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Character Build: The Forebear

A Redguard from a political house in Hammerfell who is skilled with sword and shield and left  for adventure and to make a name for himself…

Started by Joe

8 58 minutes ago
Reply by Curse Never Dying

Character Build: The Forsworn Hunter

Recently I've been occupied with the Workshop collaboration build project and my Artifact Event Build, but I decided to juggle three builds…

Started by Mortiferous

13 2 hours ago
Reply by Mortiferous

Event Build: The Twilight of Meridia

  The Twilight of Meridia   If you love unorthodox demon hunters, then you are definitely in the right place! We, the Teejiokno Noodlelo…

Started by Noodles

143 3 hours ago
Reply by Noodles

Character Build: The Politician

This build came out of my boredom with magic and my disinterest in alchemy. I wanted a close and personal fighter that used light armor but…

Started by Kai Schmidt

3 3 hours ago
Reply by Noodles

Recognized Rank

And here lies the bloodied battlefield that stretches further than the sharpest eyes can see, where the dregs of the Bloodworks limp forwa…

Started by Elysium

119 4 hours ago
Reply by Lyall

Character Build: The Fallen Hero

I've been wanting to create a new melee character for some time, been running mages and stealthers for much to long. The recent discovery o…

Started by Mason

117 4 hours ago
Reply by Crouch Potato

Character Build: The Green Warden

A bit of music to set the mood. OVERHAUL IS NOW COMPLETE 2/1/16 “The hunter waits in the boughs, clad only in leaves and shadow. She bre…

Started by Manik

30 5 hours ago
Reply by Albino

Character Build: The Thrassian

The Thrassian The Thrassian is a Bosmer vampire who was outlawed from his village. He was well trained with the sword and quite fascinated…

Started by Arrowintheknee

8 5 hours ago
Reply by Josh Nichols

Bloodworks Rank

"Welcome to the arena, hatchlings." Welcome to the worse of the worst. The Bloodworks, where new builds fight it out to triumph and ascen…

Started by Tae-Rai

38 6 hours ago
Reply by Manik

Exemplar Rank

You are now in the Exemplar rank, of which I am in charge. It might as well be my own little plane of Oblivion. Disrupt the Exemplar rank,…

Started by Albino

57 8 hours ago
Reply by Albino




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