Male mod
  • Bigger Argonian Tails - If only argonian tails doubled as clubs. But I digress. Just like the name of the mod suggests, it retextures your argonian's tail to be thicker and stronger looking.
  • Race Menu - A massive overhaul of the vanilla character customization menu. Race Menu gives you much greater control over your character's appearance. I used this to adjust the height slider and make my Brute taller and more muscular.
  • YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander - Replaces the default two handed weapon idle animation. Now your weapon is slung over your shoulder like a bad ass barbarian.
  • Immersive Armors - Immersive Armor adds dozens of unique armor pieces to the game that fit very well with the brutal berserker theme. The best of them, in my opinion, is the barbarian armor. 
  • Faction Pit Fighter & Pit Fighter: Travels - The Pit Fighter mod adds a new joinable faction of hardcore arena fighters located in the Windhelm's Grey Quarter. Test your mettle against Skyrim's toughest fighters and, if you want to show the world who puts the "brute" in "brutal", test your might against fighters from all over Tamriel in Pit Fighter: Travels. 
  • Enhanced Blood Textures - Imagine if you will crushing your opponent into a fine bloody paste. Now download this mod and make that gruesome image a reality. Enhanced Blood Textures will turn your vanquished enemies into a massive bloody mess.

Closing Remarks

Its been a blast creating this build. I hope you guys will give it a try and enjoy it as much as I have. As always, thanks for the continued support.

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Replies to This Discussion

So you use a shield too? Or you Shield Charge glitch with your weapon?

 I'll have to make it more clear how I'm shield charging. I don't use a shield. I do that shield glitch where you just run while tapping the block button.

Thanks although using a shield(while having whirlwind cloack on the other hand) would work too IMO

Indeed it would, but this build is all about being able to survive and dominate enemies despite low defenses and no active method of healing. A shield takes away from that IMO.

Less switching between weapons also helps this build flow much more smoothly. 

+1. Amazing build. I was already sold on the Argonian part. I never was a full on brute force type person, but this build gave me the spark to do it.
Really awesome take on what's probably my favorite class archetype in the good ol' Barbarian. Great gameplan and well executed. I would probably make a case for Orcs just as easily though with their ability to double damage dealt and halve damage taken (not to mention their brutish natures), and even Nords would probably make a great fit, not just thematically, but because Battlecry makes for a great stand-in for the Whirlwind Cloak antics before you acquire it. Still, Argonians are an obvious excellent choice too so that's no knock against the build. Really good shit here.

I thought of putting orc in my list of suggested races, but I was unsure if berserk would stack with Dragon Aspect and Secret of might, and didn't want to risk writing something I haven't personally play tested. 

I gotta say this build has been a freaking blast to play. I can't help but think of rampaging krogans as I bull rush a half dozen bandits off a bridge to their deaths.

Ha! If I wasn't sold before (and I was), dropping the rampaging K-word would sure do it!
Im starting this char while I'm writing this! I let you know how it turns out!

Mega +1
You will find that much like my previous build, the special combos are designed to flow from one to another seamlessly.

Excellent build!  But I see nothing  'dishonorable' here - it's not the brute's fault that his opponents are unskilled in straight out combat.  (+1)

I like the use of enchanting to provide health regen as a primary source of healing and I really like how you have sold the gameplay. Sometimes nothing beats wading in and hitting stuff with a mallet the size of a child!

I notice that you keep your stamina levels much lower than your health. Didn't this limit your attack and stagger options before you got a decent stamina regeneration enchantment? Also, did you test Eternal Spirit's health regen capabilities vs Fire Within or Force Without Effort when using your special move? If not, I'd be interested in seeing the results if you do run some tests.

This is a really strong build and it definitely gets a +1 from me.



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