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Legendary Rank

Legendary; the greatest honor achievable in the Character Building group. Builds displayed here have distinguished themselves in the lower…

Started by MasonLatest Reply

Bloodworks Rank

"Welcome to the arena, hatchlings." Welcome to the worse of the worst. The Bloodworks, where new builds fight it out to triumph and ascen…

Started by Tae-RaiLatest Reply

Exemplar Rank

You are now in the Exemplar rank, of which I am in charge. It might as well be my own little plane of Oblivion. Disrupt the Exemplar rank,…

Started by AlbinoLatest Reply

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Mythic Rank

Before you lies a seemingly endless forest, and far in the distance of this sea of green lies a glorious golden city. Few have proven wort…

Started by Curse Never Dying

28 4 minutes ago
Reply by Teccam

Event Build: He Who Wanders

Welcome ladies and gentleman to my second build. After no life-ing ESO, I checked the site for the first time in a month or so to find this…

Started by Domanik

1 17 minutes ago
Reply by ShinJin

Event Build: The Vile

Something I've never really looked into before was a 'pure warrior' build. I had always thought such a thing was impossible, since there ar…

Started by Raidriar

19 2 hours ago
Reply by Albino

Event Build: The An-Xileel

Builder's Note: Regarding the contest, it is currently 12am Australian Eastern Standard Time so this build may one of the first ones up due…

Started by Tae-Rai

108 2 hours ago
Reply by Michael-Kingsley

Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding…

Started by Mason

11489 3 hours ago
Reply by Mannimarco

Character Build: Divayth Fyr

The third and final installment of my Morrowind edition of “Where Are They Now”, we now turn to Divayth Fyr, a master of… well, everything,…

Started by Elysium

34 5 hours ago
Reply by Bonelord/formaly russell

Event Build: Deaths Advocate

Inspiration for this Build came from playing the characters created by the Master Builders on the blog, whose builds have given me so much…

Started by Bonelord/formaly russell

13 5 hours ago
Reply by Bonelord/formaly russell

Event Build: The Shade Mistress

This build came about through Karver and mine's desire to bring telekinetic combat into skyrim. Rather than rambling on about it here, I'll…

Started by Kael'than

24 7 hours ago
Reply by ShinJin

Character Building Event: Deities

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Character Building Event! After Crossworlds and Evolution I thought it was high time that we had a…

Started by Albino

262 9 hours ago
Reply by ShinJin

Build Recommendations

Use The Character Build Archives to find commonly sought out playstyles and builds. This is meant as a place where people can ask for sugge…

Started by Otters

11188 11 hours ago
Reply by goober




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Discussion Forum

Mythic Rank

Started by Curse Never Dying. Last reply by Teccam 4 minutes ago. 28 Replies

Event Build: He Who Wanders

Started by Domanik. Last reply by ShinJin 17 minutes ago. 1 Reply

Event Build: The Vile

Started by Raidriar. Last reply by Albino 2 hours ago. 19 Replies

Event Build: The An-Xileel

Started by Tae-Rai. Last reply by Michael-Kingsley 2 hours ago. 108 Replies

Character Building Help Desk

Started by Mason. Last reply by Mannimarco 3 hours ago. 11489 Replies


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