Anubis , God of the dead

Story :

Anubis is a jackal-headed god associated with the protection of the dead for their journey into the afterlife. He was the most important god of the dead . He was usually portrayed as a half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form. In his “jackal form” his fur was generally black because black was linked to rebirth in the afterlife .  He became the patron of lost souls , guide of the dead and the guardian of the entrance to the Underworld .

It was his job to waken the dead for their final judgement and oversee “the weighing of the heart” which is the method of judgement used to decide if a soul was worthy to enter the Underworld . 

As a patron of magic, it was believed he could foresee a persons destiny, in this role he was the announcer of death.


Anubis presumably possesses the conventional attributes of the Egyptian Gods including superhuman strength, stamina, vitality, and resistance to harm. He also has several undefined skills, presumably magical in nature, to perceive spirits, and to shapeshift from god, to jackal-headed god and back into a jackal. He can also fire unspecified energy .


Stats :


Race : High Elf . More for a RP side . A god character even in his human form is generally taller than everybody . Moreover the +50 magicka is a good help , you can more focus to increase health and stamina .

Stone : Atronach .Increase magicka by 50 points , adds 50% spell absorption and decrease magicka regeneration by 50% .

Shouts : Soul Tear , Marked for Death , Aura Whisper .

Major skills (lvl 55):

-       Restoration : Novice to Master , respite , regeneration , necromage , recovery 2/2 , avoid death , dual casting .

-       Alteration : Novice to Master , magic resistance 3/3 , stability , atronach .

-       Enchanting : enchanter 5/5 , insightful , corpus , extra effect , fire enchanter , soul squeezer .

-       Two Handed : Barbarian 4/5 , champion’s stance , devastating blow , sweep .

Minor Skills (lvl 55):

-       Destruction : Novice to Adept , augmented flames 2/2

-       Light Armor : Agile defender 5/5

-       Smithing : Steel smithing , Arcane Blacksmith , Elven , Advanced , Glass .


Equipement :

I tried to make a character who look like Anubis in his human form . Unfortunately I’m not on PC so unable to use mods and make him looks better …

Head : Stormcloak Officer Helmet (Fortify Aleteration + Fortify Magicka Regen)

Armor : Fur armor bare-chested (Fortify Restoration and Magicka Regen + Fortify Light armor)

Gloves : Hide Bracers (Fortify Two Handed + Fortify Magicka)

Boots : Footwraps

Amulet :The Gauldur Amulet (+30 health , magicka and stamina)

Ring : Ring of Hircine

Weapons : Glass Battleaxe (Soul trap + Fire damage) and Two daggers (Fire damage + Soul trap)


Stats Spread :

Magicka / Health / Stamina

1 / 2 / 2


Essential Quests :

-       Companion’s quest (become werewolf)

-       III Met by Moonlight (ring of hircine)

-       Join Dawnguard (kill vampires)

-       College of Winterhold (Gauldur Amulet)


Roleplay :

Kill all undeads you find . They are lost souls wandering in our world .You are Anubis the patron of lost souls , guide of the dead and the guardian of the entrance to the Underworld .

Your job is to waken the dead for their final judgement , bring their souls to the Underworld .

Search and visit all tombs , find the undead and take their souls : Give them eternal rest .


Restoration : This will permit you to heal yourself and avoid death . Use also spells like Stendarr’s aura , Vampire’s Bane … to kill undead . Combined with the necromage perk it will just be devastating .

Alteration : Anubis can resist to any injuries . Spells like ebonyflesh and the magick resistance and atronach perks will insure you a good defense . Do not hesitate to use flesh spells because your armor is weak and you’ll need this protection . Anubis is half animal and thanks to that have excellent senses , he was able to detect souls of people (detect life , detect dead spells and aura whisper shout) .

Two handed : Main and favorite way of Anubis to expel undead to the Underworld .

Enchanting : Powerful enchants will make you become stronger . Moreover the Fortify Magicka effect will compensate the bad effect of Atronach Stone .

Destruction : Anubis was able to surround himself with fire .


