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Build Recommendations

Use The Character Build Archives to find commonly sought out playstyles and builds. This is meant as a place where people can ask for sugge…

Started by Otters

12461 12 minutes ago
Reply by Albino

Character Build: The End Master

The Endmaster The Endmaster is a RedGuard .  He is a spellsword with a weird twist.  With  full  level points put into Destruction/fire, Tw…

Started by Alex Arrowood

0 20 minutes ago

Character Build: The Vigilant

Honour. Justice.  An undying devotion to exterminate out the Daedra from our world. That’s what most people think when they hear the name “…

Started by Tae-Rai

77 38 minutes ago
Reply by The Hero of Kvatch

Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding…

Started by Mason

12783 1 hour ago
Reply by Mortiferous

Character Building Contest #5: Exotics

Welcome to our latest Character Building Contest! The theme of this contest has already been touched on by other builds but will be interes…

Started by Albino

115 4 hours ago
Reply by Chris Diokno

Event Build: The Dark Purveyor

Optional: A dark groove for a darker vibe ;D "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!” Ugh! If I had a Septim for every time I’ve had that bellowed…

Started by ShinJin

101 5 hours ago
Reply by Saint Jiub the Eradicator

Character Build: The Paralytic Mage

The Paralytic Mage is a Battlemage designed purely to take down enemies using Passive Damage, Paralyze and the occasional Shield Bash. Out…

Started by Dragonborn1721

33 6 hours ago
Reply by Relycs

Level Predictor, or Is My Build Reasonable?

The Skyrim perk calculator gives your build a value called "level required", which tells you the number of perks you've chosen in the perk…

Started by Wintermute

27 10 hours ago
Reply by Raid

Character Build: The Drunken Mage

The Drunken Mage Having almost died fighting for the Aldmeri Dominion during the great war, the Drunken Mage is no stranger to the horrors…

Started by Golden Fool

36 yesterday
Reply by Golden Fool

Character Build: The Penitent Warrior

The Penitent Warrior  “Gonna lay down my sword and shield, down by the riverside, and study war no more.” - “Down By the Riverside,” tradit…

Started by Slaughterbot

20 yesterday
Reply by Brewmaster


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