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Bloodworks Rank

"Welcome to the arena, hatchlings." Welcome to the worse of the worst. The Bloodworks, where new builds fight it out to triumph and ascen…

Started by Tae-RaiLatest Reply

Recognized Rank

And here lies the bloodied battlefield that stretches further than the sharpest eyes can see, where the dregs of the Bloodworks limp forwar…

Started by ElysiumLatest Reply

Exemplar Rank

You are now in the Exemplar rank, of which I am in charge. It might as well be my own little plane of Oblivion. Disrupt the Exemplar rank,…

Started by AlbinoLatest Reply

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Character Build: The Seer

First some mood setting music. Click to play. Welcome everyone to my lucky seventh build, and what a gem I have for you today. Over the y…

Started by Manik

15 2 hours ago
Reply by Vargr

Let's Build: a Pure Mage. Part II - Vampirism or Lycanthropy?

In Part I of this series, we looked at race as a factor in pure mage builds.  There was a lot of interesting discussion, so check it out if…

Started by Paul England

59 2 hours ago
Reply by Librari the Wizard

Character Building Contest #5: Exotics

Welcome to our latest Character Building Contest! The theme of this contest has already been touched on by other builds but will be interes…

Started by Albino

147 2 hours ago
Reply by Vargr

Character Build: Old Telvanni Enchanter

This idea comes from a character that already exists in TES. When I was playing Morrowind I stumbled upon a Telvanni enchanter, Galar Rotha…

Started by Karver The Lorc

44 2 hours ago
Reply by Lissette

Competition in Character Building

I think I'll fire this off with my question. Do you still feel a competitive edge in the Character Building Group?  I was about to respond…

Started by Dragonborn1721

74 6 hours ago
Reply by Manik

Character Build: The Heart of Pellitine

Disclaimer: This is Vix's Build that was inexplicably deleted from the site. Well, seems that some people have wanted me to write up what I…

Started by RuneRed

34 6 hours ago
Reply by Manik

Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding…

Started by Mason

12825 7 hours ago
Reply by Librari the Wizard

Event Build: The Justice Creed - James Free

This is one of a build-series called ´The Justice Creed´, which stands for a group of assassins that is fighting for the freedom of all peo…

Started by Relycs

70 7 hours ago
Reply by Relycs

Character Build: The Green Shaman

Hello everyone, today I'm bringing in a build that I thought I'd never play. I never use staffs and very rarely play as an Orsimer without…

Started by Mortiferous

41 7 hours ago
Reply by Karver The Lorc

Character Build: The Dungeoneer

"Envy is a seed similar to evil. It lives in all of us but like any seed it cannot blossom unless watered and bathed in light. Unfortunate…

Started by Nick

14 10 hours ago
Reply by Chris Diokno



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