Disclaimer: If the music is not playing, to enhance your reading experience: go to the bottom of the page and hit play on the embedded video link. Also this build is not for the faint of heart or those who are pregnant. Some may experience seizures of pure awesomeness and also feel reality and fantasy blending together.



Alduin's Dovahkiin

It all started with Durnehviir, a dragon who became obsessed with Necromancy. He wanted to raise an army of undead for his own ends. His deal with the Ideal Master's lead to his enslavement by forever guarding the Soul Cairn. In this timeless realm Durnehviir plotted. Enter the House of Balistan, a noble house in service of Alduin. This noble family was born in desolation and lived through the harshest upbringing imaginable. They were fearless and brought death to whole armies, until the ancient Nord Heroes who stood against Alduin defeated them.
Upon the death of the noble family, Durnehviir placed a powerful spell upon their bodies that specified, "as long as there is bloodshed, the son's and daughters of Balistan would rise from their graves." The Ideal Masters saw what Durnehvirr had done and interrupted his spell. The Ideal Masters are beings that feed on the souls, especially pure ones, they then altered the Dragon's spell. At this exact moment in time, the Ancient Nord heroes used an Elder Scroll to banish Alduin through time. Allowing the Ideal Master's to attach Durnehviir's curse to Alduin's soul. They knew that when Alduin would return, many pure souls would come to them and they were greedy for more. When Alduin returned and the Dragonborn awoke, so did the youngest son of Balistan. He rose from his grave, alive once again with the compulsion to slay the innocent and devour the world, bound by Alduin and his unique Dragon Soul.

Race: Breton

Stone: Atronach

Major Skills: Two Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, Destruction

Minor Skills: Enchanting, Restoration, Alteration

Key Shouts: Call Dragon, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force, Marked For Death, Dismay, Dragonrend, Storm Call

(These are the key shouts, if you have the expansions I recommend Bend Will, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect, and Summon Durnehviir)

Blessing:  Blessing of Talos (Shout reduction ftw!)




Perk Spread:

Heavy Armor: Juggernaught 5/5,  Conditioning

Block: Shield Wall 1/5, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash, Quick Reflexes, Block Runner, Shield Charge

Two-Handed:  Barbarian 3/5, Skullcrusher 3/3, Champion's Stance, Sweep, Great Critical Charge, Devastating Blow

Destruction: Novice-Expert, Augment Flame 2/2, Frost 2/2, Shock 2/2, Disintegrate

Restoration: Novice, Respite, Regeneration

Alteration: Novice-Expert, Atronach

Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Fire, Insightful, Corpus, Extra Effect

Perk Spread


Stat Distribution: 1/2/2 (Stop Magicka at 200)

Essential Equipment

Head: Symbiotic Helmet:

(Daedric Helm: enchanted with Fortify Restoration + Fortify Destruction)

Torso:  Symbiotic Chest

(Daedric Armor or Falmer Hardened Armor: enchanted with Fortify Healing Rate + Fortify Stamina Regeneration

Gloves: Symbiotic Gloves

(Daedric Gloves enchanted with Fortify Magicka + Fortify Block)

Boots: Symbiotic Grieves

(Deadric Boots enchanted with Fortify Stamina + Fortify Stamina Regeneration)

Amulet: Alduin's Eye

(Fortify Destruction + Fortify Healing Rate)

Ring: Alduin's Soul

Resist Magic + Fortify Alteration)

Weapon: Dovahkiin Destroyer

(Daedric Warhammer enchanted with Absorb Stamina + Fiery Soul Trap)


               World Eater (Daedric Warhammer enchanted with  Fire Damage + Fiery Soul Trap)


Other Equipment: The Black Star


                              Playing Alduin's Dovahkiin


When roleplaying your have no morality or conscience.  All you desire is to destroy, but you have been dead a long time and can't go into the world killing everything in sight. You recognize that in order to fulfill your destiny in Alduin's name you have to be smart and cunning. Do a good deed in order to gain your target's trust, then destroy them when their guard is down. Play a game of politics with the various Jarls of Skyrim. If there are caves or holds inhabited by Bandits, they will suffice in satiating your bloodlust. Your main goal is to gain the trust of the Jarl's and to be one step ahead of the Dragonborn. He will try to stop Alduin and eventually you have to fight your master in order to absorb his soul so he and you will become eternal.