Werewolf perks :



Special Moves :

Anubis real form (god form) : 

Before transforming dual equipped your daggers . Your beast form claws will carry the weapons effect . The result is just monstrous , and you will understand that Anubis real form is just deadly . You will inflict terrible damages to your opponents . But even in beast form , Anubis doesn’t forget his real mission , bring the losts souls back to the underworld .

Requires : Enchanted daggers (Fire damage + Soul Trap) , werewolf’s transformation


Death into fire : 

For the more reluctant enemies , Anubis have a special 

move which will make them feel how painful death could be .

Requires : Fire cloack , Enchanted Glass battleaxe (Soul trap + Fire damage)



When they think they finally kill him , He comes back even stronger .

Using flesh spell before transforming will make your skin in beast form (armor rating) more resistant .

Requires : Avoid death perk , enchanted daggers (Fire damage + Soul trap) , Ebonyflesh , Werewolf’s transformation .



Harvest of Souls 

It’s time to collect souls and bring them back to the Underworld .

Your enemies are now weak , just finsh your job.

Requires :Soul tear shout or Marked for Death , Enchanted Glass battleaxe (Soul trap + Fire damage).


Untouchable :

Nobody can touch a god . Your skin become stronger than iron , an “aura of fire” surround you . nothing can approach or touch you without undergoing damages . Finally a  terrible swing with your battleaxe will clean the area in front of you .

Requires : Dragonhide , flame cloack , Enchanted Glass battleaxe “Sweep”.

Army of Anubis :

Call your brave friend to fight with you , even the strongest ennemies won't be able to resist at this attack .

Requires : Werewolf transformation , Totem of the Moon .

PS: I'd like to thank the creator of "Guardian Of Silence" build because he gave me a lot of inspiration for this build .

Otherwise thanks for reading guys (and girls if there are some) ,  this is my first Werewolf build , hope you will enjoy it .

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Replies to This Discussion

 Great build, might play this! I love your builds keep up the good work! +1

Thanks a lot man , it's always a pleasure to have good comments !! And yeah you should try it , it's a really addictive build maybe the best I've played for the moment .

Its alright! But one question, what should I do at low levels?

At low levels the main problem was the resistance of the character . As you know fur armor doesn't provides good defense . you'll be able to use restoration spells to heal yourself and against undead (you can join dawnguard lvl 10) . Alteration spells will be also be used very often , so you will reach fastly high level in resoration and alteration . For destruction you'll have to use simple spells (flames , firebolt...) to reach adept level and use fire cloack (I suggest to use them a maximum at the early game) .

Joining companions early in the game will help a lot also because werewolf is really powerful (hepl a lot against strong ennemies especially at begining) .

For information I'm playing in Expert difficulty .

Thanks well explained there mate!

Thank you . If you want an idea for lvl 25 perk , you won't have all the spells and abilities so won't be able to do all specials moves . But you'll be able to use restoration spells to heal yourself and against undead (you can join dawnguard lvl 10) . Alteration spells will be also used very often , so you will reach fastly high level in resoration and alteration . For destruction you'll have to use simple spells (flames , firebolt...) to reach adept level and use fire cloack (I suggest to use them a maximum at the early game) .

The Dragon masks are nice and provides good abilities , but I like roleplay and I wanted my character to look like Anubis (Jackal head) .

Yep that's what I've done and it works well for me .

Your idea with the mask is good , actually I didn't think about it in this way . But like I said I wanted my "Jackal Head" (something which look like it at least) .

This keep remind me about Serious Sam.

Not sure I understood ...

Someones watched The Mummy Returns lol best one i must admit but i like the idea also as a Skyrim Build, For some reason i picture this build will look good in Dwarven equipment just looking at the last picture  it is good though im just being picky +1

It seems that somebody knows where my picture came from (= Mummy Returns) . 

After for the armor I really wanted to have a character who look like Anubis : bare chested , jackal head , bracers ... I wanted this equipement with gold ornament like the pictures but without mods (i'm on xbox) that's impossible .

Thanks for your like mate .

Love this thnk you this is awesome!!  +1like!




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