When you begin your adventure grab the Warrior Stone and travel by foot towards the Atronach Stone. I recommend leveling up your skills in various caves, dungeons, and holds. From there its a game of politics and destruction.


Perks and combat updated (12/12/2013

Combat is where this build shines.

1) Heavy armor perks and Daedric, you'll be getting really close to the armor cap. By adding the Alteration spell you will hit it. Also this is where block comes in.

2) Fortify Block enchant does work on two handed weapons and has been tested. So you save 4 perks by having 100 enchanting and a grand soul gem.

3) We took Deflect Arrows and Elemental protection to reach block runner. With Shield Bash, Deadly Bash, Block Runner, and Shield Charge you become literally a rampaging beast. Two handed weapons can be used with Block Runner which is awesome getting up to tough enemies and you can literally proceed to shield bash them to death. I found out recently that two handed weapons do more damage in bashing than shields, and their enchantment does have a chance to proc. So you can just bash away and protect yourself and stagger lock all enemies.

4) Shield charge works with two handed weapons: sprint up at enemies and as you run into them tap block and they'll go flying.

5) Destruction magic augments in fire and fire enchanter both stack for damage with burning. Fire enchanter works with Fiery Soul Trap but not augment.

6) Use Fire Cloaks for groups of enemies and Frost Cloaks for bosses.

7) Mages are nothing. Breton resist 25%, 15% Agent of Mara perk, and enchant on ring brings you close to max in Magic Resist. Which isn't resisting, but reduction in magicka damage. In addition with Atronach stone, you have a chance to absorb their spells to add to your magicka pool and unleash hell into their face.

This character absolutely destroys and maximizes defense and offense in perfect harmony. It is after all worthy to be called a "world-eater."

8) Thanks to the DLC, you can make your spell cost easier by just taking Secret of Arcana

                                                                 The world will crumble into ashes before Alduin's Dovahkiin

Essential Quests:

               Innocence Lost : You want to trample through the landscape on                                                      Shadowmere

                  Heart of Dibella: 10% bonus to melee damage vs opposite sex

                   The Book of Love: 15% resistance to magic

                   Dragon Research: 25% less melee damage from dragons

                   What Lies Beneath: 10% better healing

                  Meditations on the Words of Power: "The Fire Within" : Fire Breath                                                                                          shout does 25% more damage.

                   Filament and Filgree: No spell cost for 30 seconds



 Special Moves:



The World Eater:  Using the Frost Cloak, Storm Call, Firestorm

Alduin's Dovahkiin conjures a frost cloak around himself as he summons violent storms to strike all of his foes. Anyone that dares to come near you will take continuous damage, slow, and stamina drain from the frost cloak while bolts of lightning strike them. While your enemies close in, you are already conjuring up a firestorm to eliminate everything in your area.



Dragon's Bane: Dragonrend+Thunderstorm

No other dragon is stupid enough to stand up to Alduin, why would they dare take on his Dovahkiin? Dragon's Rend them out of the sky and proceed to charge Thunderstorm spell (empowered by Augment Shock). When they land, let loose and destroy them outright.



Dragon Rage Trample: Unrelenting Shout, Skullcrusher+ Great Critical Charge

                    When an enemy stands in your way and you want them taken down. Unleash a mighty roar and charge at them. Use your two handed weapon in a Great Critical charge to just trample over them or use a Shield Charge with your warhammer to add insult to injury.

Wing Buffet: Unrelenting Shout+ Ice Storm

                    Dragons have been known to use the mighty winds caused by flapping their wings to send their opponents off balance. By combining Unrelenting Shout and the spell Ice Storm, you can accomplish that exact feat.



Alduin's Soul: Atronach Stone+ Breton's Dragonskin+ Book of Love perk

                       You are eternal and everlasting, just like Alduin.



Thanks and lemme know what you all think





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The music was a nice touch, maybe put something in the beginning of the build saying click on it so the music plays while you are reading?

I've coded it to autoplay. It's been playing whenever I load it, I will put the disclaimer as you've suggested so that people will know :) BTW thanks for being my first like! I spent a week putting this and information together.

It's autoplaying? I wouldn't know, builds don't play music on my mobile.

yeah! Well for mobile users, i put the disclaimer as you suggested :) also if you have any critiques, lemme know. So far been playing this guy on master difficulty and I am absolutely destroying everything.

This is great! I can tell that you put a lot of thought into this. I love the twist of it, and you did a good job of not painting yourself into a corner with the RP. +1!

I approve of this build. :D

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